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USA Prepaid SIM Card Sale - Simple Mobile 2GB $29 (55% off RRP) @ TravelSimsDirect


Hey guys, have had quite a few requests for this deal again so here it is.
Please note: Simple Mobile is powered by T-Mobile.

Officially Sold Out @ 8:03pm 15/07/2015


On sale for $29! - RRP$65AUD ($40USD Plan + Approx. $10 SIM Card = $50USD or $65AUD approx.) Thats over 55% off RRP!

THIS CARD IS FOR ACTIVATIONS BEFORE OCTOBER 1st - ANYONE TRAVELLING AFTER THIS DATE PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE DEALS CLOSER TO YOUR TRAVEL DATE PLEASE A great card for major cities and popular tourist spots (reception is strongest in these areas) and an unbeatable price with extreme value!

Cart Features -
- Unlimited Local Calls To USA Landlines & Mobiles & SMS within USA
- Unlimited International SMS to Over 200 Countries – Inc. Aussie Mobiles
- First 2GB of Data at 4G Speeds, the 2G Speeds for Unlimited Data

Plus Enjoy These Features -

  • Nationwide Coverage Across The United States, Including Hawaii
  • No Extra Charges to Receive Calls or Text from Overseas

For more details on this card and Simple Mobile (including coverage maps), please visit:


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  • Hi rep,

    Just wanted to confirm no tethering on this one, I read the general T&Cs on their website and that seemed to rule tethering out.


  • FoxFi on android allows tethering with this. Currently in the us at the moment and using it without issue

  • Do you guys offer a pickup service. What is expected delivery time to Sydney, Metropolitan Area.

    Travelling to Hawaii tomorrow which is probably cutting it alittle too close but would benefit from this greatly.

  • Hi rep,

    Do you have any deals on Docomo Japan SIM?


    • Hi NalB,
      Not at the moment but PM us and we should be able to work something out :)

      • Hey Rep! Can you PM me please? New user and can't pm on the first day. Have a group of 4 going to USA - going in August. Looking for the best deal you got. Thanks!!

      • ^ Can you PM also? Only a group of 2 going for a month in August. Thanks in advance!

  • Have you got any deals on unlimited data plans at the moment? Thank you!

  • How long is it valid for after activation?

    • Valid for 30 Days after activation!

      • What happens after 30 days? I am going for 35 days.

        • so i went around USA for 5 months and its not as easy to get a good prepaid sim card.

          anyway i managed to get a sim from a tmobile shop because they had some deal online which was 100 minutes with unlimited data (think after 2GB it was closer speeds but you couldn't tell the difference) but no tethering sadly (which i'm pretty sure it was on the website but i didn't have the proof sadly).

          this was $30 USD per month and i can't remember how i paid for the top up if I used my 28 degrees (because after i managed to get a USA bank card, long story) so I must've used my 28 degrees I think.

          I've tried to look for a similar deal on Tmobile because the deal I had was pretty good, didn't use much of the calls really only for data but i found out half way through that it included incoming calls which i thought sucked because why would you include incoming calls as the 100 minutes! grrrr

          OH just also remembered but this was an online deal which I couldn't buy because you needed a bloody USA credit card or whatever (address?) but argued with the guy at the tmobile shop and basically had to get another sim deal, it was $2 a day or something and had to buy for $10 but then after 2 days I could change to this monthly $30 plan [[[http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-plans]]] looks like its $40 now :(

          (http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/sim-card) on this website you can see they talk about the daily plan which looks like increased to $2.50 a day but yeah you should be able to get this at the shop. so yeah get the sim at the shop and then change to the above plan after

          probably alot just for 35 days .. i'm planning to go for 2 months next year so yeah or else you can buy 2 sims from travelsims and then activate the 2nd sim after 30 days

          sorry the blabbing hope this helps

        • @prankster: Did you try Walmart? I've heard they sell a good T-mobile deal, never heard of travellers being unable to get it.

          (PS, offtopic but what do you do for all these months in the USA?!)

        • @nuchalis:

          i can't remember if i did but ok i'll try that for next year perhaps. going with a friend so i'll try to do what i did before and i'll get my friend to join at walmart if its that easy

          5 months travelling and enjoying life during when it was 0.94USD (now its a crappy rate wahhhh)
          East coast, miami - florida, NY, New england
          Canadian rockies, then San fran, drive to LA, Las vegas then driving to grand canyon, San Diego back to LA.
          Hawaii for a month then back to Colorado for a month snowboarding
          back before christmas day sad that a whole 5 months went so quick lol

  • Hi Rep,

    i am leaving on Friday and I am based in Melbourne. If I order now, will I get it on time? Alternatively, could i pick it up?

    • +1 vote

      If you order today it will be dispatched tomorrow, hence you should. For guarantee would recommend getting Express Postage through our site.

  • Hey rep,

    Any sale on Thailand/dtac? We have 3-5 people travelling in October looking to buy.

  • I was in the USA in May, wish i had have got on BEFORE i left…… :)
    Telstra option was expensive.

  • Used this when i was in Vegas - MAY 2015
    I ran into an issue when i was over here (But it was my fault - I advised the wrong dates with when to activate the sim)
    Seller was quick to respond via email/Contact us section on their website - http://www.travelsimsdirect.com/#!contact/ce84
    Product is great - no issues when i was in the states - From airport to inside multiple casinos

    Using a HTC m8 - only get HSPDA speeds - once again didnt look at the specs of my phone :S
    did eventually flick it over to a iPhone 6 - 4G/LTE ~10-15Mbps uploading ~8Mbps - so speed wont be an issue

    Make sure when purchasing the sim - on checkout - put in a date of your flight - that way you dont get stuck there with a sim not activating till a few days later
    other than that - great product no issues :)


    Just wondering if you'll be offering the $25 offer with t mobile which includes 1gb data and calls to Aussie land lines? Traveling in a few months so can wait for that offer otherwise will have to snap this up. Thanks

    Also only there for a very short time, can I activate for a few days in advance to be safe?

    • I always ask for activation the day before I land to be sure it's active and ready to go.

    • Probably wont have a deal on the 1GB T-Mobile for some time mate. Might be able to do the 5Gb card but not the 1GB plan. For a really cheap option this is the best one ATM.

  • Thanks OP! Bought 2.

  • Hi rep,

    Is there any data sim for Europe?


  • I jumped on this previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/199597, 5gb for USD45 for travel in the US in May. Received the SIMs on time. I had a query whether we could know the phone numbers associated with the SIMs (useful knowing beforehand to pass to family, friends, and for various bookings made). Tried contacting through the website twice but never received a response.

    Upon arrival the SIMs activated with no issues. Rarely had any issues with coverage (except for the drive on highway 1, to be expected!). Turned out to be an excellent service for a great price. Even the 2g speeds were completely sufficient for general browsing/maps use. I used an iPhone 6.

    • Hey mate, sorry about the emails. We are all usually very good with responding. Will filter through emails and figure out what went wrong. Sorry!

  • Hi rep,

    how long does it normally take to ship to metro Sydney? A bit unsure if I'll get the SIM on time since I leave at the end of July but I want to buy one of these.


  • Hey rep if we buy 2 sims, calls and SMS between them in the USA are all free and included?

  • Hey OP,

    If I'm going RTW for my Honeymoon in Sep/Oct (Singapore, Greece, Czech Rep, Germany, UK, Canary Islands (Spain), NYC) is Worldsim the best option? Or getting both Worldsim and USA?
    I'm really not going to be making many calls/sms, moreso using data a bit for maps/email and booking stuff.


    • Depends how long you will be in the USA I guess. If it's long enough then sure. WorldSIM is good for occasional calls and sms back home - but for lots of use or data it isn't great. Though there isn't too many good options for RTW trip really.

  • Does this work in Canada or are there any deals for Canada?

    • Doesn't work in Canada and at the moment we don't have any Canada sims. Sorry!

      • damn! just browsing through all the comments to find this answer out. travelling to usa/canada/mexico and there's no real good options that will cover all 3 by the looks :(

        might have to talk my boss into paying the $350 for 1.5gb on telstra roaming seeing as i'm 90% sure he'll want me to be somewhat contactable :/

  • Just adding my support for these guys - I just got back from Hawaii (we were very sad to be leaving!) where we used 8x SIMs from TravelSIMSDirect amongst family members. It all worked very smoothly and the convenience of having a phone ready to go as soon as you land was fantastic. I'll certainly be doing the same again next time we travel.

    • Great to hear. Did you go to west coast of Maui by any chance, how was reception (voice and data) there and generally around?

      • I recommend contacting Travel Sims and asking them what feedback they've had… they were great with communication before I made my purchase and I am sure they will be helpful for you as well.

        As for my experience… We were only on Oahu. Reception was good in larger urban centres, but not great in remote areas and parts of the North Shore. For example, near Haleiwa there were times where I had no reception or at best a weak signal, and almost unusable data. This didn't bother me though - I was only passing through.
        The hotel I stayed in had patchy wifi, so we used the included data most of the time. No issues with data speeds or signal within and around Honolulu.
        I'm not sure about Maui - my guess is that if you're not too remote, then you should be ok. If you are in doubt then it may be better to go with a SIM from one of the actual network providers, such as T-Mobile or AT&T.

  • Does this sim work with Iphone 6 Plus ? and T-Mobile I know there was banding issues on the 5 but on the 6 and 6 plus im not sure ? Also Nano sim ?

  • Just bought one for my wife who's off to Hawaii. Just want to confirm that the sim is sent to my PayPal address as I don't recall adding any details to your site.

  • This looks good for me as I'm heading there in a few months.
    Can anyone comment on phones? e.g. will my existing Aussie phone work find. Not sure if they use the same frequencies in the US.

    • you'd have to look up the frequencies on your phone (check gsmarena.com)

      and depends on which network you go with in the US, just check google

    • +1 vote

      High majority of Aussie phones work fine but it must be unlocked :)

  • Hi rep, I'll be in the US from 6th - 25th October, I'm assuming I can buy this deal and activate after 25th September to make this deal work for me? And as above, will Aussie phones work for this deal?

  • Can these be recharged in the US if I run out of data?

  • I saw this online, what's the current status?

    …T-Mobile's unusual network banding, which requires a 1700MHz-compatible phone to get the best speeds nationwide. T-Mobile is working on spreading iPhone-compatible 1900Mhz HSPA+, but that network is a work in progress. AirVoice uses AT&T's more globally compatible network and gives you unlimited calling and texting…

  • Hi TravelSIMSDirect - Can you please get the T-Mobile 5GB Card deal in the future? I dare say that with all the cheap USA airfares snapped up recently on OzBargain you might get a fair few sales! :)

  • Another quick question when does the deal expire ? I need to check if my wife had already bought some elsewhere

  • What's happened to SIMCORNER? We used to get some good deals from them.

  • Hi all, was just in the US not too long ago so thought I'd share. Used T-mobile when i was there…got 4G with my iphone 5 in some areas.

    Just another option for people, For those data hungry people…IF you don't need a sim immediately when you land (say you have already pre-organised transport to your accommodation or was just going to take a cab/uber) then it may be a good idea to look if you have access to a Walmart close by to buy this:


    Walmart exclusive plan, unlimited data (5GB at 4G speeds), 100minutes of calls, unlimited texts (including international). Activation online was easy (free wifi available at many places).

    I used this without a hitch for a 2 month stint, was able to tether without issues, calls wasn't an issue to me as I used Skype/whatsapp/FaceTime with family and friends, 100 minutes was more than enough for me if i needed to call to make reservations etc.

    Anyhow. Happy travelling OzB!

    • The $30 Unlimited Web & Text with 100 min talk plan works only with T-Mobile Phones purchased from a Walmart store or from Walmart.com.

      You used one of these in your AU phone? I wonder how would they know whether your phone was purchased from a Walmart store.

      • Yup…you can buy the sim and recharge from Walmart then activate it online. Used it with my iPhone that I got in Aus.

        • Sweet. I just topped up my T-mobile prepaid account the other day ($10) to keep the number alive for my trip in November, mostly for convenience. Looks like I can get away with $3/month + $10/week for 1GB/week data. Pity the $10 I just added will all be gone by the time I get there (min $3 monthly fee PAYG).

  • What is the internet reception like for T-Mobile outside of cities? I will be doing a road trip and will need coverage on highways and national parks. On my previous US road trip I used an AT&T sim card and it worked flawlessly.

    • Do yourself a favour and a little extra n get a AT&T sim. At least you will get good 3/4G speed instead of the crappy edge speeds that I got when I traveled around LA, NY, OC, and Portland. I ended up putting the T-mobile
      Sim in my sisters phone and buying a AT&T sim instead.

    • It does slow down in smaller areas e.g. outside of cities. We do have h2o sims, which use the AT&T network. So it's the same reception as AT&T but the plans are a little more generous and price is cheaper.

      • Any chance of a discount on the H20 sim? I got one of the Tmobile 5gig sim that I'll use my partner's phone but looking at second sim on AT&T

      • Edge signal was mostly inside the city. T-mobile is what Vodafone was about 3yrs ago.

  • Any sim cards if we going to India ?

  • Done and done! ordered 2 sims :D

  • I land in Los Angeles at 9am on 3rd August, should I put my arrival date a few days earlier to make sure it's working the second we land? I am only in the US for 10 days, so activating early is OK.

  • Hi Rep,

    I'm mostly in the US, a few days in Canada then back into the US.

    Can the sim still receive calls/SMS while in Canada?

  • Used one of these from a previous deal for a trip to Vegas and Skiing at Breckenridge and Vail in Colorado. Worked great, even out on the slopes. Only drama was that they must recycle numbers and I kept getting concerned texts from friends of the previous number holder that obviously now wasn't keeping in touch!

  • Can I please just clarify exactly how much data is included? Says 2GB at 4G speeds then unlimited at 2G speeds - so if I go over my 2GB limit I can still get data but just much slower so unlimited?

    • Hi, basically it is unlimited, with the first 2gb at 4g speeds and then unlimited 2g speed data.

    • i've had a pre paid sim in USA and had i think 1GB at 4G speeds then rest at 2G… basically they have pretty good coverage and unless you plan to be using youtube everyday then I think it will be already - I mainly used it for google maps for driving directions and checking out stuff on the browser when needed.. wasn't going crazy with the data with live streaming of videos etc

  • Do you charge extra for shipping?