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OfficeOne IP Security Cameras from Kmart, $19 for IP900 and SC10IP


$19 clearance pricing on OfficeOne IP900 and SC10IP security cameras.

Saw same thing in two Kmart stores in Brisbane, probably across the board.

Same as in these old posts:

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/187332 ($29)
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/187326 ($39)
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/132966 ($59)

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        • Damn, there was heaps of indoor left at Knox yesterday, a few indoor at Stud park and nothing at all at Burwood… If anyone sees any of outdoor ones around the rowville area please let us know!

      • Parkmore SC at Keysborough has 15 outdoor and 6 indoor cams

        • How long ago was that?


        • @goddo2305:
          Today 2pm
          They have them locked away in the glass display thing.
          The indoor once are on the shelves.

        • @LHSolutions:

          Thanks for that, I'll head down in the morning and hopefully they still have them in stock!

        • @LHSolutions:
          Sorry also but Is the Kmart accessible from outside or does the shopping centre need to be open?

        • @goddo2305:
          Sorry just woke up :)

          How did you go?

        • @LHSolutions:

          Picked up 3! All is good mate thanks for pointing out Parkmore :)

  • Anyone know of stock left in SA?

    I went in store to ask and rang around but no luck.

    • Only indoor cameras left at Noarlunga (Thursday morning), and Marion (Thursday arvo) - about a dozen or so at each.

  • Purchased 2 at Traralgon in Victoria yesterday. Literally stacks left of both types. They are located in two different areas and with different prices($19/$29)but scan as $19.

    • damn far from Melbourne… thx anyway :D

  • Arana hills had none on shelf and the customer service person said there was no stock listed on their inventory but the back dock guy went out and found a heap…. Weird, but at least i came home with 3.

  • +1

    Hi Guys, Hoping you can dumb it down for me… I bought one to try out but cant connect to it..

    Do I have to install from the cd cause i read the article where it exploded in the drive?

    What I have done so far is to install ispy, plug my camera into the router..

    Tried to find it on the software but couldnt find it..

    Also what app do use install on iphone 6 to view?

    thanks in advance.

    • I don't have a Disc drive to install it into so I too would like to know if I can just log into the camera and set it up like a Foscam Camera

    • You need to read back through this thread. The software is available on the internet to download. Also the setup is completely different between the IP900 and SC10IP so you need to specify which camera you are trying to setup.

      Twisty - Short answer is yes you can set them up like a Foscam just by using its internal web interface. Once you know the IP address that is.

  • Is this just a camera for viewing live only or you can trigger snapshot and video for motion ?
    I read you an do it but I can't seem to get it to work. The alarm sound works but not the snapshot or videoo..Instruction is not very clear. I can't seem to get it do snapshot or video or even email ? Anyone like to share how to do it fro those manage to get it working. Thanks.

  • Hi, got an indoor IP900 and an outdoor SC10IP a couple of days ago. Managed to setup the IP900 up and running with the included app and Netcam Studio, however what should I do now if I want to set it so I can remote access the cam? Can I only do that with Netcam Studio? And do I need a Netcam server running 24/7 on a PC?

    • No you are not reliant on any software to remote view these cams. They are IP cams and are accessed directly to view. Use an IP camera app with the correct settings (IP address and port number) to view direct camera feed. Start off doing it from inside your own network. Once you get that working then to view from anywhere else in the world you will need to set up port forwarding on your modem/router to access them.

      • Thanks for the reply Hazza. Now which IP camera apps will work with these cams?
        Am I correct that I need to set up a DDNS host if I want to remote access the cams? I have signed up to free No-IP in the mean time.

        • I will help you as much as possible, however, can you first please read through this thread for answer first? Especially my review post. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/195865#comment-2781125 Most of the information everyone needs will already be in this thread, including a myriad of apps/software that are good for use with IP cameras.

        • @Hazza: I am grateful for your help Hazza, and I did read through this whole thread. You mentioned of apps like iSpy, IP Cam Viewer, IP Cam Remote, I am just wondering if they require a PC to be left switched on 24/7 running one of these apps in order for me to remote viewing the cam, or these cams can be accessed remotely from internet independently (like what they are supposedly be, as IP cams)?

          Edit: sorry, forgot to mention I am planning to remote viewing with my iPhone 6.

        • @edfoo: Yeah like I mentioned the cameras don't need third party software running in order for them to be viewed. They are viewed through direct access. iSpy and BlueIris (PC), IP Cam Viewer (android/iOS), tinyCam Monitor Pro (android/iOS) can all be used as remote viewing apps independently of each other without anything running 24/7. Sure if you want to use these for DVR recording purposes then yes they would have to be running permanently to do that job. I don't have an iPhone but there are probably hundreds of apps out there for viewing, others may chime in. A search of the appstore brings up others that may work with both the IP900 and SC10IP. Also remember the cd that the cameras come with have iphone apps that they recommend (vMEyeCloud Lite, P2PIPC).

        • @Hazza: OK. I already have P2Pipc installed in my iPhone and it is showing the cam around my home wifi network, but I don't see the option of it being able to remotely viewing the cam when I am away from home wifi network.

          I tried to configure the DDNS Service Settings menu in the cam's web interface. I have NO-IP as the DDNS Service, put in my NO-IP username, password and DDNS host name, but the DDNS Status indicates "No Action". It should say "DDNS Succeeded" if it is connected as mentioned in the user guide. Hmm?

        • @edfoo: After configuring DDNS you will also need to configure port forwarding on your router, this tells it that when an external connection comes in on a certain port (e.g. 99 or 554) it should be sent to a certain IP on your network. If you have multiple camera you need to map different ports.

          Here is a breif guide on what to do, but use port 554 for RTSP.

        • @edfoo: I probably can't help with the cameras inbuilt DDNS service as I haven't bothered to use DDNS on the camera. I use DDNS on my actual modem/router and then port forward the ports for my cams through the modem/router. However a quick way of seeing if NO-IP is working is to simply try a ping or nslookup using the DDNS hostname you have set. If it resolves to your modems ISP assigned IP address it is working. Otherwise it isn't. You can use internet websites to find your modems ISP IP address, and also to try nslookup. http://network-tools.com/ . Once you confirm that the DDNS is working you can forward the port for that camera to see if it works. The other thing to keep in mind though, is if your ISP gives you a static IP address you don't need to use DDNS at all. I get a static IP address from TPG, but still use a DDNS service as others connect to my FTP server and its easier giving them an easy to remember name.

        • @Hazza is correct, even if you set up different DDNS for each camera it makes no difference as they will all be pointing to the one IP address. As Hazza mentions you need to set up multiple ports forwarding to the internal devices.
          You only need a single DDNS service for your entire home network as it performs a mapping of name.domain to your networks external IP address.

        • @ruddj: Wow, this is getting heavy for me, feeling headache coming on, haha.

          ruddj: I have read that Grandstream page and set up port 99 and 2099 for the cam (it has post:99) in my modem's NAT Virtual Servers Setup menu. My modem is TP-Linke TD-W8960N by the way. Still not working :/

          Hazza: I am also with TPG and has a static IP address. I set up a DDNS with NO-IP because I thought the cam needs one. Anyone I tried that http://network-tools.com/ to express ping my modem's ISP assigned static IP address, it is returning information. Also tried with my DDNS address, and it returns similar information.

        • @edfoo: I have a migraine… Need to read ip for dummies.. Thanks guys so here goes nothing… Wish me luck

        • @edfoo: I just checked P2PIPC and the problem is its crappy as I don't think you can define an IP address for the camera as it uses the P2P ID, so if you want to use it from outside your network then you may need to setup the DDNS on each camera (I don't use P2PIPC). However for any other app, since you have a static IP from your ISP, you can simply define the camera with that IP address and a port, and if that port is forwarded in your modem to your cameras internal IP and port, it will work without any DDNS.

          Keep reading and trying with the virtual server settings on your modem as its hard to teach how to do this through text on a forum. But if you see enough videos/info of how to do it, you will work it out.

        • @Hazza: Thanks again Hazza. Gonna call it a night and try another day.

        • Woohoo. Managed to get it working with remote viewing. I tried Hazza's suggestion of using my ISP static IP address with IP Cam Viewer, instead of using my NO-IP DDNS.

          Next - setting up the outdoor SC10IP. Thanks again Hazza and ruddj :)

        • @edfoo: Hi edfoo. I'm hoping you can give me a hand because I think we have very similar setup (using TP Link W8960N router and TPG as the ISP. I have a static IP address with TPG and got stuck with setting the camera to use a static private IP. In the camera's web interface, I went to Basic Network Settings and unticked the 'Obtain IP from HDCP Server' checkbox. Then I entered the following:

          IP Address:
          Subnet Mask:
          Gateway: (IP address of my router)
          DNS Server 2: (the Secondary DNS Server address from my router's web interface)
          HTTP: 9841 (this is the port I want to specify for port forwarding in my TP Link W8960N router)

          But I'm getting an error of 'not valid DNS1' when I click the Submit button.

          I've also tried entering the Primary DNS Server address into the DNS Server 2 field but got the same error message.


        • @awc825: What have you put into the DNS Server 1 (DNS1) box? In the DNS1 box you can simply put the IP address of your modem/router. ie same as the gateway address. If everything fails just go back to DHCP, then try setting a static IP from scratch again. Also for you or others doing port forwarding, it is possible to forward an external port (9841 for example), through to the default port (99) on the actual cameras private IP address if you want to. It allows you to keep the cameras on their default port number, but still have them accessible from the outside world on different ports.

        • @Hazza: Thanks Hazza. I've try your suggestions when I get home tonight.

  • I got one but I have a Mac so the disc included is no good
    For me as I don't have a disc drive

    I have 3 Foscam camera already running and I use IP Camera Tool that gives me the IP address for those cameras but it can't find the Kmart one ;(

    My IP address for my home network starts with 10...***

    I was hoping I could just get the IP address of the camera, log into it directly using is IP address and software that on the camera and do what I need to do to set it up but without the IP address which I can't find I'm not having any luck

    • You have to specify which model you are talking about as they are completely different to setup. If you read back you will see that the IP900 uses DHCP so will get an address from your router/modem in your correct IP range. Then you can check your router/modem to see which address it got. However the SC10IP will not, as its set by default as a static IP address of So to talk to it you have to temporarily change your network to that range, or use a cross cable to go straight from your PC to the camera while setting an address in the camera's IP range on your computer.

      • Ok thanks
        It's a IP900

        When I plug it into my network it starts up and then goes to its position after boot up but there is a green light on the front that keeps flashing, does this mean it's not setup and once it is setup can you turn this light off?

        • Being that your network is 10.x.x.x it will make your life easier that its a IP900 as its set to DCHP by default and would have gotten an IP address from your modem/router already. You can probably guess what the camera IP is by checking your other devices and trying an IP address (with port 99) one higher than your last device. ie Otherwise try a few IP addresses higher than your other devices and see if you can guess it. The better way is to login to your modem/router and check the DHCP list and it will show all the IP addresses assigned to devices. Try all these with port 99 in your browser and you will find it. Another way is to get an IP port scanner suitable for OSX and scan your network on port 99 and it will come back with the cameras IP. You can choose to have the green led on or off in the web gui.

        • @Hazza:

          Thanks will give it a shot

        • @Hazza:
          Found the ip but can't log into it, after enter address in safari the pages just goes to safari can't connect to server


        • @Twisty: On the IP900 you need to use port 99 so enter http://<IP>:99

        • @ruddj:

          Yer I am

          Doing http://10...*:99

          But still won't load

        • @Twisty: Are you sure the IP address you have is actually the camera? If it is the camera there is no reason why it wouldn't load the web gui when connecting to port 99 on it. Maybe try another browser also just to make sure.

        • @Hazza:

          yer im 100% sure, I even turned it off to make sure that when it loaded back up that that IP address appeared again and it did. Yes I used the port :99 on it too

          I will try another browser

        • @Twisty: Can you try and ping and see if you get response? Also if you have access to telnet, try "telnet 99" and see if you get connection refused straight away or not. You could also try a wget if you have access to wget. The only other thing I can think of is if someone changed the port number on that camera and it was a return which was resold. So a factory reset might be worth a try if all else fails.

        • @Hazza:

          I'm on OS X so does those commands work?

        • @Hazza: thanks

        • @Hazza:

          Tried doing it all again after resting it on a Windows computer with chrome and could not log in at all. Found IP but no go of getting in

          I tried pinging it and that worked but I just cant log in, its on windows computer but port 99 didnt help

        • For those following, it turns out my hunch that the port was changed on this camera was correct. After getting twisty to use the search tool it confirmed that the port was changed to port 81 and that's why it wasn't working on 99.

  • +1

    Well after many hours trying to get the outdoor model to connect to my wifi without much luck, I've finally figured out what the problem was - my wifi password had special characters in it, and after changing to alphanumeric only it finally connects. Hopefully this little tip saves someone else from hours of frustration!

    Anyone know how to change the camera's login password, which is blank by default?

    • +1

      Nice find with the password bug. Set password through the web gui. Go to DEVICECFG -> Setting -> Advanced -> Account.

      • Got it, cheers!

    • Thanks for the tip - I had been suffering with this issue for the past few days myself. Just this morning i attempted changing my very secure password to something more simpler (only alphanumeric) but still it doesn't wok. Think it might has issues with password length as well??

      • +1

        Im using 26 characters and it works. Setting up wifi is a bit odd though. Try saving the changes to the device and let it reboot but make sure to unplug it from your router.

    • I'm struggling with the wifi too. Can hook it up with cat5 and log in through IE and get into the wifi config page, set all the settings, same IP range and same subnet, select the wifi and put password, it says settings saved. A second IP pops up in devicemanager corresponding to the IP specified in the wifi page. But soon as you unplug the cat5 cable after the camera reboots, nothing-it doesnt connect to wifi and can't be found in the devicemanager app.

      Have tried with two different routers, changed the SSID and passwords to super simple ones, tried connecting the laptop to the router with a cable, tried resetting all camera settings to default, tried setting an IP with the config page thats definitely not going to conflict with another. I'm actually lost, and can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

  • I noticed with my IP900, that if i put a password on it, it breaks the video feed and can't be viewed…

    • Make sure you put the password into whatever software you are using and it will work. I assume the preview feed still works on the actual web interface when the password is on? ie http://IPADDRESS:99

      • Yea I already have done that, its not that causing it. The password is actually breaking the feed. You log into the web GUI and go to the correct page depending on the browser you use, but the feed can't be viewed. Once password removed it is fully functional again. (I work in networking so I understand that it doesn't appear to be a user issue)

        • Ok more info in your initial post would have helped. Seeing as you work in networking, if you have tried all the basics (ie setting a basic/short alpha password only, hard power reset after setting password and then trying again, factory reset and trying to set password and trying again etc) then you might have a corrupt firmware or defective camera.

        • @Hazza:

          Yep done all of that. I was only trying a basic password anyway. Doesn't matter if I can't get the password to work as I'll end up putting it on another VLAN within my network and have it separated from every other device.

        • @goddo2305:
          Hey Hazza, Just picked up 3 of the SC10IP cams, they seem to be in chinese and have missing options in the web gui compared to the user manual haha, did you use the web gui to set up wifi?

          EDIT: I have gotten the wifi to work, but yet to get the web gui to change language

        • @goddo2305: i got the language selection dropdown on the login screen to work only after opening it in IE with compatibility mode turned on

        • @goddo2305: Have you looked through previous posts? Chinese Set up.

          Once you get in you can also change the default language in the settings. Main thing is you need to install the ActiveX control in IE by adding the IP to trusted / local intranet and temporarily reducing security level to allow unsigned actuveX

        • @ruddj:
          Got it all working guys thanks, you guys have any good recommendations for a ip cam server to record motion? Cheers

        • @goddo2305: Plenty of advice in this forum regarding software to do this, have a read back. PC apps like iSpy and BlueIris are great, or android apps like IP Cam Viewer and others. Also dedicated DVR's are available. Depends what hardware you wish to use and what your budget is.

  • None left at West Lakes, SA

    • which one were you after?

      • None really, just checked. If either was there, it'll just be an impulse purchase

        • Good man

  • The other day they had stock at the Kmarts on the Sunshine Coast.

  • I have setup the outdoor camera SC10IP through cat5 cable, and successfully connected it on my WIFI router. However, whenever I unplug the ethernet cable, the WIFI becomes unusable.
    When the cable is connected, I could visit the camera through WIFI, and the ping latency to the WIFI address is 1ms. However as long as I unplug the cable, the video stops and ping latency jumps up to 250 ~ 900ms, then I couldn't connect to the camera anymore.
    No restarting camera doesn't help, the wireless connection is still established however just not usable. Anyone has similar experience?

    • +1

      Seems to be a conflict IP address problem. Changed IP and it fixed itself, my bad.

      • I'm having the same problem as you. The wifi gets setup as far as I can tell, but disconnecting the cable kills the connection, and it cant be found using the utility. Tried your approach of changing the IP but that is not working either

  • does email alerts with frame grab work on ip900 or neither? thx

  • +1

    Any left in WA? Called 4 store in south of the river all sold out.

  • Anyone got blue iris to work with the outdoor camera?

  • I'm completely stumped when it comes to getting email alerts set up. I'd love to get 5-6 of these cameras if they would work properly.

    Whirlpool forum post here with more details: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2362073&p...

    • Posted in Whirlpool. Try checking if you need to set up an app password if you use two factor authentication

  • Can the outdoor Camera be set up to send email snapshots when motion is detected?

    • I got it working. Sends a snapshot but not at hd resolution something like 756x512 or thereabouts

      • this is very cool.. hmm wish I bought more now

  • Just got an indoor one at Kmart in Richmond Victoria Gardens. About 5 more boxes left. No outdoor ones were remaining :(

    • hmm.. I was lucky to get a few outdoor ones from there but they also had heaps of indoor.. looks like word is spreading outside ozb or just curious shoppers

      • I was there about 5pm yesterday and bought 2 outdoor and 1 indoor. Two were for my brother and one for me. Regret not buying another outdoor one as the quality is excellent compared to my current one which is pretty much the same as the indoor one.

  • Does anyone know of any stores in Melbourne that still have the indoor IP camera in stock?

    • Parkmore Shopping Centre @ Keysborough had some 2 - 3 days ago
      Better to ring the stores around Melb and ask :)

      • I doubt there are any left. Have check three stores and none are in stock.

        • Worth one more last try before giving up :)
          Just give them a call costs only few dollars hehe

  • +1

    Some measured stats from the SC10IP:
    - power usage at the wall, in daylight (LEDs off), streaming over wifi to 1 client = 2.5W (pretty impressive i thought)
    - power usage at the wall, at night (LEDs on), streaming over wifi to 1 client = 5.2W
    - target bitrate for 720p, "worst" quality, 15fps = 676kbps
    - target bitrate for 720p, "best" quality, 15fps = 2707kbps
    - max bitrate (720p, 25fps, best) = 4096kbps

  • Anyone have any advice on how to factory reset the SC10IP?? Of the 3 that i purchased, one of them was most problematic and is now reporting a 'this user is blacklisted' when attempting to login with the standard 'admin' account. I've attempted trough all means, browser, cms and the device manager thing. Thanks!

  • And I may as well ask… has anyone yet tried these camera's with Motion (on a raspberry pi)? My intention is to use these IP cam's to replace the standard usb camera's I'm currently using. Someone who may have already mucked around and have a nice config to share would be great. Thz again!

  • I'm struggling with the wifi. Can hook it up with cat5 and log in through IE and get into the wifi config page, set all the settings, set the IP, select the wifi and put password, it says settings saved. A second IP pops up in devicemanager corresponding to the IP specified in the wifi page. But soon as you unplug the cat5 cable after the camera reboots, nothing-it doesnt connect to wifi and can't be found in the devicemanager app until you plug the cat5 cable back in.

    Have tried with two different routers, changed the SSID and passwords to super simple ones, tried connecting the laptop to the router with a cable, tried resetting all camera settings to default, tried setting an IP with the config page thats definitely not going to conflict with another, tried with DHCP on/off, tried 3 different cameras, . I'm actually lost, and can't seem to find the answer anywhere, just can't manage to get the camera to connect to wifi. It works fine with a cable. Any direction would be appreciated

    • Which model camera?
      Are your home Wi-Fi and Ethernet segments on the same subnet (probably yes)?
      Have you power cycled the camera with the Ethernet unplugged after configuring the Wi-Fi?

      • Sorry, the outdoor SC10IP. Thanks for the help
        Subnet masks are the same yes, both
        Yes I have tried power cycling the camera with ethernet unplugged after saving wifi settings.

        • Sorry i can't help directly, but I've noticed that the Ethernet interface seems to be the preferred interface by the camera even when it's unplugged. I have had the cable unplugged for 4 days now and yet a) the Ethernet interface has still remembered it's dhcp address from Sunday even though the lease expired after 24hrs b) email alerts coming out are still referencing the remembered Ethernet address instead of the active Wi-Fi address.
          Make sure you don't have a problem with a cached Ethernet address clash.

        • Yep I noticed this as well. Even with the ethernet unplugged the camera still keeps its ethernet assigned IP address and will respond to requests on both the ethernet IP address and the Wifi IP address. Very strange behaviour for a certified IP device. It doesn't interrupt the camera working on Wifi with the ethernet uplugged though. I suggest making sure the wifi interface has a different IP address to the ethernet interface, because the mac addresses will be different so having both interfaces on the same IP address may confuse the router.