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Apple MacBook 12" Space Grey $1319 @The Good Guys eBay


Was able to find this on The Good Guys eBay site. Original C20EXTRA coupon post

Apple retail these for $1,799 right now. Think The Good Guys is having a 10% sale right now on.

Then added with 20% eBay coupon, it comes down to $1319.

In store pickup only. QLD and WA is out of stock already.

And also an extra 2% cash back with Cash Rewards.

Just an update. Only these stores have stock left.
NSW - Castle Hills
VIC - Frankston
SA - Gepps Cross

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  • +1

    Out of stock in Perth.

    Also the max discount with C20EXTRA is $300 so it's $1,319.

    • Oh…forgot about the max discount. Fixed it up now

    • +1
      • 2% cashbackrewards discount
  • I was going to buy this little baby! until I read the review, not so good!! In summary, 2 bad points:
    1. Only 1 USB port.
    2. If you put Windows on, it's run sluggish

    Note: this is running M-processor!

  • gold?

  • How did you manage to find the Macbook?

    I'm looking for the 1.2Ghz version

    • +1

      Came across it on a google search. Tried all the other models, but didn't have any luck. They probably just forgot to take this down.

      • Thanks! I was planning on grabbing one at the Apple Store this afternoon but didn't end up going luckily. Would have preferred the 1.2 but at $1319 this is a steal.

  • +1

    dont forget the 2% cashrewards.. brings it down to $1292

    • -2

      hi i can't seem to get it down to 1292$, could you help me out? I've signed up http://www.cashrewards.com.au/ebay-australia then went go to store and clicked on this macbook 12inch and added the C20EXTRA code in but it still says 1319$. help?

      thanks heaps

      • +1

        You get the savings as a cash refund. Not immediate saving.

  • Just 2 stores in Melbourne showing stock.

  • Gold color?

  • If you expect to buy one of these, do buy a bluetooth mouse, and dont expect to be able to use the webcam.

    • why can't you use the webcam?

      disregard…should read further comments before posting!!!

      • Maybe talking about in Windows?

  • thanks got one … too good a discount to resist … !!

  • whats wrong with the cam? why would apple develop a cam on laptop that doesnt work

    • It works. It's a 480p camera that leaves much to be desired. My guess is they used a low quality webcam to reduce manufacturing costs.

      • So there can be something upgraded for v2. Which, hopefully (and based on history), will be a lot better than v1.

        • Yes, most likely. That should give Apple a reason to slap a $1500 price tag on it at launch.

      • My guess is they used a low quality webcam to reduce manufacturing costs.

        Maybe not enough "depth" from the lid to put something more decent?

      • +1

        between a 480p and 720p camera - it would only cost a few dollars for Apple to manufacture.. there must be other reasons

        • Yes of course - to increase their profit margins.

  • +2

    Is anyone able to find a macbook pro 13 on sale??

    • I'm interested as well.

  • $30 for delivery … wheres the $9.95?

  • Would this be an improvement over a late 2012 Macbook Pro Retina with core i5 2.5gHz?

    • +1

      In terms of computing power, no.

      • Thanks

    • a step back

    • No!

    • No. Lol

    • Any MacBook Air / Pro from the past few years would be better than this glorified netbook. It's suffering from first gen failure but will become a great little computer after they increase the ports, increase the battery life, increase the performance and drop the price in the next update.

      • It's not even on par with Air's!? Well I don't feel envious at all with my Pro 13 :) About my only gripe is my hand gets sore because of the sharp edge near the track pad lol! Otherwise it's been awesome.

      • 9 hours battery? pretty crap!

    • Hell no.

  • Got one Castle Hill, NSW.


  • got one caringbah thought the 30 dollars shipping would be better in the petrol tank haha whata bargain thx op!

  • Thanks - got one from Gepps Cross SA

    • me2

  • +1

    Damn.. Missed the last one at Maryibyrnong but still picked one up from Frankston! What about other colours? I want a gold one as well…

  • +2

    Wow, cheap. Bought mine near launch for the edu price at JB - $1729. No regrets though, great laptop if it fits your use case.

  • -1

    none sold in last hour~ lol

  • for god sakes guys at least buy the Macbook air 13" which craps all over this laughing stock of a device.

    • +4

      No retina

      • -1

        the res is pretty good regardless.

        • +1

          It's not just the resolution, the Air's LCD is more washed out.

    • -2

      I wouldn't have a Air unless they were free. They will be obsolete soon.

  • +2

    Seriously this display + macbook air = WIN, full stop!

  • Thanks. Picked one up from Geelong.

  • -1

    now i regret buying my MS Surface 3

    It lags even when i'm just surfing the net

    • -2

      That probably has more to do with your internet connection that the surface 3….

      • +1

        I know what a lagging app looks like, we are past dial up days

        • Well, then yours must be faulty then. My Surface is fantastic at almost everything I throw at it. Also, most technology websites called it the best 'tablet pc hybrid' out there, so it obviously works well.

  • All gone, both at NSW and VIC

  • Wouldn't a xps 13 be a better option?

  • I have had my 1.2/512 rMB for a month, great laptop, sold a 2 year old 15" MBPr to buy it. Good luck to those that got this BARGAIN.

    • Can you tell me more about how much slower you find it etc? I have a launch 2012 MBPr 15" but am considering changing to this MacBook. How does it run with large photo libraries etc?

      • +1

        Sure its probably a bit slower depends what you do, i am not a power user just basics and iphoto/imovie. But the size, keyboard,speaker make up for it, no fans doesn't get hot, great size for your lap, and carrying around, i use a Twelvesouth base lift which is great.
        I went up to the 512gb from my early 2013 256 15 mbpr. I sold it for $1600 so after discount and gst back cost me $300.
        I don't have a problem with 1 port i use wireless for everything, have the usb adapter for my iPhone thats it.

        • Thanks for the reply, good to hear. I have a friend who got one and loves it, but he didn't have a MBPr 15"…

        • Thanks for the reply, good to hear. I have a friend who got one and loves it, but he didn't have a MBPr 15"…

  • Got this laptop. It's great but right now it feels like a tech demonstration. The 3rd gen of this will be epic.

  • +1

    Hot damn that is a horrible spec for the money! But a bargain nonetheless

    • Ozbargain logic in a nutshell

  • +6

    I brought one for $1600 odd when price matched to good guys price last month.
    Def happy with my purchase for what I use a laptop for.
    Cursing I didn't wait until it went this low.
    Great find for those who scored one at this price :)

  • +1

    Anyone get a confirmation email from the good guys yet? Have a feeling this may have been oversold and that we'll be getting refunds tomorrow.

    • Let's hope not otherwise there will be lots of angry ozbargainers

    • no confirmation email for me yet as of Saturday morning, I ordered from Frankston, Vic store.

    • No confirmation for me either. Sat 11:30am

  • No confirmation yet. It says when it's ready for pick up, they will get in contact. I bought a fridge from them also with delivery option, (yes I know, compulsive!)I got a confirmation email saying it has been sent to my local store for processing.

  • +2

    I received a call just before 9pm last night from Highpoint TGG, the lady indicated they've oversold and I have the option of receiving a full refund immediately or wait for a week or so. Base on the discount of course I went for the second option! will update once I can pickup the Macbook, hope they don't do a backflip on this.

    • Me too

  • Same!
    Edit I asked for different colour, she said on the grey one!! blah blah!

  • +1

    wow decent deal!

    i've had the 1.2ghz for a month now, great machine, about the same speed as my older i5 macbook air. the speakers are pretty amazing, great screen too. you're paying a premium for the best hardware in this size laptop, its all about the size and weight. macbook pro retina 13" it much better value if you dont mind the extra weight.

  • +1

    I would of snapped one of those up if I knew…

    • *would have

  • Yeah very cheap very lucky to get one still no confirmation however if u work it out it's like $995 U.S.

  • I ordered this for rrp of 1799 3 weeks ago on apple Australia site and it still hasn't shipped. I don't know how these guys will ever get a stock.

  • M

    • M

    • Have you pick up the gold one? Is there any gold one left at Castle Hill?

  • Any confirmations anyone

  • +3

    not yet, rang them up this morning (castle hill) and they said they've been busy dealing with orders, plus its end of financial year.

  • Got a call from Castle Hill saying they don't know when they will have stock. I can either cancel the order or wait it out. Of course, I'm waiting it out…. Like a true ozbargainer

  • anyones creditcard been charged? How is it a good idea to charge and then get a email saying its on back order? We should be geting free shipping now - this will be my demand ( not request) when they get the order in.

  • +1

    mine's been charged but got a call this morning that it's on back order, don't know how long for….

  • It's going to be a 3-4 week I was given the option to take the MacBook Pro Retina which is a much better deal I believe.

    • +1

      3-4 weeks? I feel like I'm buying something from overseas lol
      care to elaborate on the macbook pro deal?

  • They asked if I'll except something of same value and i suggested MacBook Pro and they accepted

    • +1

      so did they give you a base model macbook pro (128GB) as a replacement?

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