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MSI Radeon R9 290 4GB - PC Case Gear $349 + Shipping Limit 2 PP


Bargain price! Save $70 (normally $419, limit 2 per customer - while stocks last) Get the best performance in-game with the MSI Radeon R9 290 Gaming graphics card. It features a core clock of 1007MHz in OC mode, 4096MB 512-bit GDDR5 memory, 3 modes - OC mode, silent mode and gaming mode, 2x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, CrossFire support and more. Backed by a 3 year MSI warranty.


Next cheapest is $429

Pretty decent price if you ask me.

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  • Eh.. I have a 290 and it's great, but this is close to the price of the cheaper 970s and the new AMD cards will be out soonish.

  • Yeah do I get a 2nd one or not…

  • +1 for good deal and because PCCG have such a good rep.

  • Also very good for GPU Rendering in certain software.

    Eg: Sony Vegas Pro 13, this is the very best GPU for working in that (Sony hasn't updated that side of things for awhile, it pretty much ignores all modern nVidia cards at the moment)

  • Get the best performance

    Good performance but not the best

  • Great for winter, you won't need to run your heaters in the house when you are gaming as this thing is like a furnace…

    power bill won't drop though…

  • Does anyone know how much shipping would be for 2 of them?

  • If only this was for a 290x, I need me a second one at some point.

  • For anyone considering, it's also a huge bonus it has a larger non OEM cooler on it.

    My OEM R290 runs so stupidly hot with the OEM cooler that it starts to throttle core speeds. It's a horrid cooler, and should have never been sold on the cards.

  • Good price for a 4gb.. But I think I'll wait for the next round of ATi cards before I commit to purchasing a new VC…

  • almost thought it was the gtx970 4g by looking at the picture

  • How MSI compares to Sapphire Radeon VAPOR-X R9 290? which one is better?


    • $400 AUD for the Sapphire + shipping + back & forth (shipping across the pond) if there are issues vs. PCCG in AU.

      I always try to compare via newegg.com, if possible- or amazon itself.


      PS: I have two S Vapor-X (older cards) but completely stable- even at modest OC.

      • What I've found is that Saphire VAPOR is much cooler card, compare to this MSI.

        "Temperature/Overclock: while gaming, stays between —> Stock clocks @ 58C / Overclocked @ 62C, Idle state stays in 32C, my room's temperature was 21C. The Card at Stock Clocks runs very well, I overclock it to 1100 CoreClock / 1500 MemoryClock —-> GPU Temp 62C and the VRM Temps 55C , FAN Speed 55% while gaming and it gives you 10% more performance."

        I don't think you can get the same temp. with MSI.

  • "To each, their own". It boils down to end dollars & requested FPS & quality. Far easier to check video-card sites than OZB.