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CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger 12V 5A with Free Bumper Case - $98.95 Delivered @ Gadget City


Cheaper than repco by 5 cents, but comes with free bumper case and delivery.

I bought one from this online store a while back whilst Repco had it at $99 at their previous sale early June. Quick delivery.. got mine within 3 days.

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    why didn't you credit the original poster?


    Grab one, tks op!
    However I think back in march they were $91.95.


    I have a question.

    In regards to deep cycle batteries. If this charger is only rated at 110 amps can I still charge a battery that is 200 amps without damaging it?

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      You won't damage the charger… it will just take foreva!

      it is suggested to work with batteries upto 110Ah - and charging will take say 22 hours @5A. which is does not do 100% of the time so it will take longer!

      for a 200Ah battery… it will take twice as long.

      You would be better off with the 7A or 10A charger.


        Thanks for the advice! Sorry to be unclear, I meant can I damage the battery (not charger).

        And will the 7A/10A be "rated" to do higher amps (e.g.200Ah)?

        Thanks again.

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          No and Yes

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          Battery capacity in amp-hours is what you get when you multiply amps (current) by time. So a 5A charger going for 10 hours will put about 50 amp-hours (Ah) into a battery.

          Higher amps = shorter charging times but if you charge a smaller battery too quickly the battery can be damaged. If you want to charge, say, a motorcycle battery, you're better off with a low amp (eg 1.25A) charger. So if you buy a 10A charger it will do your 200 Ah battery more quickly, but it would probably damage a motorcycle battery unless it is designed to detect battery size and adjust charging current accordingly. If you need to do both you're better off either buying a slower charger, and putting up with long charge times for big batteries, or buying two chargers - one fast and one slow.

          The rule of thumb is that, ideally, a battery that's partly discharged (having up to 85% charge) should be charged with a current one-fifth of its capacity in Amp-hours. So a 200 Ah battery can be ideally and safely charged at up to 40A. The average 50Ah car battery is still fine to be charged at 10 amps.

          Above about 85% charge the charger should slow the rate down to about half, and once it gets near 100% it should go down to a trickle. A decent charger should do this automatically.


          @morini: wow, thanks for your time to write that out. Since I'm not usually in a hurry to charge the higher Ah batteries, this one should be suitable for me. Thanks again.


    Thanks OP. Did not know what this is until I watched a YouTube video. Bought one just in case.


    what purpose would you normally use this device? Say if car is driven 2 days a week would I need this? or would it be good to get this to just refresh car battery?


      Mine case is similar, I had a car sitting in the garage only get driven once or twice (max) a week.
      When the battery is no longer new (i.e. 2/3 yrs old onward) I always run into flat battery and couldn't start on a regular basis when I jump in. It is so annoying.
      With this device you can constantly leave it charging during the week (or at least for a few hours/days) plus the beauty of it is it comes with a kit that can be fitted (or left) inside the car for easy re-connection so you do not have to fiddle with the battery connectors everytime when you charge it, love the idea.


        Thanks for the info.

        So you don't have to disconnect anything just connect the charger and let it do its work? Then when the car is required just charge the battery a day or so before hand?


          No you should try and keep the battery always charged. Letting it discharge is bad for the battery. If you're not going to drive for an extended period of time then just hook this up which will give it a trickle charge.

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    Gadget city….
    MXS5.0 kit with the extras is best value.


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