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Uber $25 off First Ride (New Customers)


Vinomofo $25 credit no longer working


  • Download the Uber app
  • Enter the promo code UBERVINO25
  • Code for $25 Vinomofo credit will appear in the app
  • We’ll let you know by the end of the month if you’ve won the Collaboration Case in your city

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (69)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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  • Great deal but it seems as though their service is a bit slow. I tried to order a cab to the Hobart cbd today and I'm still waiting for it to arrive:/

    • Their GPS location didn't work?

      • No their service isn't available in Tassie:)

  • +1

    Lots of Uber deals going on here and then getting removed.
    Meanwhile taxi drivers are protesting in Perth - because what will really win customers over is a good protest…

  • +1

    Do I need to take a ride to get the Vinomofo voucher? There's no Uber in my town.

  • Just got a new travel/international sim card and just signed it up to uber along with my referral code but can't seem to use the UBERVINO25 code. Error message says "A new user promotion is already applied to your account". Anyone else?

    • referral code = new user promotion

      can no longer combine referral and promo codes :(

      • That's what I thought. Codes don't stack anymore. I find it so misleading the title has "+" like saying you get a total of $50 cred.

        • $25 uber credit + $25 vinomofo credit = $50 total credit :)

          question is if you must take a uber ride to receive the vinomofo credit?

        • @tonester:
          I signed up and there is nothing mentioned about Vinomofo credit anywhere, so it looks like it appears after a ride. Not impressed, because that's not how it's described in the 4 "how it works" steps on the Uber link.

        • @puffinfresh:

          perhaps email uber to query/complain about being misled?

          $50 vinomofo credit would be useful now given there's a couple of good wines atm :)

          ($25 referral + $25 via uber)

        • @tonester:

          Emailed. I'll let you know the response.

        • @puffinfresh:
          Ok, so I emailed uber.com.au which is not uber.com. I can't find an email address or contact us page anywhere, so I tweeted them.

        • @puffinfresh: They said the code should have appeared in the app and PMed me one on twitter. It looks fairly generic. I'll share it here, but first I want to use it.

        • @puffinfresh:

          thanks - deals updated :)

        • @puffinfresh:

  • Thanks EC. Must try this one day.

  • Not working anymore, the Uber refused it as it was applied too many times by the new customers.

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