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2x FREE Good Food and Wine Show 2015 Tickets (Sydney)


2 X general entry Good Food and Wine Show tickets for Sydney show.

Offer available to the first 350 people who use the code word WESTPACS between 16 June and 11.59pm 18 June. Valid for two General Admission adult single day tickets to Sydney Good Food & Wine Show 7-9 August 2015. Value $68.

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Good Food and Wine Show
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  • Yes, about time. These will disappear fast (350 people only).

  • 5-8June has passed?

  • hahah good spot - that's random - i copied and pasted that out of their email!

  • Thank you op.

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  • YES! Finally Sydneys turn, Thanks OP!

  • Page is down

  • Thanks OP !

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    Gonna be a lot of p*ssed off Westpac staff ;)

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      TBH this show should be free every year, the amount of advertising the products get is overwhelming. Its a huge show that a lot of people in Sydney look forward too. Charging $34 for a ticket is a rip! And for what? tiny samples IF you can get them. I usually go just to buy things anyway like show bags/discounted food/beer etc

      • if they're already getting so much response and they're charging $34 a ticket, why would they make it free?

        on another note, half the people who go to the show probably have free tickets

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          From what I've seen it has been going up in price every year. Without the free tickets and discount codes through Citibank etc I doubt they would get the same numbers. Then again people flock to the night noodle markets in hyde park and line up for an hour to get the same meal from chinatown except twice the price!

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          @clarky: People are stupid. Went night market's once and realised immediately the food was shit. Never went again.

        • People enjoy lines I guess. Or they want to instagram/check in on Facebook.

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          Yeah, I browsed around the night markets and said to my friend, 'screw this, we're going to a proper restaurant where it's warm, indoors, and you can sit down and enjoy yourselves at a fraction of the price', and so we did.

  • Thanks!

  • meh is it even good?
    ive been once before… just felt like a food scab….
    isn't it meant to be a B2B event?

    • Agree. Being there last year. Many people rushing for morsel of food samples and going for repeats. Not worth my time.

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        Tip 1: Go to the wine section first if you arrive at the opening times. You might get hammered quicker, but at least there you'll get all the attention before the hordes of people come after lunchtime.

        Tip 2: Save $$ and make your own wine sling:

        Tip 3: Go straight to the cheese section if you love your cheeses as the popular samples sell out very quickly.

        Tip 4: If you want to try those 'Master' classes, better book online, because they're full by the time you decide to sign up on the day.

        • Well said!

  • still available…

  • Thanks!

  • Awesome thanks OP

  • Finally. you rock 01011010

  • got some for Sunday.

    cheers OP

  • gone, damn it

  • Thanks OP, got 2 !

  • blank

    • only 1 order per account

      • yeah i figured out when i went to complete.

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    Saturday has been OzB'd

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    all gone :(

  • gone

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    Time is of the essence in these types of deals.

    • knock knock
      whos there?
      ozbargain who?

      • +3

        I am the one who OzBargains.

        • -1

          well you're not, you're TheOneWhoKnocks

        • @tuzii: I have numerous alias's…

  • annnnd gone.

  • gah, gone right on checkout :(

  • anyone want to swap a sunday for a saturday? i clicked the wrong day!

  • Thanks OP! Managed to nab Friday!

  • Thanks OP,

    Ordered 2 for Sunday in Sydney.

  • yep, all gone

  • bugger… just missed it ..

  • Just got some for Sunday. thanks OP

  • Yesss! Grabbed 2 just a few minutes ago for Friday in Sydney.

  • I just managed to grab 2? It's not expired yet

    • oops just friday available it seems.

  • confirm. Just got 2 for Sydney - friday

  • Saturday and Sunday have been OzB'ed

  • Out of stock :(

    Was in my cart but couldn't complete :(

  • Gone in 60 seconds! Sydney

  • +1

    You have exceeded the admission limit for the following item(s):
    Promo code: WESTPACS
    Performance: General Entry - Saturday
    All customers
    Exceeds by: 2

  • Friday is still open for me just now (Sydney)

  • Same thing happened to me. In my cart but couldnt complete it

  • I think it's sold out. All dates gives the same error!

  • for crying out loud!

  • thx OP got Sunday tickets

  • +1

    Friday tickets still seem to work. Go Go Go!

  • Thanks OP. :D

  • gone

  • gone

  • I managed to get 2 for the Friday

  • +1

    Friday/Sydney still available, ozbargain meet up :D

  • Just got Friday. Thanks OP!

  • Think Sunday's gone :(

  • What a douchey checkout system. Doesn't tell you it's out until right at the end!

    Also: couldn't get my login to work - doesn't accept the password that they sent to me using their "Forgot password" function.

    Oh well, win some lose some.

  • Friday gone i think, anyone else confirm?

  • Friday gone

  • poo neck

  • Saturday is gone

  • All gone


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      That code didn't work. :( :)

  • Wait for the next deal then…..

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    I tried some of their other partners/sponsors and added an 's': FOXTELS works, but it only gives you 40% off. Still a good deal if you were planning on going.

    General Entry Adult - 40% Off (FOXTELS) This item is available with a promocode $20.40

    DANMURPHYS works as well, for a $10 discount:

    Adult General Entry - $10 Off (DANMURPHYS) This item is available with a promocode $24.00

    • +4

      CITISYD gives you a 2 for 1 offer (must select multiples of 2)

  • +3

    I wonder if any actual Westpac customers not on ozbargain got to redeem this offer.

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    Only a matter of time before Citibank comes out with their free offer like last year.

    By the way, I would never pay to enter this event. It's a rip-off for what you get. I still won't get why we have to pay for someone else to promote/advertise their product. Oh well, that's just me though.

  • Missed out. I hope there will be free tickets for Syd.

  • Yeh I would never pay for this. I don't understand how it works fully, but I thought that it'd be like
    1) The business people trying to sell their food product pay GFWS bucketloads of money in order to secure a stall to promote their product
    2) GFWS then also charges exorbitant fees to the general public to get tickets to the event, making it seem all exclusive and stuff
    Doesn't GFWS pocket loads of money from both the stallholders and the public? Isn't that full dodgy?

    • +1

      Yes, that is how it works.

      why is it dodgey? it's business….

      • true, it's not dodgy
        but it just seems dodgy having to pay to go, when they're already milking money for businesses to secure a stall. When they're using the fact that lots of people will be there (us) in order to make the businesses really want to get in to promote their product to us.

        • it doesnt seem dodgey at all…. it's their open business model.

          They are providing an environment where businesses can meet potential customers and customers can discover new products.

          Both parties are getting return.

    • Look on the bright side, how much more packed would the wine tasting section be if it were free?
      Also, getting more people willing to pay for a ticket increases the proportion of people who will also spend money buying products at the event.
      That being said, yeah the rrp ticket price is too high for me. Too bad I missed this deal today.

  • Missed out :(

  • NOOoOoO :(

  • +4

    Don't forget this show is the cheapest place to buy a Dyson V6 Absolute ($584.35)

    Based on the Melbourne show deal of 35% off the Dyson V6 Absolute. At the show only.

  • How do we receive the free tickets? Is it by email? I registered for the free Brisbane tickets a while back but I never received the tickets via email or otherwise.

    • +1

      You get it by email. Check your spam folder.

  • +1

    NOOOOOOOO how did i miss this

  • I've been waiting so long for this! and I missed it! Nooooo

  • WESTPACS still accepted… but will get an error when checking out.

    You have exceeded the admission limit for the following item(s):
    Promo code: WESTPACS
    Performance: General Entry - Saturday
    All customers
    Exceeds by: 2

  • +1

    I just got 2 free tickets using this code for the Saturday. It's working again!

    • Worked for me too. Thanks! Now to wait and see if I actually get the tickets!

      • Mine came through pretty much instantly :)

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