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MSY - ASUS 15.6'' Laptop Now $296 | One Day Sale Only | Limit 1 Per Customer


Received Email from MSY, not sure how good is this laptop but the price looks good.

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    Same price at Dicksmith, JB, Officeworks, David Jones, everywhere lol.

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    • Hmm, Dicksmiths doesn't sell it. Officeworks also has a F553MA, but apparently with only a N3530 CPU rather than the marginally better N3540 that this one apparently comes with. Not a huge difference, but maybe the MSY offer is slightly ahead of the pack?

      In any case, personally I'd spend $70 more and get a Kogan Atlas X14FHD Laptop with 1080p screen. Some people don't like high resolutions though.

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        Bing Lee has it for $296 too

      • dick smith had it last week for $297

  • Specs in the deal would be nice.

    Looks very comparable to the Acer ES1 deals posted recently. Only with a bigger screen and 4gb ram. The Acer after cashback was closer to $200 though. This is good but should be priced under $250 to be a deal in my opinion.

    This version of Windows upgrades to Windows 10 Home if anyone was wondering.

  • Bought one of these from The Good Guys yesterday… Feels very light and unsubstantial, and DOESN'T come with a CD/DVD drive, but it seems to be a great little laptop so far.

  • Value for money wise, how would it compare to the recent 15 NUC https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/205076

    I did a comparison between the CPU but not sure what the difference will make

    I'm looking for a basic PC for a Yr 7 kid to do homework on and internet browsing. I already have a FHD monitor to connect to it.

    • You are looking at the wrong numbers.
      Look at performance, not frequency or number of cores:

      • Great thanks! Guess it's a you get what you pay for. Wondering if at $300, this is the best performance device around?

        • You can also do stuff like comparing two particular CPU models - http://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=2408&cmp[]=2478

          The i5 comes out way ahead…

  • Pentium Quad-Core? Is it sufficient performance wise?

    want one for test run of win 10 and backup pc. price is good.

  • Comes with BING!!!

  • Sold out I believe.

  • FYI, it's SATA2, got a 250MB/s on a 850 Pro!
    Only 1 slot for memory, so to upgrade need to replace the one -which is a pain to dismantle.

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