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Buffalo Wings $0.25ea on Wednesdays at Burrito Bar (Drink Purchase Required) (QLD)


The Burrito Bar has a Dine In special on Wednesdays where Wings are 25c EACH.

You can choose between BBQ or Chipotle Sauce.

Conditions are:

  • Dine In Only
  • Must purchase 1 drink per person.

Burrito Bars are located across a number of locations in Brisbane including; 19 Harries Rd Coorparoo, 11 Nash St Rosalie, 39 Hercules St Portside Wharf Hamilton, 167 Grey St Southbank, 3-22 Bunker Rd Victoria Point, Corner Browns Plains Rd and Fifth Avenue Marsden, 768 Stafford Rd Everton Park and 170 Leichhardt St Spring Hill.

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      No worries. Has been changed.

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    is there the one which says Burrito Restaurant in Adelaide is that the same chain and is there a same offer there ?

    • These stores are only in Brisbane.

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    I'll see you at Southbank, ordering 1 coke and 50 wings.
    Fire up the oven!

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    Confused as hell reading the word Southbank.

    But not Melbourne.

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      There is a Southbank in Brisbane as well as Melbourne. We specified that it is in Brisbane.

      • Duly noted. I was just not expecting Brisbane to be so hip to the Mexican trends yet.

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          Us Queenslanders are catching up :)

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          ;-) Jelly of your weather.

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          Dont worry, it's no good.

      • There is a Southbank in Brisbane as well as Melbourne.

        Actually the Brisbane location is "South Bank", a precinct in the suburb of South Brisbane. The Melbourne location Southbank is a suburb.

  • oh ok … we miss again as always

    • We might expand to Adelaide one day. We will be sure to let you know if we do :)

  • So can anyone comment on the quality of the wings? 25c is a mighty fine price!

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      Hi, I am a regular wednesday wing eater at the Hamilton location.
      Wings are segmented into 2 (ie [tip + middle section] and [drummette].)
      So if you consider "wing" to be all 3 sections you are really only getting half a wing for 25c.
      However they are quite large and for 25c how could you complain.
      You order in lots of 10, with BBQ or Chipotle coating. Can't mix and match; I don't know why.
      A mexican softdrink is $4, a Sol beer $6.
      So for a 6.50 - 8.50 lunch, it's pretty good.
      The freshness and spicyness varies but is usually presented fast and always edible.

      • Cheers man, I know what I'll be eating next wednesday!

      • Thanks for the clarification on what they define as a wing. Personally that sh!ts me when they cut the wing up. The wing shot be the entire lot.

  • cheers to that in advance

  • Not a new deal but a great deal. Great to go with mates. can get messy which is good.
    They have a great menu to back up the wings. I need to try chilli Tuesdays. maybe they will do a ribs deal one day.
    Keep up the good work Burrito BAR!

  • Regular at the Southbank location, pretty damn good for $2.50/10! Quesadillas aren't too bad either :D

    I think they have an all you can eat Chili special too, I don't dare try it during days I have class haha

  • Agreed, I have dinner at the Southbank store probably once a fortnight and its always pretty good, burritos are great too, also if you show a movie ticket from the Cineplex movie theatre next door you get something like 5% off your total, even better!

  • Might want to mention it's a minimum order of ten wings. To be honest we didn't really enough the ones in Spring Hill. Last Wednesday.

    • -1

      No maximum order?

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