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Logitech K800 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard $89 Pickup NSW or $12 Shipping @ PC Byte


Hi Guys,

Was searching for a good wireless keyboard and came across Logitech K800 which had good reviews. Was looking at pricing everywhere including Static ice but could not find anything delivered under $100 to NSW.

Pcbyte has them in stock for $89 with pick up option for those in NSW.
Appox additional $12 shipping to other states.

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  • Excellent keyboard. Works with macs too but best if you use DoubleCommand to swap (remap) the command and option keys around.

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    good wireless keyboard??
    there is none..

  • +2

    If your getting it delivered get the combo from Officeworks for $27 more. The mouse is worth about $80 alone.


    • Agreed, if you're getting this keyboard the combo is a good buy, the mouse is solid.

      One of the best features of this set is that both the keyboard and mouse are rechargeable by micro USB, so when your battery dies you can just plug them in and continue working. Great battery life too, the ones I bought both came with Eneloops within so that might explain it.

      • Price has gone up at Officeworks. Its still $128 at MSY though.

  • A bit overpriced for an old model . I have one and it's good, but there are newer ones.

    • Sure there are newer models, but there is nothing that is directly comparable in Logitech's line-up.

      • K820 / K830

        • Neither are full sized. Missing NumPad, home/insert/pge up.., cursor keys etc.

          They're more upgrades for the K400/r. Besides, typing experience isn't as good on the K830 and the TK820 isn't backlit.

        • @TheContact: K800 feels really cheap in quality, but it does the work. I guess $40/$60 is the right price to pay for it.

        • @SrMoure:

          Yeah, the plastics are a bit creaky and cheap feeling when you pick it up compared to the TK820, but the keys feel the best to me.

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    Get the one with mouse from Dick Smith for $60s. Much better for lounge PCs.

    e: http://www.dicksmith.com.au/logitech-illuminated-living-room… + MAD15 = $57.40 C&C

    Also this for venomx vvv

  • Little off topic but any recommendations for Illuminated Wireled Keyboard?

  • Awesome keyboard.

  • Is the keyboard low profile or soft key?

    • +1

      Soft key.
      just got it.

      • Thanks - so it is quiet type like laptop's keyboard?


        • yep.
          The back lights are cool as well. they go dark when your fingers are off them and come back as soon as you get your fingers near the keys.
          very quick and intuitive.

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