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Big W Photos 20x40" Canvas Prints - $59 (74% off) and More


I always love creating my own canvas with BigW photos. I will never buy them retail and BigW Photos always have good deals with large canvas prints.

20x40" Canvas Prints $59 (74% off) - submission online offer ends midnight AEST 19th Aug
Panoramic Canvas Prints 50% off - submission online offer ends midnight AEST 19th Aug
16x16" Canvas Prints 50% off - submission online offer ends midnight AEST 26th Aug
Glass & Metal Prints 50% off - submission online offer ends midnight AEST 26th Aug

*Free postage to BigW stores within 10 business days

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BIG W Photos
BIG W Photos

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  • I had a 20" x 40" canvas printed in the last deal and the quality was fantastic with the colour spot on. Great value, I might get another one, only problem is finding the right photograph.

    • i generally find a really nice high res wallpaper.

      • Where do u get the high res pics from ?

        • reddit earthporn, and other subreddits

        • You can google pics and go to 'advance settings' and then change the image size. Though, be careful: bigger the photo doesn't usually mean the quality is excellent.

        • Flickr is also an option, and if it concerns you there's the option to filter based on license terms. Occasionally we've been asked when printing something at KMart or Big W whether we have permission to reproduce the print. Never had anything rejected however.

        • thanx guys, so what size/resolution photo would be minimum for 20x40" print ?

        • @ra303: at least 10 megapixels

        • There are heaps of images on the WWW, but most of them are small and of low quality, definitely not suitable for poster/art sized prints. :(

          Ideally 300 pixels per inch, but 200 per inch from experience turns out fine. 20 by 40 inch at 300 dpi would be 72 MP!

          There are programs for the quality upsizing images (Photoshop's bicubic interpolation isn't good). PhotoZoom 5 using SSplines with a bit of noise and maximum sharpening works well for me, but you still need a decent sized image to start with. 1 Megapixel images are no good.

  • BigW Canvas Prints are great, but I reckon printing companies should offer 16x9 ratio prints, which should be one of the standard print sizes these days, considering the amount of 16x9 devices that can can take that size photo. That being said, anyone know where I can get my 16x9 (20 Megapixel) landscape photos printed on the same ratio canvas or other stock ? I'm looking for up to 1 meter wide landscape.

    • the 2x1 ratios (eg. 20x40") might be the closest you get at the moment. Photo aspects are still a bit weird I find. You should still be able to make a decent 2x1 ratio from a 16x9 ratio with a bit of cropping of the left and right sides.
      Seems the US has caught on, Redbubble and Fine Art both do 16x9 aspects. Maybe one day the AUS printers will do it, but depends on demand I guess

      • @DJR9000 Thanks for the info on the US printers that do 16x9 ratio (Probably too expensive to get done there + shipping). Yeah, think I'll have to stick with the 2x1 for the moment. I was actually wanting metal prints as I'd assume (but not sure) they'd be more "glossy" than canvas.


    Also 10 cent 6x4 prints this weekend. Think it starts tomorrow.

  • What are the metal and glass prints like?

  • This is cheaper than last. Mine was ok but the definition could have been better and I concluded maybe canvas detracts compared to paper? Colour was good. Upload pixels were slightly less than the megapixel of my original from a raw out of Lightfoot.

  • I recently bought a few canvas' from here

    I was printing pop art and I matched pantone colours via photoshop. Came out exceptionally well. Free delivery and took about a week.

    These places always have deals on so there's never any reason to spend more than their advertised sale prices.

    DO compare prices of both before committing. I have found other places to have better deals than woolies.

    • Thanks! I went to the site and the first thing that popped up was a 75% discount offer if you subscribed to theri newsletter. I guess there's a massive amount of margin in these canvas prints normally…!

      • I reckon so too because they are always 'on sale'.

        It always pays to have a good search in my opinion, especially if you plan on getting different sizes.

        You never need to rush it because guaranteed, the deals are always coming around.

    • Yeah I agree with this. I recently held a photography exhibition and spent almost $2000 on printing between the canvas factory, canvas champ and snapfish. I had no problems with any of them, and the canvas factory has had the same "Discounts" for at least 4 months now, I believe its just their normal price but made to look like its a recent limited discount.

    • The canvas factory is permanently on sale. They trade under several other names who offer the same discount. They come from China. Try Fabness who are based here in Oz. Their quality is well known. Subscribe to their newsletter and you receive 60% discounts and more each week. Just have to factor in delivery too. I believe from reading a past post recently that Big W scale down the size of your upload file. Not good on a large canvas.

  • Thanks OP! I've been wanting to get this printed for a while - https://flic.kr/p/oe5bk4

  • i can see the ad
    but i cant see the actual 20" X 40" photo option

    please help!

  • Are there any companies that do panoramics that are around 2m wide, as far as anyone knows?

  • When I upload a photo on their web upload thingy, the preview is all blurry even though i uploaded clicking on the high res button. Is this normal? Should I be worried about the print quality? The photo is from a 20mp DSLR.

  • Thanks. Great deal.