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Olympus E-M10 with 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ Limited Edition Kit Green $649 @CameraPro


The price hasn't changed from few weeks ago, but this deal now has the new EZ lens, instead of the IIR version. The value of the lens itself is $385. Furthermore, this is a limited version camera that has hand crafted strap in premium leather.
The lens cap features an OM-D logo on its metallic front (not found on any other Olympus lens cap), and once again is colour-coordinated to the body covering.

The non-limited version is actually priced higher ($715), so I guess CameraPro forgot to adjust the currency exchange adjustment to this product.

Mind you, the version II is coming this year.

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  • What is MFT like to use compared to APS-C? I love my Canon 60D but it's a bit bulky as a carry around.

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      I have both a gh4, which is a bit bulky, and an omd em5. The olympus is my first choice for photos. Not only is it small and easy to carry, it takes brilliant photos. I put a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 on the front of it and it takes beautiful low light shots.
      If Olympus would make these record 4k videos like the gh4 then it would be bye bye to the gh4.

    • A new camera bag/backpack is another option.

      • Yeah but you don't always want to lug around a bag, especially if you're just doing street / touristy type photos and your kit is just body + lens.

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    You will take more photos because it is easy to bring along wherever you go.
    And the focus peeking is great.

  • The kit lens is pretty bad. The MFT is nice for sunny day but not very good for dim light

  • cheapo999 you seem knowledgeable. Whats' the difference between this MFT camera vs something like a Sony NEX-6 which also is a compact and has interchangeable lens? Which would be considered better?
    I'm a noob.

    Edit: It seems the Oly does not have manual zoom, which I would really like. Im probably gonna pass.

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      I think NEX is APS. Generally the bigger the sensor, the better the result.
      However Sony's lenses selection is limited, and relatively pricey.

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      There's not much difference in ability between the sensors.. The NEX sensor is slightly bigger (but not enough for most of us to notice the difference). Likewise, the MFT cameras and lenses are slightly smaller.

      The MFT system has been around for a bit longer and they have a larger number of lenses available, from Olympus, Panasonic/Leica, Sigma, and a few others.

      That said, you'll be able to take excellent pictures with either of the systems.

      • I think the word "slightly" is inaccurate. Notice the difference in size here:

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          Agreed, the difference between MFT and APS-C is very significant.

          These days the majority of mirrorless cameras are fitting in APS-C in any of their decent cameras. They are 66% bigger as Cheapo999's link illustrates. It makes a huge difference when you are shooting in less than ideal lighting, which will be often. Just as the difference between APS-C and full frame. Anyone that says a modern APS-C sensor can hold up to a modern full frame sensor is talking bollocks.

          Sony's A6000 is a far better option imo and its only $100-150 more. If you don't think a viewfinder is necessary, Samsung NX500 is ridiculous bang for buck.

          I'd recommend skipping out on the kit lens also, buy a fast prime lens, and you'll never look back.

          I have no brand loyalty to any mirrorless camera manufacturer, I shoot a Nikon D7100, it's a DSLR. Currently, I am helping a friend choose a camera, and he wants a mirrorless for size reasons. So I am researching it with the diligence I would apply if it were my choice to make.

      • Thanks for the details Stzaa83 and cheapo999. I think I would jump on this if it wasn't for the electric zoom.

        Do I need a something to make the other brand MFT lenses to fit/work on the Oly?

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          No, they all share the same mount. Please notice that some Pany lenses have stabilisation features, so dearer. Olly has the stabilisation on the camera body.

    • I tested the nex against my old panasonic g6 and the em5. As much as I liked the nex handling it's low light performance was poor. Although sensor size is important, the processing of the signal is another important factor. Particularly when doing videos at night the nex was not in the same class as the Panasonic and Olympus.
      Of course Sony is the new low light king now with is full frame beast - but that's not a compact camera.

    • Higher pixel count on the Sony's. Plus the bit bigger sense helps with DOF and general light gathering.

  • I really wanted the limited edition and had bought mine from DSE a few weeks ago for a similar price (after vouchers) as camerapro. I didn't buy from camerapro because for a long time it was listed with the II R lens; it was only until recently changed to the ez lens. So it's a better deal now ^^

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    How could you not go with orange instead of green? :D

    • I should. That's Ozbargain's color, how could I forget :-(

  • where do you get the information regarding the mark 2 is coming out late this year? the rumour is MAYBE m1 mark 2 is to be released this year.

      • so here's the question, buy now or wait for m2 to be announced to get clear out models?

        • the current price is already pretty low. and note his link is a rumor (one sentence rumor). the rest of the world dont think so.

        • @alwayseric: It is a FACT that EM10MarkII's certification has been applied to Indonesian Goverment Certification Agency. From past experience, not long after that the product will be launched.

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    Just remember, a great photographer can take great photos from a less than average camera. A crap photographer can't take great photos consistently even with a great camera. Unless you like going out and taking photos at midnight or at night clubs, this camera will be great… There are a lot worse and it is hard to go wrong with most Olympus lenses, but I would advise to get a pro lens or two as the lens quality is perhaps even more important than sensor size or many other camera body features.

    • I'd also add that I'd avoid mirrorless cameras if you are taking sports shots.

      • What is the reason?

        • Focus speed, + a bit of light gathering.

        • @Major Mess:

          Mirrorless doesn't suffer from less light gathering unless it has a smaller sensor. A crop sensor will perform the same on a DSLR or mirrorless, as will a full frame.

          $$ for $$, almost always, focus speed will not be as good as DSLR.