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Panasonic Split Aircon 5KW $888 (after Panasonic $150 Cashback) + 20% Sale @ The Good Guys eBay


TGG has just stocked up the Higher KW Split Aircon to their ongoing ebay sale. Which has been strangely out of stock since the sale began.

Referring to my previous post of [Panasonic ongoing cash back offer] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/188742) along with 20% Orignal Coupon post Original C20EXTRA coupon post , Makes it a bargain.

Just purchased the 5KW as below with delivery.

Your order total$1,342.06
eBay Gifts or discounts total-$259.60
Total $1,082.46 AUD
-cashback $150

Real total -$ 932.46

Panasonic Cashback

[Cash rewards 2% Cashback] (http://www.cashrewards.com.au/ebay-australia) to bring it down to $ 870.

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  • Did they just raise the postage? Listing page show $44.06 but it's $77.9 when you click into the item page.

  • Yes, that's a good deal. Make sure you shop around on the install quote. I bought fujitsu in the last 20% ebay sale because i couldn't find the right size Pana units in stock.

  • Good deal

  • The 5kw units are always great because of the better eer. FYI Panasonic is supposed to have best vermin protection and reliability but is not super quiet.

    Fujitsu have advantages becuase of their more compact outdoor units.

    I bought 2 x 7kw panas last for living and lounge areas for $1240 each after cashback. They have been great but I'm a bit overpowered which is fine so 5kw units would have been more efficient. Though on extra days and when people are over opening doors etc the extra power is great.

    • With my big windows. I'm now thinking that i should have gone with 7Kw.

      Hmm Grass is always green on the other side.

    • "Fujitsu have advantages becuase of their more compact outdoor units."

      Yes and no. In 'cold' areas the small unit freezers up easily compared to 'larger' outside units that have a larger surface area.

      The reverse can also apply in extreme heat. If you have the outsize space, go a larger outside unit!

      Source - We own a compact Fujitsu unit, yes it freezes up often in winter. Yes we wished we knew this before we brought it!

    • Panasonic use to make really great units, and you're right they have the vermin protection/anti mold feature, I have two houses fitted with numerous Panasonic splits. However, I can't say great things about the latest models. Two of the units I just bought months ago are broken and is currently being serviced by them, the recent hailstorm also dinted all my new Panasonic A/C cases, wheareas the older models had NO dints whatsoever. Maybe they use cheaper metal in the newer units or the hail was stronger/came in at a different angle at my other house, or maybe they have been cost cutting due to greater competition. They were bought at two different Good Guy stores. Great prices, however if I could turn back time I would probably get Daikin, 10% more expensive but it will last you decades, not years. Use to be a Panasonic fanboi but now, not so much :(

  • Cool profile pic op!

  • I got this model four years ago for $1300 which was a good price then so $888 is very good. It's been a good AC. I find it pretty quiet, particularly the outside unit. Had to get another remote. Also the minimum setting for heating is 16 degrees (I'd like it to be lower).

  • Anyone know the approximate cost to install one of these?

    • Very variable - depends where you are (how competitive the install market is). Depends a lot on your property, how far they have to run the pipes. Count on at least $500-750, but could be more. You can save heaps using google and eBay, but it's dodgy.

    • ~$650 for back to back.

    • around $600-$700 usually.

    • I got a 5kw samsung summer before last from TGG. Used their installer (couldn't find anyone else interested). Cost $600ish and we put our own electrical in from the unit to the front box.

      • How much you guys think installation would be if you are replacing a A/C with this on in the same spot

        • Probably the same. Usually mounts need to be remounted due to different width of outdoor unit. New copper piping needs to be run, evacuated, leak/pressure test. You might save $100-200 on existing electrical provided the breaker is suitable etc and labour 2-3hrs for a ground unit one, if its on another story than add cherry picker rental.. its pretty easy money for a fridgey.

  • off topic - anyone know a good installer to use brisbane ?>

    plus what cost should be ? { as per member above asked… }

    • +1 vote

      3 years ago I had 2 panasonic units installed-
      1 x CSICUE18MKR
      1 x CS/CUE12MKR

      installation was $400 total for the 2 units. the installer supplied the units (I probably could have bought them cheaper but needed them then and there).

      For my AC installation I had a company called Cool-link Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Pty Ltd Phone 07 38831994 -located in Clontarf.

      As my house was built in the 1940s it meant that the wiring from the external/incoming power supply wasn't capable of handling the current draw so that also had to be replaced (as well upgrading the mains board - previous board was original) total for that was $750

      sparky was Jade from Tripped Out 3885 2352 -also located in Clontarf.

      Both the installer and sparky were very prompt and professional

    • Also remember the $250 energex peaksmart rebate for seq.

      • It's $100, $200 or $400 dependent on unit size:

        • We looked at that but didn't want our units to "brown out" in heatwaves. Also would like one day to install solar and power our a/c that way.

        • @prolo:
          It's not a brown out at all. It's a simple message to operate at reduced capacity. It doesn't turn it off. Just at lower levels with the lowest being fan only in the worst case. It only gets switched on a few times per year. You can also remove it at a later date but would need an electrician to do that.

        • @Shonky:
          Those days are the days you need it most.

        • @prolo:
          You're missing the point. If everyone runs their air conditioning on those days, the grid may not be able to keep up and then whole suburbs can go out and you have no electricity at all.

          It's staged reduced capacity mode too, not a simple off command.

        • @Shonky: as i said, "Also would like one day to install solar and power our a/c that way."

    • We used Coldpro (Shane). Excellent service. Seemed v professional. Approx $650 per unit but each unit needed double storey piping. Electrical included.

  • https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/profile/90503-cleveland-ai...

    The guys good on the southside. I think we paid $600 back to back and he gave me a good deal on a replacement of another back to back.

    But really $650 is good for back to back.

  • It's a very good price! Pity, I don't need one now though. However thumbs up for posting a great deal!

  • Thanks OP, just ordered to pick up at my local store. Now waiting on next deal for a small unit to put in my study!

  • Thanks OP bought 1. If only they had the smaller unit in stock too.

  • Out of stock at all shops near me :(

    • I ended up getting the fujitsu. Comes out more expensive but it was my first choice anyway. 20% off plus cashback too :)

  • Many thanks OP.
    It pays to check again for shops that have stock. Last night nobody had them in the ACT but this morning when I checked 2 shops did .

  • Thanks a lot OP. Grabbed one. Can anyone recommend an installer in Perth?

    • Purchased Monday, Delivered Tuesday, quote on Tuesday, installed Thursday, Panasonic rebate mailed off Thursday. $450 installation Perth south of the river, Very happy with the installation. total cost $1370 installed. Very happy. thanks again OP.

  • Are these the sort of things that you can fit in a hatch with the back seats down? (Hyundai i30 hatch). Not just the delivery saving, but even moreso the fact that I don't need to be home to accept delivery..!

    • The boxes are huge and there are two of them.

    • I picked up a 7kw in an i30 wagon. It was tight. Might go in a hatch.

    • Thanks for replies, doesn't shed too much light still. But just noticed they've put up the shipping price to $120..

    • I fit 2 x 3.5kw and 1 x 2.5kw in the back of my station wagon. Needed to use passenger seat but made it all fit eventually.

  • is there any 2kw on offer with $150 cashback ?

  • Thanks OP, just bought one. Was going to wait for a few months before buying but 20% deal + cash back + 2% rewards made it a no brainer!

    • Yeah, me too. I bought one for stage 2 on my man cave-workshop.
      Stage 1 (workshop)has been finished for ages so this should give me incentive to get stage 2 done sooner rather than later.
      Panasonic has the RRP as $2,213 on their website but it looks like these normally go for between $1250- $1500.
      The good thing is I can fit it myself and get the fridgey part done for a carton of piss.

  • This is 2.5 Star Energy Rating, this good, normal or poor for this current Gen A/C?

    • It's ok to good. Some MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ones are better, possibly some other brands have some now) Interesting that the smaller they are, the more efficient they are (more stars). So two little ones are more efficient than one big one. Of course you then have to size them correctly for the space you're dealing with.

      Look here for comparison tables


  • Anyone know a good cheap installer Sydney

  • On our claim form do we put $1298.00 as per GG receipt, or Paypal amount?

  • This model is rated 15th in Choices Medium sized air conditioners (out of 'more than 40').
    Does anyone have one? how would they rate it?

    Choice does not like its heating efficiency - It is pretty much one of the lowest rated for this.
    On the flip side, it is significantly quieter than most of the competitors.

    (Also, What is a rough install price in Melbourne?)

  • We used AIRsonic (Hensdrick) in Melbourne. Installed 2x Pana 3.5kw + 1x Pana 8kw with AIRsonic
    and extremely happy with the professional service and competitive pricing. Paid $500 for each
    back to back installation, including one installation on the second storey.

  • Picked one up about an hour ago - unfortunately no stock in stores around me (we must have cleared them out!) so had to pay $44 for delivery.

    For those that bought - I did a bit of research and general consensus it that you should be able to plug this model into a standard powerpoint - though to be safe you shouldn't have anything else on the circuit.

    Specs (http://www.panasonic.com/au/business/air-conditioners/econav...):

    General Indoor Unit CS-E18PKR
    Outdoor Unit CU-E18PKR
    Function Cooling + Heating
    PERFORMANCE Cooling Capacity Rated Conditions (kW) 5
    Cooling Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW) 0.90 ~ 6.00
    EER (w/w) 3.85
    Heating Capacity Rated Conditions (kW) 6.35
    Heating Capacity Range - Min ~ Max (kW) 0.90 ~ 8.00
    COP (w/w) 3.76
    Star Rating - Cool / Heat 2.5 / 2.5

    And some discussion here:

    If anyone knows better, would love to hear it!

  • Does anyone know the dimensions of the boxes?

    • I would love to know this also if someone could please help out.
      If nobody can help after a few days, i'll ring them and ask for the dimensions and post them up on here.
      Some workers are not very helpful or friendly in the delivery departments of other stores i've dealt with,not sure what TGGs are like though.

  • Phoned them today but they could not provide the packaging dimensions. The lady I spoke to was very nice and told me to add 10cms to the dimensions of the the units. She said the actual stock was in a different location to where she was. Can anybody who has received there's already please give us the exact measurements of the boxes?

    • Outside unit just fits into sports wagon boot, wall unit would fit on backseat in any car

      • Do you mean it only just fits into your sport wagon standing upright?
        Do you have a Hyundai or Holden Sport wagon?
        Do you think the indoor unit would fit in the back seat of a VY Commodore sedan?
        If it did, I could secure it with the seat belt as they weigh about 52kg.
        Does anyone who bought one of these own a tape measure? ——- :)

      • It fit into our Honda Jazz!

  • Outdoor unit = 1050mm x 890mm x 480mm
    Indoor unit = 1160mm x 360mm x 280mm

  • Has anyone who bought this via eBay claimed the cashback yet?

    http://promotion.panasonic.com.au/aircongifts/ refers to submission of "original tax invoice / purchase receipt showing a zero balance for verification purposes."

    Does the Paypal receipt count? Or do I have to wait for delivery of the unit (which is still 1-2 weeks away, as my local GG had to order more stock from Pana) in order to submit the 'official' receipt?

    • They had stock at the GG I selected for pick up and used the official receipt. I got emailed an electronic copy so they should be able to send you the same so you can get started on the cashback claim. I don't think the PayPal receipt will count.

    • I would say you need the original receipt. GG gave me the receipt when they delivered it.

      • Thanks guys. GG were able to e-mail me a digital receipt, but these units must have been ozbargained hard - new ETA on stock is end of July. In any case, I've started the claims process and will update when I get the Serial Number. Apparently once the claims process is started, I have until 21st August to complete. So hopefully no more delays…

  • Just wondering whether anyone else has had these installed yet? The outdoor unit of mine is quite loud and "buzzy". Wondering whether or not this is normal.
    (Other than that it is working well).