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Target Big Toy Sale: PS4 Bundle $419, PS3 $219, Xbox One Bundle $499, Nintendo 3DS XL + 3 Games $179 [Online 17/7, Instore 22/7]

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Games please!

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    Ps4 + lbp3 + God of war remastered + the crew + 2 release credit and one month subscription for quikflix $419

    Xb1 + Minecraft + Assassin's Creed unity (Digital download) + EA Access 12 months subscription (Digital Download) $499

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    Any PS4 controllers on special?

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      Aye, that's all I'm hanging out for.

      • Found someone who had registered for the online catalogue early preview. They will be $73 each.

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          Hmmm, not cheap enough. Bummer. Thanks for the update!

        • Agreed and only slightly better on the XBoxOne Wireless Controller + Play 'n' Charge Kit Bundle for $69

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    Very good ps4 deal!

  • Wish they would do Witcher 3 for $69 (or less) again. Price has gone up everywhere.

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      its 72 at ozgameshop, free shipping too, if your interested

    • You could pay $200 (I did - I bought the CE) for this game and it would still represent better value than 90% of other games. 115 hours in and I haven't finished the main story. Have just been taking my time, soaking it in, doing side quests. Incredible stuff.

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    Tempted to get the PS4 for the God of War. Shame it is not the new 3DS.

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      Still nothing out that makes the PS4 a "must have".

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        Best platform for Arkham Knight.

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          Might be so, but thats not because of the "greatness" of the system.

      • Bloodborne.

  • Anys star wars Lego?

  • How much is Wii Fit U? (the image was cropped)

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      • That… is actually not too bad!

        In comparison, Wii Fit (the original one) is $15 with board at EB (second-hand). But if you were to add Wii Fit U (just the game) to the original one, the game itself would cost $37 at the cheapest.

        • Dirt cheap! Lowest I've seen is ~$50 new at EB. Think this will be online too?

        • I think I paid around $80 for it late last year…

          The kids love it… I might try it soon too… :)

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    Does anyone know if that is the older 3DS XL or the New one?

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      1. doesn't say the word "new"
      2. picture doesn't have the c-stick
      3. it's too cheap
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      Older one.

      The 'new' model has built-in amiibo support, c-stick (nub above the ABXY buttons) and support for 'new' 3DS games (there's only one released and that's Xenoblade Chronicles).

      Whereas the older model (this one advertised) has none of the above.

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        Although on the Target website the old one is 248 console only and the new one is console plus game for same price! If anyone can confirm that would be great.

        • Pretty sure it's the old one. It would have said new Nintendo otherwise. Even the photo is of the old model.

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    I want to get a 3DS but ive been told to get the new model with the little stick and the better 3D

    Is there a big difference in terms of features and price? Can anyone enlighten me ?

    Any deals on the "new" 3ds xl ?

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      there should be good bundles on the new one at the end of the year if you can wait, as I am

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      I would try it out and see if the 3D features are for you. I personally use mine without 3D - the batter lasts significantly lower too.

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      Hope you haven't bought one yet.

      Read my comment here:

  • Any chance of eb games or jb doing the same bundle price matched?

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      In my experience retailers (tried at JB, EB, Big W) don't price match console bundles, only items at their separate prices.

    • Unlike some others, I've had success price matching bundles with EB games. When the Wii U first released, Kmart was doing a really good bundle for the premium console + games and I took the catalogue screenshot to EB games and got it pricematched. I guess it just depends on your luck.

    • I've had EB match wii u console bundle price before, the bundle just has to be exactly the same (often they have subtle differences)

  • Feel like toy sale at big w was better than this. No Kmart toy sale this year?

    • kmart havent had a mid year toy sale for a few years

      • They were having toys sale a week or two ago. I remember buying some Lego for $20. I thought that was their toys sale.

        • I think they are referring to the massive toy sales target and bigw have with six month layby

  • Is that Xbox One bundle a deal? Seems a bit pricey compared to what the PS4 bundle gives.

    • nope. there have been bundles with more games for ~$400 (or even less) in the past

    • I was thinking the same

    • The Xbox One bundle is awesome. It has EA Access!!! (see my comment below)

  • Do we have to wait till Friday or is there a way to pre-order? The starwars ucs sets will sell out quick I'm thinkin.

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    That PS4 deal is nice.

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    For your information, the EA Access 12 month subscription provides unlimited access to:

    • Titanfall (inc Season Pass)
    • FIFA 15
    • Battlefield 4
    • Madden 15
    • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
    • NHL 15
    • UFC
    • Need for Speed Rivals
    • NBA Live 15
    • Peggle 2
    • FIFA 14
    • Madden 25
    • Dragon Age (to be added later this year)
    • Plus 10% off all EA digital purchases
    • 6 to 10 hour trials of other EA games (e.g. Dragon Age, Battlefield Hardline)
    • Early access to EA titles

    This is great value for a new Xbox One Console Bundle !!!

    • do you need xbox gold for it to work?

    • +3

      I forgot to mention that new titles are periodically added.

      EA Access is amazing value on the Xbox One console.

      • While it sounds great and all price wise its still EA. I really don't like EA anymore..

      • +1

        Have to laugh at the down vote. A company who wins Golden poo of the year award and you want to back them. This company envisages everything wrong with modern gaming.


  • hello, just wondering if there are any specials on minions toys and mega bloks? thank you

    • JB didn't for the bigw one

      • Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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          he accidentally a word

    • +3

      Minions Rock n' Roll Stuart - $65, save $14
      Mionions Sing and Dance Bob - $65, save $14
      Minions King Bob Deluxe Action Figure - $35, save $10
      Minions Dancing Minion Stuart - $45, save $14
      Minions Tumbling Minion Stuart - $65, save $14
      Despicable Me Blaster Minion Gadget - $25, save $7
      Despicable Me Minion Dave foam costume - $27, save $7
      Mega Bloks Build A Minion - $89, save $10

      Mega Bloks Fast Tracks Rescue Team - $40, save $10
      Mega Bloks Lil' Princess Crystal Castle - $40, save $10
      Mega Bloks 80 Piece Big Classic Eco Building Bag (also available in Pink) - $16, save $3
      Mega Bloks Build Block Wagon Classic - $20, save $9
      Mega Bloks Large Tub Town Farm - $47, save $12
      Mega Bloks Call Of Duty Care Package Troop Pack, Assorted - $12, save $7
      Mega Bloks Call Of Duty Shadow Invasion Vehicle Playset - $29, save $20
      Mega Bloks Call Of Duty Heavy Armour Playset - $50

      • +1

        Thanks for all the listing, much appreciated!!

  • Has anyone issues with viewing the catalogue i signed up but just says having problems loading it etc try again later tried many times still same

    • you using chrome?

      • Yea also chrome

  • How much could you sell the PS4 games for? And is anyone interested in them and the quickflix sub? I just want the PS4 itself.

    • I am thinking the same but The Crew was pretty much a flop and goes for around $30 on ebay, Little Big Planet 3 goes for around $10-$20 nowadays on ebay. God of War remastered is available for pre-order at JBHifi for $54.95 so I am going to guess you may get around $40.00 if you sell it quick.

      So say $30+$15+$40=$85 less ebay commission/paypal commission and Aus post screwing you over on possibly underestimating postage you are probably left with about $70 net.

      $419-$70= $349 for PS4 not bad… I'm not putting any value on Quickflix credit but you might get a few dollars back.

      Tempting though I probably might keep God of War for a while so might need to think closer to $400 if I bite for this deal…

      (I should probably admit I already have 2 x PS4s in the house but as I have 2 sons I often wish we had a 3rd PS4 to play Destiny online together. Hence likelihood is my wife will not go for this deal lol)

      • Hey Wuggle, thanks for the epic reply buddy! Wow just 70, yea it's not too bad for a 350 PS4 but with the 1tb nearby I think it's just good enough for me yet. I really want a PS4 for the Uncharted remaster, Uncharted 4 and No Man's Sky, cannot wait for them. Really the crew didn't work out? That sucks, I really enjoyed the Beta on my Xbox One, just never got around to getting the actual game.

        LOLOLOL Daam man, a 3rd PS4, I'm surprised you managed to get a second one past your wife! LOLOLOL 3rd will make you a legend!

        But go for it man, playing Destiny with your kids is gonna rock!

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    I will be waiting in line for ps4 on Friday morning. WILL NOT go through BigW trauma again…

    • It's online only from Friday. Instore from Wednesday 22nd

      • Is it free postage if you buy a PS4 online?

        • Free post on orders above $75 usually.

      • Hmpf. Then I will bring a sleeping bag.

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    Meh… Why is the game bundle seem to get worse forfor ps4

    • Worse? You need to look at the big picture, God of War III is a 'new' release, surely it'll worth a decent amount of return in trade-in or sale.

  • JB has bundles of the new 3DS… Yes it is more expensive but it is the newer model.


    • They also have the smaller model with Smash cover plates, Smash 3DS & an Amiibo.

    • +1

      Not much of a bargain though. The regular price of the New 3DS XL is about $249 anyway. Yeah JB chucks in Tetris, but that's not much of a sweetener.

      • Apparently, the worst version of Tetris ever released. :(

        JB should pay you to take it off their hands.

  • I still can't log in <sigh>

  • I can't log in - can anyone tell me the price for the Lego Tumbler? Thanks.

  • Any 3DS games?

  • Silly target just show the catalogue to us all than entering silly emails and it not working if your worried about stores matching your prices it happen anyway when its out so why mess around.

  • online catalogue is now working

  • Seems I'm not on the early sign up list.

  • +2

    good timing, need a car seat.

    • -4


    • Any idea if you can put a newborn in these? Are they any good?

      • Yes, the mothers choice jasper is rear facing for a new born.

        I haven't got experience with the mothers choice range, I have bought many car seats previously from target but they were all the safe-n-sound brand.

        • Ok, awesome thank you =)

        • @t0ast:

          I should have mentioned, I will also be buying the mothers choice jasper.

          Was waiting till the specials took affect in store as you can't use gift cards for online purchases.

        • @thydzik: Thanks for you help. I purchased one just now.

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