[Incorrect deal] Vodafone Red SIM Only— $35/Mth Unlimited Calls/Text & Double Data (6GB) - Dick Smith

Hey guys,

Following on from Giles Vodafone post here, Dick Smith have a 'Double Data' promotion for Vodafone Red Sim Only plans.

This $50 Red Sim Only plan costs just $35 per month and gives you:

  • unlimited calls within Australia
  • unlimited SMS to Australian and international numbers
  • 6GB of data (3GB doubled)
  • 300 minutes of calls to any foreign country
  • $5 international roaming

This is available in store only - just speak to Dick Smith staff members or store-in-store Vodafone Reps in select Dick Smith Stores (NSW: Parramatta, George St, Warringah, other states have no store-in-store pilot)

Same T&C's exist as per Giles deal above. I currently have no more information than this, but I will update this deal with link/photo proof and deal expiry once I'm at work.


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    Holy… Bargain

  • Once you sign up, is it indefinitely?

    • I would guess, knowing the way Vodafone's bonus data offers usually work in the system, that it will be applied for 12 or 24 months, and will revert to 3GB after that. Still, a good deal.

  • That's insane. Does the extra 3 GB only apply for a certain period?

  • So you have to be an existing Vodafone post paid customer to get this deal?

  • so how long does it last for once you sign up? also when does this deal end? (just boosted up for another 20 days so need to wait)

  • Is it available in any Vic stores?

  • Need to find a post paid Voda friend :).. This is almost too good to be true.. Primarily because of the 300 international minutes

  • waiting to see more details about this before going to DS on my lunch break. Sounds too good to be true but if this is a indefinite deal, I will happily switch from my Boos mobile

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    Pretty great deal if true… I await with baited breath.

  • Interesting how existing 50$ Red Plan customers can take advantage of this DS deal… (I am aware of this trick: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/192739#comment-2725036 but would prefer to save hassle of doing this backflip)

  • Still not sure if you can cancel your initial postpaid account ( the one you will use to sign up for this new $35 plan) ?
    Also can you guys please confirm if voda's network has improved in the last 3 years ??

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      Vodafone have spent heaps improving their network over the last few years. They offer a 30 day 'Network Guarantee' for all those tempted by a switch to Vodafone

    • been with them for 24 months. i live in the sydney hills district and i have no issues with the network: voice or data. it is not as fast as telstra but it works for my needs - light browsing, no online gaming etc. others might have a different opinion.

    • Been a VF customer for years …came across when they took over 3 mobile ….they have improved a lot and we get great 4g on the Southside Brisbane but it all depends on your local area, best to ask around your neighborhood.

    • Works great with VOIP here in West Footscray. Even better than Telstra. Running 4G.

    • From what I was told by a sales representative, if you cancel the initial postpaid account the discount will go away for the second account :(

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    I'm currently gathering answers to all your questions, so sit tight.

    • Thank you

    • I just spoke to my local Dick Smith store (Melton VIC) and the guy said they are offering this $35 deal but not the double data. It's only 4GB. He actually put me on hold while he confirmed with Vodafone.

  • Is there any special promo code/package I need to ask for? Or just go into any store?

  • Any idea if I could upgrade my existing contract to take up this deal?

  • Is the 6Gb for the life of the plan or just the first month? Currently paying $45 for the $50 red… might give them a call and see what they can offer… or ask if I am able to port from one red sim to another. lol

    Also, is this a month to month plan or a contract?


    Wonder if Vodafone would be able to match this deal. I'm definitely wanting to sign up for this deal. Very good deal!

  • Is the double data promo for the life of the plan? Also, is this for a month to month plan? Or a 12 or 24 month contract?

  • It's been a very long time since I was last on Vodafone network, do they offer LTE now or just 4G at this point in time?

    Also be interested to know whether this deal is only for the first 2 months (common among telco providers) or the full lifetime of the contract. I'm sure this would be deal breaker for most people.

    • Isn't LTE and 4G the same thing?

    • In Australia 4G = LTE. Unlike the nonsense in the US.


      Short answer? Nothing. 4G is often referred to as LTE which stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’. Different handset manufacturers refer to both terms so on an iPhone you will see ‘LTE’ on the screen (when in 4G coverage) and in your menu settings, whereas on Android devices you could have both ‘4G’ and 'LTE' on your screen and in menu settings.

  • "unlimited calls within Australia" is this refer to landline or mobile? e.g. voda to optus…etc?

  • How is the Vodafone's reception in Metro Sydney these days?
    It was awful before…s SMS went missing…drop outs..

    • Have had no issues and have been with them since 2007. Have seriously improved since their depths. Infact id say they are possibly better than optus at the moment. No dropout issues or missing txt

    • I'm on voda, works fine lately.. only time I had any bad reception was yesterday at the Star City. but there were so many people that even Telstra had no signal too

  • Im currently on no sim $35 plan with $20 add on to get 5 gb data..

    do I just rock up to a ds store and just ask them to change my plan?

    will they cancel my current plan + add on and move me to this new 35 dollar deal? or do I need to manually cancel my current plan + add on?

    please let me know


    also, do I need to show ds anything as proof this deal exist?

    • This is an Add-on Plan(Additional service). So No. You can cancel your existing plan. SO basically at the end of this plan you will have 2 mobile services and two numbers.

      • so does that mean I cant move my exiting number onto this $35 dollar plan?

        cause im currently on post paid … just that I got extra data

  • I just spoke to my local Dick Smith store and the guy said they are offering this $35 deal but not the double data. It's only 4GB. He actually put me on hold while he confirmed with Vodafone.

    I spoke to Melton VIC store

    • 4GB? Its 3GB normally or double 6GB where did 4GB come from? He probably doesnt know about the promo

      • +1gb if you order online? That's the only place I can think where he'd get 4gb for the $50 shared plan…

    • was that on 24 months lock in contract as well as per comment from Pielo below?

    • Same here, checked with the DSE staff in SA. 4 GB only

      They said the double data only goes with the plans that you order a handset. If you got the phone outright, it will be 1GB extra.

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    Hi Jayskies! Just a quick update on this deal: Please refer to the document we have been communicated (Vodafone Double Data Offer Cheat Sheet.pdf).
    I cannot share confidential documents, but I can quote you the offer: http://imgur.com/qGYhBEx

    This page resumes the information already available on the Vodafone page. We, at Dick Smith, can offer double Data on 24 month (Red $80+) contracts OR SIM only plans ($60+).
    Anything below that (Ex: Red $70 or SIM-Only $50) remain unchanged, thus, don't benefit from the double Data.

    The one exception is: Bonus 4GB per month for 24 months on $50 Red Sim Only 24 Months (New & Upgrading Consumer). Please note that the extra Data is only available for 24 months AND the contract changed from Month-To-Month to 24-Months lock-in.

    If you have some extra information I do not have, please let me know, I am very interested.

    • Thats completely different to the title of this post, bummer, well consider me out.

    • Well Thanks.. Still good. So we end up with 6GB?

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      Jayskies seems to be a Vodafone Rep, let's wait for his final call, once he gets to work.

      I am NOT saying this deal do not work, I am just sharing the information we have been communicated (which would explain why some customers such as OzSikhs have been refused the deal).

      Hopefully, it is just miscommunication and we, at Dick Smith store, are missing some Vodafone information. I would sign up for that $35 SIM-Only plan myself!

      If I do not hear back from Jayskies, I will call the Vodafone rep from my state, to see what is going on.

    • well, this also makes me wonder if there is a fine print that says the OP's offer is only valid if we have 2 services.

  • Is this deal for a 24 month contract?

    • It's SIM only, so no contract at all. You can cancel at any time. You get charged month to month.

  • It's already 10:20 and OP has not started work yet. Where can I apply for jobs at Voda.


    Just did it, ported wifey no over on a SHARED PLAN!!.. yes folks, it $35 for 3gb and you get to share it with the main account.


    Sorry, just realised this is the DS thread. I did it at Vodafone, not DS, so no double data.

  • Still hanging on $25 TC plan. I would have jumped on this if its $25. I don't need 6 gig of data but 1.5-2 Gig…

  • Now waiting for optus to respond with a similar offer. Or I am moving ASAP :D

  • Keep in mind that Vodafone use an overseas call centre for this plan. The service from that overseas call centre is just woeful. The only plans the get access to the Tasmanian (Australian) call centre are the "Red Plans". I really want to leave Vodafone they burned me one to many times with that overseas call centre.

    Be warned, sure these plans are cheap and the network itself is better than it once was but you risk dealing with a call centre that typifies why people hate overseas call centres - their service is really bad.

    • Personally, I've never had any issues with their overseas call centre agents. In fact, I've found them more accommodating and willing to negotiate for a better deal with my old contracts. I could have just been lucky, I guess.

    • Isn't this a RED SIMO? It's the $50 one which entitles 'red care'

      • Careful, my understanding is that "Red Sim" and "Red Plan" are different - it is misleading. I ask an online chat rep about 8 weeks ago that same question with the outcome saying that Red Sim uses the overseas call centre. Red Plan get the Australian call centre.

        Here have a look -
        Red Plan - http://www.vodafone.com.au/personal/plans/red
        Red Sim - http://www.vodafone.com.au/personal/sim-cards/sim-only

        History: I was on a grandfathered $4.00 700MB of data plan with No Plans (grandfathered) for voice calls. That OS call centre told me that if I move to a $10 1GB data plan I would be able to get 4G Data speeds. I changed data plan to find out that No Plans (pay as you use) voice restricts any data to 3G only (They want people to migrate off No Plans). Told them I wanted my old plan back, made many calls and emails - Facebook'ed Australian customer service about problem. Was told they could not move me back even though I was told the wrong information by their customer service.

        It was funny, when I first rang to add a data pack 3 years ago, I was transferred 3 time and it took 45min on the phone to find someone at the overseas call centre who knew how do to it. So I don't claim the above view about the call centre in jest.

        • I still have one of those $4 700mb packs still! I'm glad I kept it :)

        • I have 2 postpaid plans. 2nd one I changed from Vodafone prepaid to postpaid, still keeping the old prepaid sim. Every time I called customer care from second number ,it goes to overseas centre. If I call from first postpaid sim, it goes to Australian centre. Hope it helps. I don't want to change my sim because overseas customer care is more helpful. Recently they help me with credit when I used my international call allowance and end up $300 bill.

        • I have 2 postpaid plans. 2nd one I changed from Vodafone prepaid to postpaid, still keeping the old prepaid sim. Every time I called customer care from second number ,it goes to overseas centre. If I call from first postpaid sim, it goes to Australian centre. Hope it helps. I don't want to change my sim because overseas customer care is more helpful. Recently they help me with credit when I used my international call allowance and end up $300 bill.

    • Never had issues with Vodafone calling center. English easy to understand, unlike the old 3….

    • You can ask to talk to the Australian call centre, those guys are freaking awesome!

    • I've had pretty good experiences with Vodafone's west Asian call centre e.g. I've called to top up data when I've blown my monthly a few times and had them give me free recurring data paks and refund time I didn't have a working phone. Though lots of it would be my own call centre background - I know how to be very likable over the phone. I'd much rather deal with OS call centers actually, especially the USA's.

  • I've ported out of VODAFAIL few years back but this deal looks amazing! How's the network thesedays? Any improvements since?

    • I too ported away from vodafone a few years back due to poor network and other things, so I'll be interested to hear from others who are on vodafone what their experience is like.

      • I'd go on it just to test it out. The data, infinite calls/texts and international minutes is so darn appealing.

        And if OP is right, there's no lock in contract

      • For me its improved heaps, sometimes I get Vodafone coverage in the same spot that my Telstra phone doesn't

      • The network works great now that most of you guys aren't on it, so thanks!

    • It has improved a lot for my area (Liverpool to Lidcombe). The net isn't blazing fast, but it's fast enough for my usage. I don't have call drop-outs and get my messages right away.

      • Thanks luchsmith. I might pull the trigger and give it a go as well :) well worst thing it could happen is $35 and 2 porting request.

  • Just spoke to Dicksmith and they confirmed you get 6gb of data if you go on a 24month contract.

    My Question is since this is a Add on do u need to maintain your first service for the life of this contract or can you cancel your first service say in 2 months time?

    • 24 months contract for SIM only. No Good

    • Strange…the whole point of SIM only plans is that they have no lock-in contracts. It's in big bold text on Vodafone's SIM only plans webpage.

      I never do contracts, so I might reconsider if this is true.

      • For 24 months contract and 6gb of data i would be more then happy to sign up on this.

    • If this is the case than the extra 3GB of data is almost definitely only applied for 24 months, not lifetime. Still a good deal, though.

  • I doubt its going to get cheaper then this considering the 300 mins international calls and the 6gb data

  • I'm hesitant on the 24mth contract, I don't really care about the unlimited calls and text as I'm only interested in the data, but then what's the point of having 6gb if the speeds are not consistent throughout any day of the week. This was one of the main reasons why I ported halfway through my contract from Vodafone to Vaya (optus).

  • Any ideas on how to get this deal as a current non-Vodafone customer.