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90% off Quilton 3- or 4-Ply Toilet Tissue 38x8pk $25.78 ($0.08/Roll) @ Woolworths [EDR Req'd]

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        • the burn rate of this TP might be higher with all the DH deals

    • How does it increase ?

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      Yes you are right, the cost per pack is $1.65 for 18 and $1.62 for 16.

    • Ordered 36 packets for a total cost of $69.48, that's 24.1c a roll, added enough extra items (stuff I'd buy anyway) to get it over $100 which removes the $11 postage.

      I couldn't find another way to get rid of the $11 postage..

      All up cost $103.45 for 36 packs + $34 of other goods… $0 delivery.

      Probably not the absolute best combination, but I won't need to buy toilet paper for a year or so :)

  • Yeah so don't forget cashrewards + 7.5% off groupon gift cards :)

    • For cashrewards, I thought you need to spend $30 to get $1? or is there another cashback I am missing here?

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        Just for those who are buying more than 16 packs I guess :D

        • I see, thanks for clarifying! :)

  • ahhhh crap still have 14 8 packs left from last sale,,,,offer too good to pass on just purchased another 16 thanks op

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a deal like this for a while.

  • I just put through my order without thinking about it. But now I don't get it. Why 16? Its 3 for $9.99. Why order the extra 1?

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      Because without the extra one you will have <$30 after 20% discount, so you cannot use the $5 discount code.

      • Damn should have bought only 15 as had other things that made up the $30 :(

    • order 15 pack will bring the total down to under $30,and there's a min. of $30 to do delivery or C&C

    • -1

      do the maths buddy. 9.99 x 3 < 30 right?

      • +3

        A+ for your mathematics. But that doesn't even remotely begin to explain to him why you need to buy 16 packs!

        edit: Once you've ordered more than the required 3 for $9.99, each extra roll is charged at the $3.33. (16x$3.33=$53.28). Apparently the 20% is already discounted off of the original single price of $7 ($7.00x20%=$1.40), so you're getting $1.40 off per pack and therefore the discount on 16 packs is $22.40. Thus totaling ($53.28-$22.40=$30.88), then minus the extra $5 coupon code!

  • Thanks OP - great deal, purchased a heap to add to the stockpile from last time …

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    Thanks! Bought 108 bags for $203 :)

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      wtf????????? are you trying to build an apartment or something mate??

    • hahahahaha and i thought 16 was a lot

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      Shouldn't be too greedy. Last time they canceled my order saying "wholesale" when I bought about $500 of stock. But then it got full-filled anyway.

      I try keep quantities below 12 or so for each line

      • Lets hope I'll get it

      • I have business, I always order coke from woollies, about $1000+, and they always delivered.

        • +1

          Good to know. Coles completly canceled my account after I made a $1500 order, then again a $200 order. Needless to say, they can get stuffed.

    • $203 for 108 bags = (108 x 8) .
      $203 for 864
      Doesn't this make 0.23cents each roll?

      • Yep - still a great deal for me though~

        • you will get your, I got my last time, run out with my two kids to help the driver unload.

  • Thanks op, just got 16 packs for $29.30!!!!

    Dont know how the website calculation works, but before your magic code the total was $58 then it was $29, that is not 20%, more like 50%!!!!

    ONCE AGAIN, THANKS OP !!!!!!!!!

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    BEST DEAL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks op. So I'm guessing if there's other people collecting lots of toilet rolls tomorrow at 6pm from the local Woolies, they'll be ozbargainers. See you there!

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      First delivery free for the win!

  • Thanks OP all codes working well

  • what is "cash rewards" ?

  • Just ordered 16x 8 packs. Hopefully they won't conveniently be "out of stock" this time like they were last time I stacked a bunch of coupons for 30 packs of Coke/Coke Zero. Click and collect tomorrow arvo.

  • its showing up as $9.99 for 3*8 packs for me =/

    • Order 16 packs.
      Use both codes and EDR #.

    • Yeap, The price changes in trolley when the code is applied. Doesn't show full discount before this.

  • I'll wait for a night, it might come down to 10c per roll just like coke……….

    • Highly unlikely. Last time this happened, they wised up and restricted it to 6 packs per item code

    • yes, it is possible as there is one more code, but everyone seems so satisfied and it will be bad to ruin the deal.

  • Bummer!
    Already bought my toilet paper needs for the next 6 months or so.

  • -2

    Woolies website down atm. Ozbargained.

    Back up again.

  • Thanks OP for the post. I feel like I set a record -
    Promo discount for 20x 8pk = $101.40 off, plus $5 off, free delivery, and 7.5% off the balance (Groupon eGiftcard).

    Also Listerine mouthwash recieved 20% off too.

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    Thanks op 16x8 packs for $25.88 delivered! Should be good for toilet paper for the next 16 months or so lol.

  • +3

    Fingers crossed we receive these.

  • I ordered 10 last time and they couldn't supply, maybe this time i'll get to wipe in style without fear of ATPP " accidental Toilet paper penetration"

  • Just bought a shit load of toilet paper!
    Had to buy 19 or more to keep the total over $30 to get free shipping too!

    • i must be doing something wrong, tried ordering 32 (double, just to be sure) but couldn't shake the delivery fee… oh well, will have to pick up 16 in person, maybe say hi to other fellow ozbargainers

      • Not sure? I don't use Woolies much any more as I'm now 2 minutes from a Coles. But the last few times I've jumped on a special (ie. Huggies), it's come up with free delivery!

    • Likewise, 19 packs delivered for $31.74

  • +1

    thank you very much OP, well worth losing some beauty sleep to grab a bargain (way passed my bedtime)

  • Does anyone want EDR points, I'll make an order with ur #? Does this share private info in anyway, if not it should be alright?

    • +1

      yes you can use mine, actually I think its a bad option to share cards, as coupons can only be used once per edr I think.

  • +1

    I just followed the instructions and paid… so how much toilet paper did I just buy?

  • +1

    Thx OP! Now I have to find more storage amongst all the toilet rolls and coke i already have from the previous deal!!! Wife will have the shits!

    • No Coke, but boxes and boxes of nappies for me!


  • +3

    VS29FKKD $5 off when you spend $70 or more in one shop.
    This code works too tonester. Pls update the post :)

    • +2

      thanks for code - i'd update the deal but $70 is spending much more than $25.88 :)

      • +1

        But if you can combine it all then it's still worth putting in!

  • nvm solved

  • Thanks OP. bought a 'shitload' off my rolls of choice and saved heaps with the discount codes (could only use the two which brought it down to 22 cents a roll with free delivery.

  • +2

    Thanks OP
    Bought 15 packs with 1 can of cream of pumpkin soup for 25.05 delivered

    • +2

      Bought 15 packs


  • +3

    Great post OP, thanks! :)

    Just ordered 30 packs to be delivered to my wife at her work.

    I'm sure she'll see the funny side… Hopefully…

    • I think she may be a tad embarrassed when she needs to borrow the work trolley to load the 30 packs into her car

      • +1

        I'll be swinging by with a trailer to pick her up (previously organised, not toilet roll specific).

        The more I think about it the more I think only one of us will be laughing… Ahh that's what marriage is all about :)

    • it's a bargain, but what's the joke? probably really embarrassing.

      • +1

        "Hey honey, I think your full of shit, so heres 500 toilet papers, hehe"

        Something like that.

        • Sounds like it's about to go down. Is she backed-up?

  • +1

    Have Woolies wised up to our Ozbargaining ways?

    Tried to checkout and although the coupons will apply I keep getting the following error message: "We have received a decline message from the bank for your debit/credit card payment, please try again or contact your bank."

    They tell me to try again but the price has reverted back to the original amount. Sneaky buggers!

  • +1

    Thank you OP!!

    I bought 16x8 rolls for $25.88 successfully. EDIT: Email confirmation at 12:24AM SYDNEY time.

    Tried to submit the same order a second time but got an error:
    Sorry, the Coupon: "MA9T9T5F" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

    • The codes can only be used once per account.

      • I wonder if its against Policy to have several accounts and several Everyday Rewards Cards…

        • Shhhhhhh!!

  • Nice! ordered 30mins ago!
    Total (Including GST) $64.48

    36 x 8 rolls

    288 / 64.48 = 0.22c per roll

  • NQ8LUZ cannot be stacked with any other vouchers?

    Thank OP!

    • holy crap check your targeted coupons. I'm getting 80c a pack stacking codes (will post once my purchase goes through in case it works :) )

  • so much TP for people

  • Did/could anyone use their personal 20% EDR code also for weeks 1-6 (came in the mail a few weeks ago)? Not sure if it would have worked, I forgot about it until it was too late

    • too personal to share? :)

      • Linked to my edr card only so it says. Edit: it IS the same code as above! Well, there you go.

  • +8

    Thanks OP. This will go well with all the Delivery Hero curries I've been ordering lately.

  • Sweet thanks. Lol.

  • Dont forget the 5% cashback on gift cards through cash rewards. Ended up getting the 16 packs for $24.60

  • Gold (4ply, 140sheets = 1ply, 560 sheets) vs Classic (3ply, 190sheets = 1 ply, 570 sheets).
    Any toilet paper connoisseurs here?
    Feeling a little posh with my 22c a roll. Anyone know if the extra 1 ply is worth the comfort?

  • +5

    Think I won today

    try YZPK83XN and 4SUA2KBK for extra beauty/bathroom discount. Hopefully it works on more than my account!

    • +1

      They are registering on my account too - what do they do LOL

      • +2

        15% off bathroom products INCLUDING tp and 20% off beauty (second one probably cancels out with the coupon above)

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