This was posted 6 years 5 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Rank Arena Air Fryer with LCD Display - Black $61 to $65 Delivered + 3.6% Cashback @


edit: credit to battler
don't forget $10 sign up credit for new accounts:
but need to spend $50.
I didn't look comprehensively, just added some $6 junk with free shipping for a net $4 saving… you may be able to find something better/cheaper.

Cashreards :

==> $57 delivered (to Syd 2000)

edit: $54 delivered (to Syd 2000) by adding 2x 95c 'Dandi Napkin Cuff' from the clearance page
$58.27 delivered to other majors

(less with cashrewards, etc)


Rank Arena Air Fryer with LCD Display
Fry your food the healthy way
Adjustable thermostat
Food is crunchy without all the oil
Dishwasher-safe frying basket
With over heating protection function
Digital control panel with LCD display
Cool touch handle & non-slip feet
Capacity: 2.2L
Stylish stainless steel panel
Max. 200 degrees temperature setting
Width: 34.5cm
Depth: 33cm
Height: 28cm
Brand: Rank Arena
Colour: Black
Please note: Assembly Required
Package Contents

1 x Frying Basket
1 x Pan
1 x Separate Sheet
1 x Users Guide

Sheffield JuiceSmart Slow Juicer $61 to $65 Delivered

Rank Arena Digital Cook Robot - White $81-$85 delivered

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  • +3

    I got this air fryer a couple of years ago for under $100 IIRC and it seems pretty good for occasional use: fish fingers, chicken nuggets, meat pies straight from the freezer to the microwave on high for couple of minutes and into this thing for like 5 minutes. Also tried frozen potato chips when I first got it and they work but I try not to eat those. I've only used it for re-heating instead of the oven/griller where I had to watch or often burn things (timer is useful) rather than really cooking something that would otherwise be deep fried but it comes with a little recipe/instruction booklet.

  • +3

    Bought this from DealsDirect back in 2013 as well and it's sitting permanently on our kitchen benchtop as we use it all the time. Just used it this morning to heat up the croissant (that I bought from Costco) — much faster than oven.

    • I have one as well. I use it all the time. :)

      • +1

        Actually thanks to your post I've bought another one. Belated Mother's Day present sorted (when I go up to Qld to visit my parents later this month).

        • Fantastic!

        • The bargainer of all BargainerS

  • Great for cheerios …the only kitchen appliance that sits permanently on our bench the rest are sent to the butlers pantry.

    • +2

      The butler isn't worthy of using the airfryer!

      • He won't microwave either…

    • You air fry your Cheerios breakfast cereal? o.0

      • No no.note to self deep fried cheerios…no I mean cocktail frankfurters..little weiners….Kevin ,you can't eat in bed…I wanted to try pigs in a blanket,in a blanket.

  • +4

    Still undecided if to buy the expensive Phillips one or to buy this one(using the $50 cokerewards voucher). I've only used the Phillips Airfryer so far but I read that other brands are not that strong/quick(e.g. Kogan)
    UPDATE: Couldn't resist. Got one $10.96 Delivered after redeeming a $50 oo voucher on coke rewards :)
    THanks OP

  • +2

    This is a great deal. We've had ours for a few months now and it's great. Gets used most days.
    I paid around $90 and I thought that was good. $65 - go for it!

  • Thanks OP!! Bought this with iPad 2 Stand $2.00 for a total of $55.74!!!

  • +1

    I have a similar one purchased from Coles a couple of years ago (onix brand), use it so much, now after the jumbo 4L version. I only issue with the smaller ones is if you are cooking/heating for 4 you need to cook two batches. Awaiting the next sale on those.

    • Yes, I am waiting for the family size deal as well.

  • +5

    don't forget $10 sign up credit for new accounts:
    but need to spend $50.
    I didn't look comprehensively, just added some $6 junk with free shipping for a net $4 saving… you may be able to find something better/cheaper.

    ==> $57 delivered (to Syd 2000)

    edit: $54 delivered (to Syd 2000) by adding 2x 95c 'Dandi Napkin Cuff' from the clearance page
    $58.27 delivered to other majors

    (less with cashrewards, etc)

    • beat me to it… did the same thing and was paying while you posted this ;)

    • +1

      I was just about to post this, I did the same with angry birds headphones for $2 - $56 delivered (rounded up the 26c to charity, because I'm generous like that :P )
      My kids love playing angry birds and I get sick of hearing it so it's another win:win.

      Thanks OP and Ozbargain, another purchase I didn't really need to make!

  • +1

    follow the guide here to save a few bucks

    I got this + 2 napkins (cheapest thing with cheapest delivery cost) delivered for $53.92 ;)

  • +1

    Total for me was $33, had a $25 cokerewards voucher.

  • $53.92 for me too :)

  • How many watts does this sucker use?

    • +1

      1500 @ max temp

  • Is it possible to get cashrewards and the $10 off voucher?

    Silly me - figured it out.

  • Cheers OP / Rastafarian / battler :D

  • Am I the only one getting a 500 Server error when I'm trying to check out after Paypal, or any payment method for that matter?

    • I'm getting it too.

  • These guys make some of the best TVs.

    • TVs in wooden boxes is best right :p

  • Seems its been Ozbargained. 500 server error regardless of paypal or secure checkout

  • I got through just fine about a minute ago… paid with paypal

  • what do people think of this pressure cooker? I am in the market

    • judging from the negative vote on my comment, must be bad? lol

    • I can only speak of the Newwave 5-in-1, but as far as pressure cooking goes in that, it's great, much better than when we used to do it in our pressure cooker on the gas stove. No chance of food getting burnt and stuck to the bottom any more. The browning function is handy too.

      Of course that doesn't necessarily translate to this model..

    • - and the other links in that thread.

      I wouldn't buy electric myself. Don't know much about Rank Arena nowadays, but as long it's not a no-name brand, much the same I'd expect. You could check the productreview site too.

      • Are you suggesting this is a pressure cooker?

        • Sorry, got the threads mixed up.

  • +4

    I have no need for this, but it 'fell' into my online cart.nthen I bought it. True story. Anyone know delivery timeframe please?

    • I bought mine late on the 8th this month and it's still not dispatched

  • use desktop version of OO…down bottom you click on it

    PayPal will work

  • Does it get hot enough to get potatoes and bread to brown?

  • yep….I do crinkle cut chips

    I use a salad bowl n throw chips in bowl n flip em back in every 5-6 min for 25-30 at 180

  • +2

    i have one of these and I use it constantly. they are great. I use it for frozen supermarket chips, my own chips/potatoes, Chicken is expecially good in it (i.e. crumbed nuggets or schnitzel or the like). I have also cooked bake at home rolls, left over pizza, pork crackling, sausage rolls… almost everything I used to use my oven for i do with this and it comes out better and quicker. and it does get things brown - max temp is 200 degrees C and you can very the temp in 10 degree increments from 150 up to 200.
    definitely recommend this if you are thinking of getting any sort of air fryer. I haven't tried any other brands but am very happy with this one.

    • +2

      How the pork crackling turn out? And could you PLEASE detail what you 'do' with it?

      • The pork crackling came out well the first time i did it, slightly less so the second time.

        I had some boneless pork shoulder there i was going to make some pulled pork with, so i trimmed the skin/rind from the top of the pork. I then left it uncovered in the fridge for a couple of days to dry it out (admittedly i forgot it was there for a few days… you might be able to get away with it only a day or so). Then when i remembered it was in the fridge i took it out and scoured it diagonally (only one way, not into diamonds, if you get me). Then I rubbed in a fair amount of "Mitani Pork Crackler Seasoning Salt" over the whole rind and the grooves where i scoured it (i came across this seasoning salt stuff one day in the supermarket - coles or woolworths, cant quite remember which one for certain. coles i think). Then i placed in this air fryer for maybe 20-25 minutes? Not totally sure but it was at 200 degrees.

        Once it came out i cut it up into strips with some kitchen scissors and was good to eat! Again it came out really well the first time, but i didn't do it like this the second time and it just wasnt as good.
        Make sure you only have skin/rind there, try to trim any excess meat/pork off the bottom of the rind or it wont be as crispy.

        Sorry for the vagueness on some things, it was a while ago that i did this.
        Hope this helps!

  • Can you combine a cokerewards voucher with the $10 off? (and are cokerewards vouchers available instantly?)

    • +1

      Yes and yes. I did exactly this.

  • No more shipping discount?

  • I purchased through oo ebay store. :)
    Website wouldn't work for me. :(

  • Bugger.. had the discount, closed window and now not popping up anymore.

  • cant make the $10 discount pop up to appear, tried 3 different browser.

    • +1

      private browsing/incognito window

      • Nah, looks like they've killed it

        • -1

          yep, looks like it.

      • still doesn't work.

  • Just bought one, didn't get the $10 first time discount but not to worry.

    Based on the comments, this is a fairly good unit!

  • By some magic, my $10 discount appeared again (already applied, not the popup). Applied my coke voucher, got it down to $35.
    Paid by paypal, error 500 on returning to their site. F5, comes back says error completing payment, try again.
    Then get an email from Paypal, here's your receipt for payment.. Greeaaatt..
    Can't log in to check as account didn't seem to get set up yet as incomplete order. Now sitting on the phone waiting to speak to someone… happy days.

    • Aargh.. this hold music is driving me mad. Maybe I should just try again and deal with a refund later over email so I don't have to listen to it any more…

      (and by my last comment I see I've been sitting here for 10 mins…)

      • Ah well, while waiting I just paid it again, worked second time around. Must have been all the OzBargainers overloading their servers..
        And was just in time to speak to someone about getting a refund for the extra payment..

  • got it with the $10 discount perfectly fine.
    good deal for good unit.

  • Should I spend big on philips or this is just as good?

    • We bought the Philips from Costco a month ago, but after seeing the good comments about this one I would have bought it instead. The basket looks a bit better, and maybe bigger too.

  • +2

    If you can find stock this one is $50 at Big W
    I have one and it gets used every day.

    • good find…how did you find it?

      • We love it. Yes it has one heat setting. It turns its heat source on and off to maintain the correct heat. Makes awesome food.

        It will make you fat though. Sure it's not fried in oil, but it's still not healthy to eat chips, chicken nuggets etc…

    • The big w brand has only 1 heat setting.

      While I'm not dissing the product, I'd rather go with Rank since it has some 60+ positive reviews when compared to 2 from the BigW deal. Obviously I could be wrong and Rank may be a dud, but it seems like from a risk management point of view, I'd go for the OO deal first.

  • no pop up $10 discount for me…anyone else having same issue?

  • no pop up for me too.

    must be killed

  • I've read all the comments, but am still hazing on what this actually is / does. It seems like a tiny oven based on croissants being reheated, but it says fryer? Anyone have time to give me basic intro please? Cheers

    • It's more like a tiny fan forced convection oven but without exposed elements.

  • BTW, is anyone having trouble registering an account on OO? I punch in my details to create a new account, then it just returns to the login page, but details don't work and reset password says my email address doesn't exist in the system.

  • Thanks, bamzero - Noob q, does it fit a loaf of bread to crisps it up?!

  • +1

    I bought one on the 8th when it was free shipping for 59$ and it's still not shipped.

  • Thanks op.

  • Thanks OP, could not get the $10 voucher but when I tried signing up the other day for the bed sheet set I was emailed a voucher for free delivery but no $10 voucher still. Anyway just made an order and got 1 Ardor sheet set and 1 Air fryer for $78.97 less the $50 for coke rewards voucher.

    Ardor Home Australia Reversible Luxury King Size Sheet Set - 1000 Thread Count, Cotton Rich - Various Colours

    Choice: Lilac
    $29.97 1 $29.97
    Rank Arena Air Fryer - LCD Display with Digital Control Panel, Significantly Less Oil, Adjustable Thermostat,Cool Touch Handle & Non-Sleep Feet - Black
    $49.00 1 $49.00
    COUPON - Free Delivery
    $0.00 1 $0.00

    Product Subtotal $78.97
    Delivery $0.00
    Order Total $78.97
    Order includes GST of $7.18

  • gutted couldn't get the free $10…tried on phone and few different pc…all same

  • wow..the review is so bad

    Guess I'll pass then …hopefully we could see some Philips deal coming out soon

    • That's for the previous model

      • dont give much confidence still though.. :S

        What's the main improvement in this model then ?

        • +1

          That was 3 reviews. People tend to review when they want to rant about a bad experience. I bought a fridge a year ago that had some bad reviews from, but cannot be happier with it. I did my own research including reading reviews. I think ozbargain has some pretty savvy buyers on this site so 80+ votes is good enough for me. Thanks OP. Got one.

        • @nick1058: Yea,you're's only $65..I'm sold

  • Bought one with Set of 12 Fred Temporary Button Tattoos delivered $55.13 (Sydney Metro)

    • you got $10 off?

      • yes, but I got the $10 sign up credit in the morning and it last for 7 days.

  • +1

    Cheaper here with 10% sign up bonus and $6.95 delivery fee to Sydney metro-

    • The airfryer was $119 yesterday at deals direct.

    • Why on earth I dont get 10% sign up bonus again? just my luck?

      EDIT: ok got it now after going incognito…just hope I could cancel my order with oo

  • +1

    Appears that they have restocked. Just ordered one :).

  • Back in stock, just ordered one delivery to Melbourne.

  • Anyone had theirs actually ship yet?
    So much for the statement on their site "95% of our orders are dispatched the next business day once payment has been approved."
    Guess this must the 5%.

    • My status still says Approved for Dispatch since the 12th, when i bought mine. No idea when this will be shipped out.

      • I am in the same boat. It does not look good. It said approved for dispatch but still not dispatched since ordered on 12/6. So many back reviews on on the net.

  • +1

    Got a shipping notification this morning…

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