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30% off Repco Extra Heavy Duty Batteries $95 Save $43


30% off Repco Extra Heavy Duty Batteries.

Suits Camry 88-06, VN-VS Commodore 6 Cy. + Early Falcon and Commodore VT-VZ

12 month warranty

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  • Would you get a further discount with a RAC membership card?

  • my experience with non maintenance free batteries has been terrible, I will never buy a non maintenance free battery, that said I purchased a Kmart extra heavy duty maintenance free battery, yes for a bit more although it has 3.5 years warranty.

    My last maintenance free battery is still going strong after 6 years. non maintenance free died in 2 - 3 and what a mess it creates.

    • did you perform maintenance on your non maintenance free battery?

      • Enough to check the levels, I also have a CTek charger for reconditioning and topping up if not used for prolong periods, and I just find it not worth the effort (also experience in longevity) going with a non maintenance free battery.

        The only reason i actually have non maintenance free batteries is they are the norm when u buy a new car.

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      My head hurts…

    • I did not barely understand what you were saying.

    • My friend who is a university chemistry professor told me that:
      Low Maintenance battery = Pb-Sb/Pb-Ca
      Maintenance Free battery = Pb-Ca/Pb-Ca

      My friend who is a university electrical engineering professor told me that:
      Low Maintenance battery = 12.22 V to 13.00 V
      Maintenance Free battery = 12.60 V to 13.10 V

      An Ozbargain fellow told me that:
      Low Maintenance battery = trouble
      Maintenance Free battery = trouble free

  • their battery is made by Century. it's pretty good.

  • I work in the battery industry. 12 month warranty on battery you have to level check for that price. AVOID. I'd be also pretty curious about what kind of Cold Cranking Amps they are putting out to be considered "Heavy Duty" with only a 12 month warranty…

    • I had bought a few Exide red tops for a car I rarely drive. But they seem to drain and I need to replace more often than I care to.

      Could this be an option With a CTek?

      • How long have they been sitting around for? Are they in the car or sitting in a garage?

        If they are in the car, I would question if you have a circuit that is currently eating power and draining the battery. My boss was telling me with the newer cars that if you leave the car unlocked, the computers stay on and can drain batteries.

        If you have a battery you're not really using, I would advise throwing it on a charger. During the colder months, batteries are more likely to fail as well so with winter coming and the battery not really warming up in the engine bay, the problems of holding charge will worsen.

        • Hi,

          thanks for the reply.

          the car is garaged and only gets turned over (when battery isnt dead) every other months.

          The Exide X55D23C is supposed to be a pretty good battery, but if the car is garage bound, and i need it to only turn over every month, should i simply buy the cheaper battery ad connect the C-TEK to it permanantly to keep it from draining?

          Or alternatively, buy another battery and just connect it when i need to turn it over?

  • is it just this battery or all batteries?

  • Damn, I paid $130 for 55D23L on Wednesday, on a car I am selling (so length of warranty doesnt worry me) as Repco/SCA etc were all $140+

  • Just checked the Repco battery I bought in January at Repco with 30% discount for a different car.

    Got the $159RRP ($145 elsewhere) battery less $15 trade-in available then, making it $96, less 5% PayWave rebate making it $91+.
    It's from the "High Performance" range with 2 year warranty, made by Century with Century part number.

    1 year warranty means this is a budget battery. I was hesitant buying a 2 year warranty, but the price was right.

  • Ahh crap, got all excited before I saw the battery codes :/

    Anyone spotted a deal on a NS70L (or equivalent) recently?