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28 Black Mixed Tray 28black Energy Drink/Sugarfree/Classic - $50/Case (24) Delivered @ Level Beverages


try all our three products in one case for an amazing price including shipping in Australia.

The normal price per case (24 cans per case) is $70 and you will get it for $50

Offer is valid until 31/08/2015

28 Black

28 BLACK uses all natural ingredients to tap into a healthier source of energy. Without any taurine, artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings, we take the precious ingredients from Brazilian Açaí berries to guarantee an exceptional taste experience. 28 BLACK gives you natural energy throughout the day to live the life you want.

Drink without the worry of chemical sweeteners as 28 BLACK Sugarfree contains the 100% natural sweetener, Stevia. With only 6 calories per can, it's a guilt free sensation.

This item contains 28 BLACK 250mL x 9 cans and 28 BLACK Sugarfree 250mL x 6 cans and 28 BLACK Classic 250 mL x 9 cans.

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  • These have been $1.50 a can at my local Coles for several weeks.

    24 x 1.50 = $36 a slab…

  • I'm no maths expert but last time I checked 8 cans + 6 cans + 8 cans is 22 cans, not 24.


      yes you are right, thats are actually 28 BLACK 250mL x 9 cans and 28 BLACK Sugarfree 250mL x 6 cans and 28 BLACK Classic 250 mL x 9 cans.
      i changed it

      • What is the difference between 28 BLACK 250ml and 28 BLACK Classic 250ml?


          28Black is with Acai and 28 Black Classic is the classic energy drink taste but healthier

      • You better change your web site, it doesn't mention 24 total at all , just 8 + 6 + 8 cans in the slab.

  • Is there something special about these energy drinks?
    If not, this is not a good deal. RedBull can often be had at this price ($8/4pk) and was not long ago down to $5/4pk. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/195057

    Mother and V are similarly priced.

    • Mother and V are even cheaper, my last stock up was about $6.5/4pk of 500ml cans of motber… This "deal" doesn't even come close to comparing, especially considering it's an unknown brand.

    • If you like the taste of Acai, these are much nicer drinks.

      Aside from that, nothing special, especially when they are $1.50/can at supermarket when on special.

  • i have these before, both normal and sugarfree, nice and fruity taste.

    i normally get them at woolies when they're frequently on special for either $1.50 or $1.99 each. no bargain here.

  • Can we get an actual special OP? Maybe 2 slabs for $75?

    Contact freighting companies and see if they can help you out with cheaper postage to make it a more possible figure. Until then this really isn't a "bargain", it's about on par with what you'd expect it to cost.

  • Currently $1.50 each at various retailers, try and price match at least with an ozbargain post…