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PS4 + 4 GAMES $568 ($511 after 10% off), Wii U Splatoon Bundle $322 (after 10% off) + More @ Big W


Extra 10% Off These deals If you head in store Next Wknd. Cheers to victorwilson

PS4 + Mortal Kombat + Bloodborne + The Order 1886 + LOUR $568 ($511 After 10% Off)
Wii U Premium Splatoon Bundle $359 ($323 After 10% Off)
Up to 40% Off DVD'S
Canon Legria HFR506 FHD Camcorder $199 Save $145 ($179 After 10% Off)
Lexar 32GB Twist Turn USB Sticks $15 Save $14
Lexar 16GB Twist Turn USB Sticks $8 Save $7
Optus Wifi Mobile Broadband + 5GB Data + Bonus 3mths Netflix $24.50 ($22 After 10% Off)
Optus Mobile Broadband USB + 3GB Data + Bonus 3mths Netflix $19
Verbaitm CD-R 50PK $12 Save $10
Norton 360 Multi Device 1 User $28 Save $30
Notron 360 Multi Device 2 User $38 Save $30
Belkin USB Data Cable $10 Save $8
65% Off 20x30" Canvas Print $49
55% Off 10x15" Rectangle Canvas Print $22
55% Off 30x40" Canvas Print $79
50% Off All Rectangle Canvas Prints
25% Off All Olympic Envelopes & Tudor Mailing Bags
25% Off All Quartet Whiteboards & Cordboards

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  • Splatoon on it's own also comes down to $53.10

  • That's a solid PS4 deal for $511, great games and two essentials

  • Is the DS ps4 deal still on? I'd rather buy them all separately…

  • Oh look. They actually managed to make an Xbone and PS4 version of Elder Scrolls Online, despite the fact that it's been disappointing consumers and copping critical bombshells since day 1. Can't wait for them to remake Skyrim and Fallout 3 for next gen!

    • I doubt there will be a remake of those two games.

      • Did you doubt there would be a remake for DMC; the Devil May Cry game that nobody appreciated? Coz there has been a remake. Don't rule it out, seems they really love remaking games this generation.

        • Bethesda just don't seem to be interested in them, think of all the way back to TES: Arena (1994), then TES II: Daggerfall (1996), then TES III: Morrowind (2002), then TES IV: Oblivion (2007), then Fallout 3 (2008) and now Skyrim (2011). People have been requesting remakes and HD versions of these for ages, but nothing yet. They only game Bethesda released as a remake was Doom 3: BFG Edition, but that was developed by iD and only published by Bethesda and that wasn't received very well.

          People want the remakes so bad they've been doing it themselves: Morroblivion, Skywind, Skyblivion, yet nothing has been heard regarding this.

    • Cant wait for them to remake pong and solitaire too!

  • So how does this work? Do we need a coupon code or something?

    Or you just rock up and tell them about the deal?

  • Looking for WiiU and party games like splatoon. Do you guys think the price will drop more during financial year sale?

    • I wouldn't expect the bundle to go much lower than this, maybe if there's another ebay deal with 15%/20% off but that might not happen again. The bundle is also apparently limited, though not really sure what that means. $311 for splatoon and a wii u console is pretty dam good.

      Top WiiU games don't often go under the $60 mark so best to buy them when they are, the 10% off will definitely help!.

    • looks like the first proper price drop for a while, retail of this bundle is $359, well below the mario kart bundles (which rarely went on sale under $350). EB has dropped the price on all their consoles to $359 so I'm hoping there'll be a $299 before EOFY.

      Plus it took less than 3 years to get a $199 arcade Xbox 360 and Nintendo must be under huge pressure to either make massive price cuts or dump the thing. They were outsold 8:1 in worldwide sales in Q1 vs the PS4, they only shipped 350k of them. The only time the Gamecube ever got that low was when Nintendo put a halt to production.

      • You seem to have forgotten the $199 Wii U Consoles circa 2014

      • i Wouldn't say 'all their consoles to $359' When it only includes the Splatoon bundle, the normal premium bundle and the Mario/Luigi U bundle. The last 2 of which are barely found in stores these days. $299 for EOFY is quite a large expectation their in my opinion.

  • Can you pre-order the Wii U console? Also, will there be a huge demand for it on Saturday?

  • It's going for $498 and EB Games + 5 games. Savings of $260.

  • PS4 bundle OOS in SA :(

  • Ended up buying the ps4 bundle $511 and a 55 inch 3d tv for $585.
    Thank you