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ING Direct - $75 Referral Bonus for New Customers


Email from ING offering $75 referral bonus for you and a friend who opens a new Orange Everyday account:

They need to be a new Orange Everyday customer and register their details at ingdirect.com.au/refer using your Unique Friend Code below.

Open an Orange Everyday bank account and deposit their pay of $1,000 or more within a calendar month into their new Orange Everyday by 30 September 2015 9 October 2015.

First 4,000 customers only, so be quick! The email states that you can refer as many friends as you want.

  • Please add your code to the automated referral system by clicking edit below or going to My Account - Edit - Referrals.
  • To use a referral, just click one in the referral box below.
  • Do not add your friend code in the comments.

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  • +1

    If I already have an account on ING, How do I get a referral code to give to my partner to use?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question… xD

    • +1

      You'll get your referral code in an email entitled "<NAME>, want $75 for you and your friends?" if you've been selected to participate

      • Ah, thank you! I'll go digging now :D

        • If you don't find an email, it may still be processing - a friend of mine got his a couple of hours after I got mine. Also they don't necessarily select everyone, so if you don't get an email at all then better luck next time!

        • @ajdlinux: Yeah I can't seem to find it. Do I have to register my details on the link the OP posted?

        • @Stolniik: No - that's where the person being referred registers their details for the offer.

        • @ajdlinux: Figured. So being a current ING orange member, it really comes down to whether I have been selected or not?

        • +1

          @Stolniik: Pretty much unfortunately! That's how all this Big Data-based marketing stuff works these days… :(

      • +1

        and woolies happy too, as you are removing money from their tills

  • It says you may have a "possible tax liability" if you get the $75.

    I rang them up and asked what this means, the operator stated that it would have to be declared as income.

    Therefore after tax benefit can be $75 or as low as $38, probably $50 for most people here. Is it worth all the stuffing around?

    • +2

      It's still a moderate amount of money for relatively little effort, and they're a decent bank long-term too. There's enough people on this site who are students and so on who don't pay income tax for whom it's obviously more useful.

    • Well you'll worry about it next financial year anyway :)

  • Does $75 casd offer show up in the offers section of the account? the atm fee and 2%paypass ones show up.

  • +2

    I am trying to open a new ING Orange account using one of the referral codes from the wiki. It went through fine until the very last step, clicking "request SMS code", then an error message appeared : "Oops something went wrong, and we were unable to process your request". Anybody else has the same problem?

    • Yeah happening to me too unfortunately

    • I got that and was given a id and code to continue the application. I plugged that in on the home page ('continue application') and it worked fine. I think you can safely skip the phone sms requirement and just enter that later. Account opens up just fine without it.

      • +1

        Thank you for the hint, fryandlaurie. It worked for me as well without registering the SMS security.

        • They were having problems with the sms thing. IT worked for me a few hours ago.

  • I don't get any spam emails from there ever, I emailed them requesting a referral code, we will see how long would that take.

    • No dice, if you didn't get an email you don't get a referral code :( so disappointed

  • I signed up using code from wiki then realised that you can't have had an orange everyday account since 2013 and mine only got closed about a year ago ;_;

  • +1

    I think this time code can be used multiple time


    You can receive $75 each time a friend satisfies all the conditions set out above. So, for example, if 2 of your friends each satisfy all the conditions set out above by 30 September 2015, you the referrer can receive $150 into your Orange Everyday bank account. For privacy reasons, ING DIRECT will not tell the referrer which friend registered and/or met the applicable Eligibility Criteria.

  • +4

    After signing up on the previous ING deal I have to say these guys are fantastic. I had a strange allegiance to Commbank because I had been with them since I was a kid and after the 2% paywave cashback, no ATM fees and savings maximiser actually giving me decent interest I couldn't go back. I would have saved around 80 bucks on ATM fees already. They get that dollarmites thing stuck in your head I think. If you are in doubt just give it a go, their app is where you should base your banking from (the online area isn't amazing).

  • Does one get an email if their code has been used?

    • Apparently you get notified when you get paid, but I don't believe you're notified immediately upon use of your code.

  • I cannot add my code to the Wiki page for some reason?

  • Argh. I opened an Orange Everyday account a few days ago. :(

    • Could always ring them and see if they will let you put a code through? Can't hurt to ask..

  • Does anyone know if this account any good without the referral? I'd be using it as my main bank account (no home loan etc)

    • Without a referral it still seems to be the OZbargain bank of choice. See my previous post for my analysis of it's benefits. But throw a referral in there and you can have a top notch bank account with 75 bucks to kick you off.

    • Yep - open a linked Savings Maximiser account and get 3.50%pa interest, which is pretty excellent. The ATM rebates and 2% PayWave cashback are pretty good as well.

    • +1

      ING has been excellent. Referral gift or not, I would HIGHLY recommend them. Their mobile apps are fantastic, easy to use, I've spoken to customer service a couple times and they've been a pleasure to deal with, and of course adding these kickers below:

      • high interest rate on the Savings a/c (3.5%),
      • Fee-free ATMs (amazing not having to worry about finding the right ATM),
      • and 2% cashback on paywave cashback (persistently)

      (all subject to a $1000 deposit in preceding month)

      Its FANTASTIC value all around! It adds up. I saved around $45 last 2 months on cashbacks & ATM fees. Better than nothing.

      • the mobile app on iOS keep crashing when I transfer money between accounts.. :(

  • Ok….I'm confused. I'm already an ING Everyday customer and want to sign up somebody in particular, but where do I get the code to refer her so we both benefit ??

    • Hi Gmac, your personal code will be sent out via email from ING.

      Its targeted so likely not ALL customers would have got it (the previous ING deal for webjet voucher we got the email much later than others)

      Codes seem to be the same as previous ING deals so if you have one from before that could work

      • Thanks Scar4ace. Makes sense now.

  • Hi peeps, sorry I hope I didn't wreck the Wiki… I think I fixed it.. whoops

  • Is there anyway to confirm my code has been used / not used?
    downtoearth are you around? did you use one code?

    • What a handsome avatar you have. :)

      • +1

        Straight from my childhood… Missing reading his stories. :)
        Should I change it? Should you be the only one? :D

        • Of course not, I like to admire my own image! :)

  • Sorry, but how do I add to the Wiki? I even looked for a Wiki on Wikis.

    • The link is at the end of the post in orange

  • I get this error:

    Sorry we were unable to complete your request

    I'm sorry, we cannot process your request at this time.
    Please try again later or contact one of our Direct Associates on 133 464.

    Anyone else ?

    • Yeah, keep trying. I got that two times in a row, and then it worked the 3rd time.

  • Stupid "targeted offer", not even available to me upon request (I rang ING and requested to participate). Why is my referral to a friend less valuable or not even to be rewarded at all, versus the people to whom ING happen to have sent the offer? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Now, I HAVE been sent a "targeted" invitation to participate, after the customer service line had told me "no". Odd.

  • anyone got their $75 yet?

    • Probably would take a month of so based on previous campaigns

      • ah kool.

  • Guessing the WIKI gets cleaned-out every so often?
    Makes it hard to chase-up referrals that never coughed-up.

  • I'm not able to post in wiki. Has it been closed off?

    • Overseas users are unable to edit the wiki.

      • I'm not overseas, I'm in Victoria.

        • I've bypassed the restriction. You may be using a VPN. Start a Talk with a Mod post for further info.

        • @neil: Thanks Neil. Worked this time. I wonder if it's because I was using incognito mode at work.
          Thanks for that!

  • Isnt this a targeted offer?

    • I guess you didn't read the thread…

      • You shouldn't have to read the whole thread to know if it's targeted.

  • used The Guitar Hero referral code and registered successfully thanks

  • Got mine today :)

  • Got mine as well.. I love ING :)

  • I logged in to my ING earlier today to find a nice surprise: $75! I wasn't expecting it at all considering the referrer list was pretty long and my code was buried somewhere in the middle. So thanks a lot to whoever used mine. Could you identify yourself so that I can thank you personally?

  • Got mine yesterday! Ended up with 9 referrals - the money is perfectly timed as I've just started a new job and my payroll is being delayed due to paperwork issues, so this'll help tide me over for a bit longer!

    • +1

      …ended up with waaaay more referrals than I first thought - thanks OzBargain!

  • Got my 75$ new customer credit as well.

    Not sure which referrer code I used but it was via a private message. Looking forward to post my code next time an offer appears from ING.

    Great deal and I've moved all my money over as interest rate is better than UBank now. PayPass credits also mostly welcomed. :)

    • How long did you have to wait from the time you deposited the 1k to the receipt of the $75?

      • Been about a month I think. I use the service heavily now so not sure if they have some other hidden criteria as well.

  • Got my $75 from a random user on the referral page, hope they got theirs too.

    • Edited: replied to wrong person

  • Still waiting…….

  • I tried registering, it said an error occurred..
    Now if I try using another code, it says my email address and phone number has already been used? I can't register at all now.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  • Me and my friend got the $75 today thanks ING and OP

    • how long was it between your first $1000 deposited in the account and you receiving the $75 referral?

      • about a month i would say maybe a little earlier

  • Thanks OP, opened mrs account

  • I'm a new ING customer and got my $75 and so did my friend as he sent me the referal code…now I have other wanting to join but I never got a code to pass on. How do I get the code to pass on?

    • Generally you'll need to wait until the next round of referral offers comes around - in the past, they haven't given out referral codes to those who have just signed up

  • Is anyone else still waiting for the bonus?

    • It takes some time - allow at least a month.

    • Yep its been over 45 days now :(

  • Whoever jason29 is on the wiki referral page, they have entered the code in WRONG. Therefore, anyone that has used that code will not be getting paid the $75. I contacted ING direct and they said that 30 people have used that code. A little annoying but what can you do eh?

    • Ouch.

    • Mine works if anyone want to use mine. Cheers.

      • Hey can u check your private messages please, I need a new code.

  • WOW , I just got a call from ING and they told me that the code I used DRO577 is invalid and codes used from ozbargain were invalid and I wont be getting the $75..

  • How many people actually received their $75?

    • A family member signed up and I got mine.

      • hey disregard my PM btw, ING stepped it up for my.

        • Still haven't received mine. Going to have to follow up.

  • Update: I got another call from ING and they told me that they will honour the cash bonus for my account even if it was the incorrect code because I am actually using my account. Thats nice of ING. I hope there is better moderation with these offers next time so people don't put up wrong codes..

    • If they are not honouring the codes on the wiki, then perhaps it's best we remove them all and just put a link to PM the person?

      • -1

        I don't think they are actually checking every code on here but they will probably not honour it if you tell them that the code was from OZB. I had to tell them that I got mine from OZB because ING CS asked me the name of the person who gave me the code. I told CS that I did not have a code and when I was asked how I got it, I mentioned OZB.

      • Yeah that makes me nervous about putting my code up, I plan to use it with spouse and maybe friends so if they blacklist them it would be unfortunate. Pity it can't work with a round robin link like vinomofo referrals?

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