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Stainless Steel Wine Pourer $0.90 Delivered @ Dan Murphy's


Seems like a nice price, especially considering it's delivered locally to your door. Apply coupon at checkout. Enjoy :)

Stop the drip on your wine bottles with Bar Station's stainless steel wine pourer. Simply insert the pourer into the bottle neck, remove the core and pour your wine.

Screenshot of my order here

Thanks to Spackbace for the original coupon post

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Why do I have a feeling this is going to get smashed and I will never see it? Thanks TA

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      Dont buy unless you need it - this is the kind of thing that will ruin Dans generous shipping codes for more genuine purchases…remember when they used to work on beer when you added a $2 bottle of wine?

      • Well said, your comment is not pointless. Too late though, already bought it. I will definitely think about this before buying next time

      • +1

        Very true … and 0.90 saved :-) …

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    just drink it straight out of the bottle like a real man

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      Or use a straw, if you like to be a little more classy.

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      Someone's doing alright!

    • Why do you need this to poor wine? Is it just for looks?

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    Buy this or just rotate the bottle when you stop pouring…

    • +14

      You just saved me 90c

  • +1

    Nice one.

  • shipping $7, $12, or $50

    • Did you apply the free shipping coupon?

      • yes & its $7, $12 or $50

        • Same thing here. I changed to click and collect since there is a DM's 100m from my house.

        • "Close to schools, transport, and Dan Murphy's". The perfect real estate sales pitch..

    • +4

      Choose 7$ and apply the coupon code.

      • Yes, that did work! Thanks!

      • thanks

    • Didn't see the above comment, nvm.

  • Only metro…

  • got one, thanks for the post.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks TA!

  • +1

    no limit…. broden got 199! and left one for me

  • Got 2 thanks TA. Hopefully works on whisky!

  • Worked for me - thanks!

  • +6

    don't forget cashreward :)

  • Ta TA!

  • Thanks I got 2 for $1.67

  • ordered one, website was super buggy and laggy

    • Same. Thought it was just my end.
      Almost gave up, but ordered the dimple and Cointreau as well.

  • Ordered two pourers and 6 bottles of red. Free delivery with the coupon. Thanks OP!

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • Ordered one, Thanks TA!

  • +2

    How can I fit this to my goon bag ?

  • I just bought 2 but didn't use the code!
    I can collect Thursday evening….didn't want to abuse the shipping code

    Thanks OP…I'm very happy with $1.80 for two.

    • It's not abuse - You are providing additional income to a 'poor' delivery man by taking from a 'rich' multi billion dollar corporation.
      Additionally the coupon isn't limited to the first XX so even in that sense you are not taking anything away from the avg Joe.

  • DMWEL0614 is not working??

  • If you're wondering how it works because it's hard to tell from the picture, it looks similar to this: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-Free-Shipping-Shot-Poure...

  • DMWEL0614 Not working

  • LOL - Just got my wine pourer. It came in a BOX the size of a 12bottle wine carton!!!!

    • Same, mine arrived but the thing is crap? Well in a whisky bottle anyway.

      The whisky bottle opening is pretty large, so on inserting it, putting the stopper in and turning the bottle upside down, whisky still trickles out from the sides

      Has anyone tested that this thing is 100% on wine bottles? If it works fine on wine bottles all is forgiven since it was advertised for wine :)

    • LOL - same as mine! I got 2 mobile phone calls from delivery driver saying "Wine is going to be delivered, you gonna be home?" And I was thinking to myself "What wine did I order?" and then bang, it came in a MASSIVE BOX and was hand delivered. I felt a little guilty. The packaging alone and freight would've cost $10+ easy…

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