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Intel NUC DN2820FYKH0 N2820 Mini PC Kit $155.00 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Not a bad price for this Intel NUC Box. Runs OpenElec Kodi and Windows 7/8 pretty well

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    You'll need memory and some kind of hard drive.
    I have one of these running linux to serve as home entertainment - was much better choice than any raspberry or similar ARM system ever could be. Couldn't be happier.

    • Memory - yes. Some of these need special low voltage RAM ?

      HDD - generally - although if you are going to use it exclusively as a KODI media centre, and all your media is located externally (such as a NAS, network share on another PC, or USB HDD) you can just boot into KODI via USB stick. I did this for a year or 2, was fine. But then many of us have old laptop HDD's or SSD's lying around so why not..

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      Funnily enough I had this and the Raspberry Pi 2 running Kodi side-by-side at my parents' place last night. The Pi has one clear advantage, and that's CEC. For many TVs you can control Kodi using your television's remote control.

      In terms of interface speed, the NUC might be quicker but it's marginal. The NUC can take internal storage if that's important to you and it has a headphone jack.

      Depending on what you've got lying around (USB cable, micro-SD card, power supply) that you can use, you might be able to get the Pi going for less than 50 bucks.

      Nothing wrong with the NUC though. Be aware that it doesn't really have the grunt to do H265 and I believe it struggles a bit on more advanced de-interlacing. Same can probably be said for the Pi. They call the CPU in this NUC a 'Celeron' but it's actually based on Atom technology.

      • I haven't used the NUC but I've run XBMC on a PC and the Raspberry Pi 2 side-by-side.
        Once the Raspberry Pi is settled in and everything is scraped, it is almost as slick as a HTPC. A few interface glitches here and there but it reboots very quickly. Plays every file I've tried.

        I'd get a HTPC if I was going to be playing games/emulation or streaming media from flash-based websites or browsing the web. But for just playing network streams the Raspberry Pi 2 is great.

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    Not bad, lowest price I could find earlier this month was $169 or thereabouts. What we need is for the SE rep to offer us free shipping on a kit involving a SSD and RAM.

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      I would totally be in on that

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          Please hit CAPS LOCK one more time

  • Hiw is this compared to minix NEO x8-h plus?

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      This is x86 and capable of running any OS (Win, Linux, Android), the Minix Neo X8-H Plus is an ARM unit that runs only Android.

      More expandable storage. More RAM capacity. It's a PC, albeit a basic one.

      If you want the freedom of using any OS for your media centre (say, OpenElec, Kodi and such) the NUC is a great choice. Also turns into an ordinary PC with Windows installed.

      • Hackintosh?

        • Possible but I think you'll need i3 NUC to do that. Anything lesser than HD4000 iGPU is not supported otherwise by the driver.

    • Intel based so Driver support is great

    • +5

      chromebox is limited to chrome os.. without hacking anyway

      • Not exactly hacking : google allow you to unlock it with "developer mode". Can run full Linux, either native, or chrooted under chromeos.

        Chromebox makes a very good htpc. But not fanless.

      • Clear instructions for installing Kodi on the Chromebox- including dual-booting if that's what you want- are available on the Kodi forums. For what it's worth, the concensus on those forums is that the Chromebox makes a much more capable media centre than this NUC (which I own). Not fanless, but the fan on the Asus one is supposed to be quiet.

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    Where do you put all the movies? This only had one hdd slot compare with nas 3 /5 bays

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      That's why you buy a NAS, and stream to this little PC :)

      The point of this machine is to achieve a small size / low footprint / power savings, whilst being VESA mountable, its not built to accomodate a large number of drives and whilst also requring a regular sized ATX power supply in a ATX case.

      You'd build a PC for that.

      • +1

        Understand. I still want to ask how people store their movies with nuc. I may change my old nas into this in the future but I have 15tb movies…

        Ok.. Im lost. Why need nuc if you have nas? My nas has plex so it can stream movies directly to my lg tv.

        • +1

          Maybe as a living room PC?.

          While you might not need a PC in your living room in your household, my HTPC gets used as a guest PC for sometimes getting work done, whilst also for game streaming ala Steam in-home Streaming. Can your LG SmartTV do Steam streaming? Will it continue to get firmware updates 2 years from now? Probably not right?

        • @scrimshaw: ok I don't play stream or games.
          But I get your points.

        • +4

          I don't know why you need a NUC you sound like you have a working solution already.

        • @Diji1: my nas is old no hdmi no usb 3, so just looking for potential upgrade options for future.

    • You have a few options.
      - Store on the internal drive
      - External storage (usb port)
      - Stream from network ie your nas

    • NAS or you can fit 1TB 2.5 Drive as well as 1TB mSATA

    • If you want to use this as a file server, set it up with the bare bones so you can put the OS on and then buy an 8 port USB 3 hub. You could then add 8 external drives at 4TB each (best price per TB at the moment - I am picking up WD elements for $175 each) = 32 TB. Waiting for disks to spin up will be a pain, and you have to split your collection into groups of 4TB.

      The real challenge is obtaining the movies legally. They make that damn near impossible :(

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    A little more compared to the one above ($189):

    J1900 intel celeron Processor in Gigabyte is a little better with 2 MB L2 Cache, is quad core and has dual display (VGA and HDMI). though power consumption is a little more.
    Processor comparision:

    • +1

      i've got one of these, a little while back they were $159… might have been an epic hour or something though.

      works great as a general usage pc, no lag at all with an ssd and 4gb ram.

      it isn't very quiet though, and unfortunately it has no manual bios fan control and speedfan doesn't support it (yet?).

      next gen nuc was announced so it might be worth waiting?

      • +1

        I will backup what baldy said. The J1900 is a great little unit.
        In regards to power the J1900 draws around 9-10 watts of power during idle from my own power metre tests. Around 14 under light load. I.e. a streamed video from my server.
        Has anyone done a power test on the n2820?
        Also the J1900 does take 1.35v 1600 ram, the spec sheets and Gigabyte support only say 1333.

        • Thanks for the feedback. N2880 draws a little less, so I would say 10-11 under light load.

  • -3

    Why should i buy this one instead of Laptop ?

    • The answer is questionable.

    • +2

      You shouldn't buy anything until you get a thorough understanding of the differences and advantages of both through research yourself

    • +1

      It all depends on your personal needs. I prefer a separate keyboard and monitor. Furthermore, the footprint is minuscule and supports VESA mounts. I have laptops but use a NUC as a my main computer. Also, due to its size and weight I can easy take it places.

  • Interested in a deal with some HDD and Ram !

  • Apart from being able install iininternal HDD and more ram, then what advantage does this have over one of thosr Intel 2520(?) Mini PC boxes like the pipo?

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    check out the pipox7 its Intel runs kodi and comes with windows for $160 au 2 g ram 32g flash and talks to the nas has no fan so no noise

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    Is this capable of running 4 ip 720p streams at 30fps? (from the kmart deal?) Could it run a media server at the same time?

    • Nope i bought one to us as an asterisk box but retired it to the role as a plex box for my nas i found it lack of power disturbing, it strugles with 1 720 transcode stream. Runs XBMC well though.

      • Is yours the original with the N2820 or the later release with the N2830?

        Intel decided to keep the NUC model name even though they upgraded the CPU. The only difference was a release code on the packaging.

        The N2830 has video encoding/decoding support (Quick Sync Video)

        Don't know whether it would handle 4 concurrent streams though.

        • N2820 i have to decided to wait for the 14nm celeron wintel boxes (later this year) early reports show they will have more than enough power for plex, but still stay within 6watt envelope. My nuc is destined to be a 24/7 vpn torrent mini fileserver box.

        • So what would you recommend for 6 up cameras at 720p minimum?

    • This can fileserve fairly easily, transcode? Not so well.

  • Might get one as a Foxtel Go streaming box

  • I have one of this for a while,bought from the same website.

    filled it with windows 7,use it as a download box - downloading service I am using only has a stable windows client.

    extreme enerfpgy saving,only 7 watts

  • I have one of these with a 32Gb SANDISK SDD win7 and an intel compute stick win8.1

    the intel stick is much quicker and feels snappier

    • Good choice. Is Intel stick with a NAC better choice or NUC with more storage to play or stream movies. I have iomega 2 TB cloud NAS.

  • My Pipo X7 is useless, won't sleep properly and recently reset itself back to stock and lost my whole library scrape. Is this likely to have less problems. Realise I have to buy a ssd and ram, but was planning on rebuilding my old htpc with new cpu and motherboard as the other option.

  • Wonder if this would suit a MAME rig.

    • yep easy

  • 4K video on Celeron doable?

    • Intel® HD Graphics (up to 756MHz) and HDMI 1.4a
      So its possible I dont have a 4K TV to test

  • $299 for Intel NUC Celeron N2820 Mini PC - 4GB Ram 128GB SSD Windows 8.1

  • Is anyone using a NUC for their work stuff? I am wondering if it could be a compact replacement for my work laptop. All I do is take it out and stick it in the docking station at work. Don't need the screen and battery, 90% of the time.

    • Its a celeron, so if thats fast enough for you work needs, otherwise you might be better off looking at the i3-i5 models
      Its very fast network wise since it has a true intel nic

  • They also come with VESA mount brackets, which are great for mounting to wall behind TV

  • Well I bought the NUC and some ram and an SSD.

    Shopping Express used Fastway Couriers (contrary to me paying for an insured AusPost service and SE's website saying they may use Couriers Please as an alternative) and low and behold, the FastWay tracking says my parcel has been delivered and signed for.

    Only thing is, I haven't received it and I don't know who the Jeff guy is who apparently signed for the parcel. So now I have to chase through FastWay, and the online reviews are not making me feel good about it.

    Will keep you posted.

    • That is bad. I have been buying stuff from SE for years and never had issues or had courier delivered an item. PM the Rep here on OZbargain and see what they can do.

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