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Juice up Power Bank $4.98 2200mAh, Eneloop Family Battery Pack $39.98 at Dick Smith


Got this in my email but click on the email link only see this

May be the link is not up yet.

Eneloop Family Battery Pack
6AA – 2000mAh with up to 2100 charge cycle and 65% capacity retention even after 5 years of storage
4AAA – 800mAh with up to 2100 charge cycle and 65% capacity retention even after 5 years of storage
Overnight charger with Auto Voltage AC100-240V, 2 LED Indicator and auto off timer control.
2 x C and 2 x D adaptors – Simply slot your AA eneloop battery into the adaptor to use as a C or D battery.

Jackson 6-Way Spaced Surge Board $14.98

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  • They do not have the powerbank at this price on the website, might be store only at this time.

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    These power banks are useless. My friend returned his after 2 days.

    • My GF used hers yesterday while out and about at work. Gotta be worth $5 for even a single day's convenience.
      She said it worked well. What was the problem with your mate's one?

    • I got some $2 one from Banggood years ago, still OK to charge my phone a bit but couldn't fully charge it. Also don't use the cable came with it.

      Don't expect 2200mAh can fully charge your phone.

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    No real surge protection on that Jackson board. Dont let the marketing BS make you believe you are protected in any way.
    "175 joule surge" = next to pointless.

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    Eneloop has been OzBargined…

    • That is quick.

      • Yeah new record haha

        • It's like OzBargain crack

    • Was already out of stock when I received the email.

  • Are the Eneloop powerbanks any good?

  • They are back in stock now… Must've been slow to update their website

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    i bought the powerbank last week, please be aware that the charging speed is very slow.

    • Do you find the red light eventually goes out when you charge the Powerbank up?

    • It only charges 20% of power of my lg g3. It is useless for me. Im either chucking it in the bin or giving it to someone i hate lol.