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ING Direct - $75 Referral Bonus for New Customers


Email from ING offering $75 referral bonus for you and a friend who opens a new Orange Everyday account:

They need to be a new Orange Everyday customer and register their details at using your Unique Friend Code below.

Open an Orange Everyday bank account and deposit their pay of $1,000 or more within a calendar month into their new Orange Everyday by 30 September 2015 9 October 2015.

First 4,000 customers only, so be quick! The email states that you can refer as many friends as you want.

  • Please add your code to the automated referral system by clicking edit below or going to My Account - Edit - Referrals.
  • To use a referral, just click one in the referral box below.
  • Do not add your friend code in the comments.

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  • +1

    first 4000 only

    • Thanks, forgot to put that in! Edited accordingly.

    • +11

      $1000 bank transfer in, $1075 bank transfer out. Close account. Carry on.

      • +1

        You only need to keep $1000 in there overnight, you can transfer it out the next day.

        Since the Orange Everyday account pays zero interest here's what I'd do:

        1. Transfer $1 in.
        2. Transfer $1000 in.
        3. Transfer $1000 out as soon as the funds are cleared.
        4. Wait a month.
        5. Transfer the bonus $75 out.

        I'd recommend keeping $1 in the account and repeating steps 2–4 to take advantage of the Coles Express ATM promotions.

      • +2

        The bigger picture:
        1. Users do "$1000 bank transfer in, $1075 bank transfer out. Close account. Carry on"
        2. ING do not get enough new customers
        3. ING think that they need to do more promotion
        4. ING run another promotion to give $$$ for referrals
        5. Go to step 1

    • +7

      $1000 a month also gets you
      - Free ATM cash access from any ATM in Australia
      - 3.5%p.a interest on your linked SM account

    • +16

      You don't have to change your salary account, you only need to transfer $1,000 from an external source. So you can transfer money in from your other bank and then transfer out a few days later.

      On the other hand, ING Direct is pretty good - the ATM fee rebates and the excellent interest rate on the Savings Maximiser account meant that while I joined for the $250 Webjet voucher, I've now decided to stay and use it as my primary bank.

      • Hi ajdlinux have opened the account using your code. Now when do I need to deposit the $1000 and when will they deposit the $75 ?

        • During a single calendar month, you have to deposit a minimum of $1,000 - this has to be done by 30 September, but the offer is limited to 4,000 customers and I'm not sure if it's better to do it quicker rather than later (someone with more experience of past ING offers can probably answer this). The T&Cs state that the $75 will be paid in the calendar month after you first deposit $1,000 - my experience with the last deal (Webjet) was that they processed it in the first 2-3 days of the next month. At this point you probably can't get your deposit processed before tomorrow (1 July), so if you transfer now, I'd expect to see the payment at the beginning of August.

  • +1

    I think you can receive multiple $75 payments depending on the number of 'friends' that use your referral code and meet the requirements.

    • +1

      Yep - the email says "If more friends meet the criteria - we'll text you when more $75 deposits are made!" - I've added this to the summary.

      • +1

        It does, but share the love pls :)

      • Sorry but what does this mean? Should I refer to 10 friends or not? Dont want to spread if I can get one $75 only.

        • +2

          You can refer as many friends as you want, you get $75 per person.

  • where does one find their referral code?

    • +1

      You'll get it in an email from ING - I just got mine a few minutes ago. I'm not sure whether this is a targetted promotion or not - if it's targetted you may not get it. But it is the same code as the last round of Webjet offers, so if you have a code from that, you can get a friend to try it and see if it works.

      • hmm i don't think i got the webjet offer :(

        probably won't be targeted for this either.. been with them for over a year now.. wonder what the criteria is

    • +1

      This is most likely a targeted offer. ING wiuld have sent you the ref. code in previous similar offers.

    • might be targeted, I got an email for it.

  • +1

    Wiki is locked again. Same cycle as always, haha. Is there another system rather than the ol' refreshing page?

    • I am also wondering what is the best possible way? Do I keep refreshing the page or keep hitting Show page/Edit this page.

      • Well. I just come back later; assuming that refreshing is what everyone else does.

        Is it now blank for everyone?

          • There isn't a better system atm.

          • It shouldn't be blank anymore but probably had something to do with everyone refreshing 100000000 times.

  • +3

    Attempting to post but you're much faster. Good job!

    • +1

      Started posting this within 2 minutes of getting the email :P

      • +1

        This is what it takes people. XD

  • People who have past experience of updating the ING Direct wiki page - what do we do about replacing all the links that link to the Webjet offer?

    • I've fixed some of it up but probably wait until it gets less busy to update the links. It's probably best to remove all links and just have codes.

      • Sounds like a plan, it doesn't take much effort to copy the code in… Should codes/links left over from the last offer be moved elsewhere perhaps?

        • Can someone confirm if the codes for this promotion are the same for the last?

        • @neil: My code for this promotion is the same as for the last promotion

        • @ajdlinux:

          In that case, the codes should stay. No point everyone adding it again and totally being unable to get a lock on that page.

  • +7

    As compared to ME Bank, I much much prefer to ING Direct. Instant cash back, fast online messages reply, ATM fee waives no matter where you are (I always benefit from this when I'm at local market or Asian market where they normally charge ATM fees), reasonable interest rate savings account. The only drawback is they don't have excellent online banking system (neither does ME) but I'm quite ok with that.

    • +3

      The ME Bank online banking system is awful - the ING one isn't quite the standard of CommBank, but it's waaay better than MEBank.

    • +2

      ING Direct is much better, my account was credited within 2 days after sending them a message. I have never received the bonus from Mebank and referred 4 people. The email I received from them on 25/06:

      Dear xxx,

      Thank you for your email regarding the refer a friend promotion for the EveryDay Transaction Account.
      Eligible customers will be notified by email upon opening the account. New account holders will need to see if you have received this email to confirm that you will be receiving $100 credit. Once the criteria is met, it will be verified by our Marketing Department and the funds will be credited within 30 days of the last valid transaction from each account holder.

      If you have any further queries or if we can be of further assistance please feel free to send us an email or call us on the number below.

      Kind regards,

  • Nice and quick OP :) Now the struggle to actually add my code to the wiki begins.

    Managed to add my referral code after 15 mins of trying. Good luck everyone. ING banking is definitely worth it!

  • Too many referrals on the wiki going unused, I guess a lot of ozbargainers already have their ING accounts.

  • +3

    Would be great if there was a Randomiser for the Wiki

    • I was thinking that someone should make a script that accepts people putting in codes, then for the user who wants to get a referral code, they are presented with only 1 random code at a time.
      I feel like there are a small minority of people who try to game the system, we have problems with constantly locked wiki pages, 'big names' get most of the referrals, and that there must be some skewed distribution where, being a long list, I guess people in the middle probably don't have much hope of having their codes used.

      Since Ozbargain has paid development staff, could they build a simple PHP script that accesses a database of referral codes?

      • +1

        If OzBargain itself can't host it, perhaps someone could write a script off-site and link to that? I'd be happy to do it, though I'm not sure if the mods would be happy about it.

  • How do you find your referal code if received no email?

    • Contact ING directly via email.

  • My wife and I have a joint savings maximiser account. I read the t&c but couldn't see anything that would exclude me. I have never had a Orange Everyday account.

    • Yeah I can't see anything in the T&Cs that would exclude you either

    • Just be aware that you can only get bonus interest on one SM in your name. That'd be the joint one as it was created first. You should still get the $75.

      • $75 four ways

  • I never get these emails anymore, must have referred too many people.

  • +1

    OP, I used your code but can't PM you. Just letting you know here than the code for ajdlinux has been used :)

  • +1

    Somebody is removing other's code by mistake or intent. I have added my code twice but not there. I do have the screenshot of the page with my code even.

    Edit: I think it is 'Scrooge McDuck' . He has gone again and increased the font for his line and deleted others it seems.

    Old revision shows my last edit -

    Mods ??

    • +1

      If you click "Old Revisions" then select your revision and the one after you by Scrooge McDuck then click "Show difference between selected revisions" at the bottom, it shows you that he/she removed your and levizx changes. It appears that they have copy then pasted the revision by felixco and made their changes.

    • All the entries should be fixed now. I've had to go by email notifications of changes however I think I caught all of them.

  • where can I retrieve the referral code?

  • So, to satisfy and meet the eligibility, I should deposit $1000 every month until 30 Sep and that's when I'll receive the $75 ?

    In other words, when are we expected to get the $75 ?

    • +1

      You only need to satisfy the requirement for 1 month, according to the terms and conditions - though if you do it every month, you get all the bonuses like improved interest rate on your Savings Maximiser, ATM rebate, etc.

      The payment will be made in the following month, according to the T&Cs - if they're as quick as when they did the Webjet offer, it'll probably be in the first couple of days of the next month.

  • +1

    referral page is locked - unable to add code

    • +1

      Currently locked by: Scope
      Lock expires at: 2015/06/29 18:07 (4 min)

  • +1

    Scrooge McDuck, you fail at HTML ;)

    • He failed misreably and now I cannot go back and put my code back in.

    • +1

      They might be fantastic at HTML, but terrible at wiki markup :)

  • Just wondering if 5% paywave offer is available from any of the banks at the moment?

    • +1

      ME Bank has a 5% for 6 months offer valid today only for people who don't already have ME Bank accounts

  • +1

    Scrooge Mcduck's link has gone haywire.

  • +1

    FFS, now my referral has been deleted. Ban hammer? Check.

    • No one removed it. Still there. See revisions

      • +3

        Mod , Can you please reinstate my referral. Please see old revision below.

        And now this 'Scrooge McDuck' has got a special box on his referral and locked page 4th time???? What is this going on?

        • There are a number of people making changes possibly unintentional or intentional which we are tracking and will fix when we can get a lock on the page.

        • @neil:

          I think users are receiving different pages into their caches which are then being used to update the page.

          If you open the last few revisions you can see that the tail seems to have forked such that the user after "nix1016" oscillates between "Pyrock" and "awesom-o".

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          Nix reverted the changes, which is a separate button.

  • +1

    Hmmm rather than us all adding to the wiki one by one, maybe add a google doc link for people to add theirs in. And then we just copy and paste that list onto the wiki? ie: Mod controls this and we reduce congestion on the wiki?

  • someone in the wiki wrote "$15 sweetner from me once we both get paid", is that allowed?

    • If the American Express wiki was cleaned up to remove unncessary information why is it allowed on this one?

      • It's not a matter of allowed or not, it's a matter of someone volunteering to do it (doesn't need to be a mod). Once the page becomes less active we'll look into cleaning it up.

    • I offered a full body oil massage. All's fair in love and war buddy.

      • +4

        I offered a full body oil massage.

        So did I, and I don't even have an ING account.

        • +1

          So did I,

          Targeted offer?

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          There's lots on offer in that targeted offer.

  • +3

    please delete the comment. Thanks.

  • Same people keep going back and locking the wiki :( haven't even had a chance to add mine D:

  • Would it be accepted if i closes my account and use my wife referral code ?

    • No, there's an exclusion period for anyone who had an OE account from 1 July 2013 onwards

  • Help. I fixed my link which was wrong, and now it's gone back to the wrong one again… :(

  • No referral for me. I've done pretty well out of previous deals though :)

  • I'm currently overseas and won't be back till next week. I'm keen to use one of the referral codes, however am unable to send a private message to fellow ozbargainers as I'm not allowed to start new conversations while overseas. Any ways to inform that person if I've used his/ her code?

    • Are you sure it's because you're overseas and not because the recipient hasn't turned on private messaging?

      I guess you could post their name as a comment here, or edit their wiki post, but there's no particularly good way to do it unfortunately. At least unlike the Webjet offer, it doesn't matter if someone's code is used more than once - they'll get $75 per referral - so it probably doesn't matter too much if they don't find out.

    • Try it again. Overseas users are not permitted to PM.

      • Thanks ajdlinux for the post and thanks neil for fixing it. Was able to send a pm now.

  • When trying to SMS:
    "Sorry we were unable to complete your request"

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