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Bunnings 85L Heavy Duty Storage Container $13-$15


Another deal to try and beat Masters on a Friday night.

The link still says $19, but it is advertised as $13-$15 on the front page. (depends on location)

Here is the Masters deal that Bunnings are competing against:

16/5 11am: Users have reported limited/depleted stock at some locations.

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    actually $19 isnt a bad price anyway.$15is great.
    Bigger than masters one
    W:390 H:520 L:820

  • Saying $13 for me on the front page of the bunnings website!!!!

    • What location?

    • $15 for me, Gold Coast.

    • Lucky!

    • +2

      Paid $13 at Morayfield Qld, says $19 on the shelf.

    • +1

      Front page says $13 for me as well, SA.

  • 19 in nsw

    • its $19 on the product page (linked) but go to the home page and its $15

  • -1


    Says underneath:

    Price correct as at Fri 15 May 2015 7:55:17

    • On the front home pages?

      • No, home page does say $15 but when you click on it, it says that

        • home page will now be $13.

  • +1

    $15 in WA

  • +1

    What do you put in it?

    • +20

      All the stuff you buy via OzBargain that you never really wanted but it was too much of a bargain not to get.

    • +6


    • +1

      Camping stuff etc so it packs in the vehicle neatly.

    • +7

      Emmm…… M in law……?

    • +6

      Dirty magazines.

    • +1

      Ainol tablets

    • Nothing you'd value too much. Plastic quality is crappy and brittle. Even the hinge side doesn't fit properly. It's worth about… thirteen dollars…but I prefer the similar size heavy duty units from Reject Shop (around $19).

  • +3

    poor masters… bunnings always has a counter deal just that little bit better.

    • +9

      But never without prompting from a little competition.

  • -1

    Id say 19$ online and 15$ in store same as masters instore only.

    • +2

      So Bunnings has an online store now? :)

      • Lewl n00b alert

        • +2

          Strangely, a member 5 years longer than you…

  • +1

    how weather proof are these?

  • The hero image on their home page has it for $13, then when you click into the product page it says $19?

    • Got 5 for $13 each, moving home…

  • it says $13 now, hopefully masters reduce the price more!

  • It's $13

  • +2

    Went and purchased 1 from Bunnings a few minutes ago.

    Came up as $13
    Bunnings Rouse Hill (Shelf Price shows $19, but scans at $13)

    Definitely better than the Masters Deal (Purchased 2x from there just before heading to Bunnings tonight and already both are broken)

    • -5

      Congratulations you win the title of Masters Hater of the Month
      Saw u posting same comments on both deals, let's discuss the Bunnings product here mate

      • +3

        What u Stalking about? He is talking about bunnings, and from what I read, the product is better at bunnings.
        Thank for the review Krish89

        • +3

          I think Bunning v Masters is a bit like Apple v Microsoft fans :)

    • +2

      Are you gonna try taking them back to Masters for a refund?, I would.
      Thanks for the heads up about the Keter not being good, in your opinion.

  • +10

    Support Masters with these deals.

    Bunnings rip you off everyday because they have no competition.

    • +2
    • The Masters product (storage container) is very poor quality. As above, I purchased 2 from them @ $15 each and both of them have already broken where the handles attach. Both sides. Both Storage Containers. For $2 cheaper + extra capacity + better quality i would go with the Bunnings deal.

      • I was wondering which of the two was more robust.

    • +8

      How are you associated with Bunnings if you're making a comment like that? Also, what sort of a comment is "Support Woolworths"???????!!!

    • He has a point, not with this deal as the product is reported inferior.. But if they make a special and bunnings beat it, have masters beat it by 10% (if the same product) then take the receipt to bunnings and buy another one with a furher 10% off..

    • Thats the same as all tech deals where people then go to OW to get it 5% cheaper. People dont complain thats not the right thing to do.

      Coles and Woolies are the same.

    • +3

      I support a good (in this case a durable) product, not a store.

      When will stores/shops wake up and realize its about:

      1> The products being sold, 2> The quality/durability of that product, 3> The range of (good/great) products, 4> The service delivered during the sale, 5> And the price of it.
      It's not about the stores.

      Yes some people put price and/or service received first, nothing wrong with that.

      Bad mouthing a store like that not professional and poor form.

      I have more than 11 years in retail sales and customer service experience, with large big box stores/chains, so I think I have a good understanding of the game.

  • Thanks Tony managed to print it and will head off to Bunnings in the morning

    • +1

      No probs :) It is now coming up as $13 for me as well

  • +2

    Just came back home with it. Honestly, I wouldn't say this is a heavy duty. It looks like one from picture but in real it's more like a light duty. Fragile but well… not too bad for $13

    • bunnings open til 10:30pm?

      • +1

        8:30 in the west mate

        • He's in NSW…

        • he is in sydney

    • I want a couple of tubs like this to put in my shed. I need tubs that can handle the heat of a tin shed in summer and the damp(puddle) conditions in winter

      At this price i'm hesitant that it could withstand the conditions i intend to use it in.

      • Had a look at it, mate. For $13 alright but haven't bought it cause it felt so cheap and I highly doubt it that it lasts for a long time.

        • Thanks for the heads up. I'll steer clear and keep looking for something suitable

        • @andyD101:
          I have these 100L crates and they are definitely heavy duty.

          I stack them up 2 in one go and then use ratchet straps to strap them down on a flatbed trailer. Even though the crates aren't completely full, the lid of the bottom crate can easily take the forces exerted by the ratchet straps. Highly recommend this one.

          There are 4 protrusions that poke through the lid but even during a heavy downpour and travelling on a highway, there is only a few drops of water geting in.

  • +4

    I think below is an equally worthy deal…

    Big W has the Willow 65 litre storage container at $20 in store (save $12)
    Bunnings will price beat to $18 (currently selling at $32)

    I have gone through more storage containers with moves etc than I care to think about.
    The only container to survive with no broken lids and good as new is the Willow.
    Plus, they are transparent so you can see inside, and they stack, and they are a durable plastic and won't shatter.

    • Will they price beat even though out of stock in BigW?

      • Most places wont

    • Starmaid Storemate are good, too.

    • And it's made in Australia!

  • Great price. I'll get two for my envelopes

    • You mean "Eneloops" ?

      • +6

        yes dammit >_<

        • +8

          Living up to the name lol

    • He's a letter writer and Australia Post pin-up.

  • WA - Advertised in Saturday's West Australian for $13

    • Same in Herald Sun - VIC

  • Nice, thanks.

  • $13 at Bunnings Marion.
    About 15 left - near the front of the store as you walk in.

    • Cheers, got 2 at bunnings marion. only 1 left near the door

  • 13$ Mnt Gravatt Bunnings

  • Cheers! Picked up 4 at $13 in Altona VIC

  • Grabbed some a couple hours ago at Lidcombe NSW, still 45+ at the time

  • Good price, I got 2 from Rockdale. There are 10 left now.

  • Display says $19 but scanned as $13 at O'Connor WA. Sold out at Melville but stock left at O'Connor and Bibra Lake

  • +1

    Got some from Bayswater, VIC. Was plenty there this morning. They aren't as flimsy as some clear ones from the reject shop and are fine for storage in the shed or under the house. I've got heavier duty ones with thicker casing, but they were $30. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Bought 2 at Wollongong for $13 each. They were near the entrance, about 10 of them. There may be more where they are normally stored way on the right side as you walk in.

    Yeah, I would not call them "Heavy Duty". They are better than the more expensive ones I did not buy because they were flimsy last week.

    But not by much.

  • Thanks OP, 20+ left in Nottinghill Vic Store after I picked 5 up late today.

  • +1

    Bought 3 from ALexsandria .
    Be aware The quality is fairly below par even for a no frills bargainer like me..

    The bottom is not flat
    Wheels are very cheaply made and some get stuck , check carefully
    Clips are Plasticy not solid

    As far as the price and value is concerned, still not bad if you dont really go "heavy duty" despite what writes on the tag

    • I removed the clips, useless and flimsy.

      The lid sits pretty securely and if you have to transport them they have 4 holes in the lid and base to tie it closed.

      So for $13 they are good, HD they are not.

  • Couldn't find them at my store. On my way out, a staff member is walking towards me carrying one to be returned to a shelf; also having much difficulty trying to find where they live. It felt like true love. Sorry Mrs muncan.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 5 for $13 each @ Nerang

  • none at my store… any news where a about in Sydney

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