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Sidchrome 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet SCMT-50207 - $470.00 + Shipping / Pickup (Melbourne) @ Just Tools


Went and checked out the Stanley Trolley + Sockets:

Found that it was way too small and pretty cheap quality.
So went looking around for a good quality which will last awhile and found this one.

Feel free to pricematch it at Bunnings ($499 @ some Bunnings, check online before going instore) to get another 10% off which makes it $423.

United Tools has it for $475 and they are located in more states than just VIC, so if you want to price match you can do it off them too:

Sadly each of their store has their own website which can be accessed through their locate us page.

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    I still miss the Kinchrome toolchest sale that Supercheap had, Top and bottom for under $1000 :(

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      The Sidchrome top for this can be had for around $200-300 depending on which one you choose. Which makes the top + bottom for around $700-800.

      I tried the Kinchrome & Sidchrome ones at Bunnings, found the Sidchrome draw sliders were better and overall quality was better.

      Also if people are thinking of buying it and transporting it themselves, unless you are VERY buff then you may want to bring 2 people to move the trolley section. It is around 60KG.

      If you decide to buy the top section too, it is lighter (around 15-20kg) which can be carried by 1 person.

      Compared to the Stanley el-cheapo which is like 20KG for the entire top and bottom lol.

  • You definitely get what you pay for with this one but I still can't justify the cost for a few tools at home.

    It's a shame cheaper alternatives are junk.

    OzBargain, bring me this at half price.

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    Sidchrome is owned by Stanley these days. I don't think any Sidchrome stuff is made in Australia anymore, hence their reputation amongst mechanics has fallen and most have shifted to American brands.

    • Yea, Sidchrome is a subsidiary of Stanley.However their qualities differ.
      Its almost like buying a Nissan and saying it is the same quality as Infiniti. :)

      If you compare them side to side, you will see that they are still trying to keep the standard from the original companies.

      Most of the Sidchrome stuff isn't made in Australia, they are spread across Asia like China and Taiwan.

      I just couldn't get myself to spend more on American Brands sadly, as they usually cost an arm and a leg. lol. I don't use it enough to warrant the extra money. But would like something which can at least last years and years.

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      It also says $499 for me.

      • I had a look & it appears the prices are different depending where you live.
        Checked my local store, Glendale NSW - $449,


        Alexandria NSW - $449, Greenacre NSW $449
        But Dubbo NSW $499 - same for few Victorian stores.
        So depending where you live Bunnings might or might not be cheaper.
        Might want to edit your description to reflect that.

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    Still $499 at Bunnings, not $449

  • It looks the price at Just Tools dropped from $470 to $427.27 just now.
    Fright to Newcastle, NSW is $119.00 though.
    Pricematch @ Bunnings & it's $384.54!
    Ozbargain driving prices down?! LOL

    • Strange, the link i posted still says $470.

      • Did you refresh the page/clear browser's cache?
        I clicked on the link just now & get $427.27


        • Ahhh, I know what has happened. It actually hasn't changed to $427.
          For some odd reason your browser must be routed somewhere outside of Australia (maybe you have netflix vpn? lol) and the website detects that and removes GST.

          $470 inc gst which equals $427.27 ex gst

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