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$479 Xbox One + 2 Games + Kinect @ Big W & Harvey Norman (Price Match)


$479 Xbox One + Kinect + Assassins Creed Black Flag + Assassins Creed Unity.

The BigW $430 Promo has now ended. The price is now $479 which is still great value. If your local BigW doesn't have stock, just go to Harvey Norman and get them to price match the deal, as they are selling the same bundle pack for $548.
Harvey Norman Deal.


Harvey Norman Price Match Guarantee.


With Windows 10 integration and Cortana on Xbox One only a few months away, having the Kinect included should be good too. Or if you are a big Skype user.


$40 per year for EA Access. (Exclusive to Xbox)


Lets you download, play and keep full games. The list is constantly growing, its currently sitting on:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Titanfall
  • Fifa 2015
  • Battlefield 4
  • Maddern 2015
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warefare
  • NHL 2015
  • UFC
  • Need for Speed Rivals
  • NBA Live 2015
  • Peggle 2
  • Fifa 2014
  • Maddern 25
12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership Discounts ~$40 Australian

Search through OZ Bargain to find the latest deals:

2 Free games every month with Xbox Live Gold.

Last month everyone got Assasins Creed: Black Flag for free. This month its Metal Gear Solid.

Xbox One games can be streamed to any computer running Windows 10.

So if someone wants to watch TV, you can plug your Xbox Controller into your PC and play your Xbox from there.

Xbox One is backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. (At present Microsoft has confirmed about 100 games work, and is aiming for around 300 - 400 titles)

This will work after a console update being released in the next 4 months,Or you can sign up to be an Xbox Insider for free and get access to Backwards Compatibility today.

Xbox One can be connected to Freeview TV in Australia using the TV Adaptor .

You can stream Freeview TV from your Xbox to any device running the Xbox Smartglass App too. Great for watching TV in bed on your laptop or tablet.

Xbox One has apps available for Netflix, PLEX, TenPlay, SBS On Demand, etc etc.

And if you use Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video, the app's are easily installed but changing the region of your Xbox to USA. Go to the App Store and install the apps. Change it back to Australia and the app's will remain installed.

Xbox One can be used as Miracast Receiver (Wireless Display)

You can stream what you see on your Laptop, Surface, Tablet, Phone onto your TV Screen. This will work after a console update being released in the next 4 months), or you can sign up to be an Xbox Insider for free and get access to Wireless Display app today. Your portable device needs to support
Miracast for this to work.

To be apart of the Xbox Insider Preview Program, the easiest place to get an invite is here:


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  • What's the cheapest Xbone+Kinect deal ever had? I thought the MS Store was $424 a month back.
    Figured they'd be clearning out these now they have that 1TB model…

    • BigW had the Xbox One + Kinect + Titanfall offer for $399 back in April. For the lucky few that managed to get it, it was a steal.

      This appears to be the next best offer that included Kinect.

      • Actually for the lucky few I think the cheapest was that 200 dollar fire sale where I believe they also had Kinect Xbox Ones with both AC bundle and the Titanfall bundle for 200. I could be wrong though. However that's more like a one off event rather than something with fibre.

        • Possibly.

          But you are spot on, its definitely not a common occurrence. This $479 offer from BigW is pretty much the cheapest offer going around to get an Xbox One + Kinect + 2 Games.

          And if you are low on money you can pay the $40 to have 12 months access to EA Access where you get to download, play and keep:

          • Dragon Age: Inquisition
          • Titanfall
          • Fifa 2015
          • Battlefield 4
          • Maddern 2015
          • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warefare
          • NHL 2015
          • UFC
          • Need for Speed Rivals
          • NBA Live 2015
          • Peggle 2
          • Fifa 2014
          • Maddern 25

          And new games are added all the time.

          Plus if you sign up to Xbox Live Gold you get 2 free games every month! Last month everyone got Assassins Creed Black Flag for free, this month its Metal Gear Solid.

        • Yep correctamondo, I was lucky enough to get two Titanfall Kinect bundles for $200 each. I sold one of them for $350 within 24hrs and effectively scored the other for $50.

        • @E5TOQUE:

          Don't the games go away if your membership expires?

        • @syousef:

          Yes they do if the membership expires. Just like on PlayStation.

          But really….
          * 12 month Xbox Live Gold codes can be had online ~$40, check out other OZBARGAIN Threads.
          * EA Access is $40 per year.
          * Its $80 PER YEAR ($6.70 per month). Its nothing!

          And with that you get Access to play online, 2 free games every month from Microsoft and EA Access library access with another 12 games and counting.

        • @E5TOQUE:

          It's a rental. Eventually that access won't be available. No such issue with the Xbox 360.

        • @Tasmaniac: How? Was that posted here?
          Nice deal, good work

        • @hamwhisperer: Yeah it was posted here about 2 months ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/198949 I'm not one to usually hoard at the expense of others either but I kind of just went into bargain meltdown at that price and grabbed two.

        • @Tasmaniac:I didn't vote you down, profit is profit.
          I don't want an Xbox One but at that price - worth it - good catch

  • I could have sworn i had seen a bundle with a choice between 2 different bundles for $443 on here this morning, but it seems to have dissapeared.

  • Ties in with this this weekend as well potentially? 10% off?

    • Very intertesting. So that would make the bundle $431.10!

      I might go and update the listing.

    • Can confirm this works for this bundle. Total should be $431.10.

      A couple of things I'd point out:

      1. Physical copy of the voucher not required. Staff just put in the code for me from my phone.
      2. Website stock locator is just plain wrong. Ignore it.
      3. Customer support is good but not all that accurate. Eg was told no assassins creed kinect bundles were left in Brisbane. Went into MacArthur store and sure enough they had one.

      As far as I know, as of Thursday night MacArthur store has 3 standalone Xboxs+ kinect for $469 and chermside has 1. Hope that helps someone. Best to call first to check though

  • Keep in mind you can't just get into the Xbox One Preview Program and get the backwards compatibility update; you need to be invited in by an existing member of the program. And then it takes a few days (anywhere from 3 days to a week) to actually receive the update after the initial invite. Here are the games currently supported], any other games listed anywhere else are just assumed they will be in there when the functionality is public at the end of the year…

    • 100% true, you do need to be invited. But there are threads all over the Internet and one currently on Whirlpool where you can easily get invited by other Aussies. Its a very easy process.

      The other games listed elsewhere are not 'assumed', people apart of the Insider Program are testing the games at present. I can vouch for this as there are games that are not listed by Micrsoft that work perfectly fine and are included on these unofficial lists. Microsoft themselves have said that the list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games will always be added onto and expanded.

      • I only point out thats its not as quick as 'get the update today' like you infer. Also i'm in the program and sadly the list you are linking to isn't accurate, when I saw Halo: Reach listed i immediately threw it in my console to see if it worked and it doesn't.

    • There is no Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. There is no emulation of 360 hardware.

      MS needs to perform a process on each and every game that changes the game code, to run natively on Xbox One.

      Keep that in mind.

      • Wrong. They are essentially running the Xbox 360 as a VM within the Xbox One. So it is indeed backwards compatible.


        • Uh no. Top end PC's struggle to emulate the 360 platform, let alone xbone.

          That's also why the current list is 20 games deep and not whole catalogue.

          Don't fool yourself. There is no back compat. Just select games ported to xbone.

        • @StickMan:

          Possibly, but you do not know how it works and your example is not valid as those developing emulators for the PC don't have access to the XBox 360 processor specifications. Microsoft knows exactly how the 360 operates.

        • @FabMan: Wait, what? Lol.

          I know the exact specs of x360. I also know how emulation works. There is no special trick. Either you emulate the CPU of 360, or you don't.

          Every 'back compat' title is a port.

        • @StickMan:

          You don't know what you are talking about.

          Microsoft have built an emulation of the XBox 360 software, its OS, which then the games run off. So, that is why emulation of the XBox 360 on the PC isn't great, they are not emulating the actual OS.

          You don't know the exact specifications of the XBox 360, there are factors of the hardware that is not known to the public inside the chips or the OS itself. Specifications are not just tri-core Xenon with ATi Xenos and 512 MB of RAM.

          You written much software at low level? No, I doubt it.

        • @FabMan:

          Cool. That's why the list of compatible titles is numbered in the thousands, right?

        • @StickMan:

          Excellent ranting without knowing anything by you.

          Since you wrote thousands, you mean 2,000+ games but less than 2,000 released for the XBox 360, in fact just under 1,200.

        • @FabMan: 'Thousands' is closer to 1200 than the current 20.

        • @StickMan:

          You also should know by now that each game requires developers approval for backwards compatibility.

          Reasons it is emulation:
          - Microsoft state it is that way, if ported, Microsoft would say they were ported as developers would quickly leak it wasn't.
          - Microsoft put a lot of work into emulating the OS and hardware, developers have very little work to do, so each game can be released as backwards compatible.
          - The games all keep you achievements, your old save games work, multi player still works, not possible with just a port. It would require the OS to be ported otherwise all aspects of the game would need to be recoded.
          - Only developers have access to developers code, as such, Microsoft cannot port developers have too, porting is not easy as the multitude or terrible ports show, take a look at Batman Arkham Knight.
          - Developers spending lots of time and lots of money porting games would be unappealing to them, if they were to port they would probably choose to enhance the game and sell it as remake version for actual money, rather than making nothing on it.
          - Delays are caused by developers making business decisions, each game needs to be tested to work, to make sure pirated copies do not work in place of legitimate discs.

          Reasons you are correct:
          - None, think about it.


        • @FabMan:
          (y) Ok buddy, you keep eating the (false) media hype cookie that MS are plating up.

          You contradicted yourself in your own points. So I'm pretty much done here.

        • @StickMan:

          So I put in effort to show where you were wrong and you run off, very immature. Also, there are no contradictions in my post.

          A sign of a mature adult is knowing when they are wrong, admitting it and moving on. You don't and I recommend you go into politics, you seem suited.

        • @FabMan: Sigh okay, here we go.

          • Oh, cos MS say it's that way, it's that way? You and MS should go into politics, you seem suited.
          • MS doing work or not is irrelevant to how it actually works in reality.
          • Achievements can be ported; game saves are files, can be ported; multiplayer is just based on servers, ported; please show me how this is NOT possible on a port?
          • Yah ports suck. What's your point though?
          • It's in MS's interests to port, not devs. Xbone is struggling, it needs 'back compat' to be appealing.
          • It's been how many months, and there's still only 20 or so 1st party games?

          Reasons why I'm correct:
          1. MS can't bend physics. If they want to emulate 360 games, they need to emulate the CPU, there is no other way around it. It's failed so far on PCs, fact. Xbone is weaker than mid-level rigs, fact.
          2. You see the RARE Game Collection? You see how they are all ports of individual games? You see the evaluation of frame-rates for the games, and how they differ from the original 360 games? That would only happen if it's a port (which it is).
          3. Most importantly, any and all proof points towards this all being PORTS. I haven't seen any proof from MS or you or anyone, that can even begin to support the idea that it's emulation.

        • @StickMan:

          You don't understand how the games run on the XBox 360, so must also not know how games work on Windows PC either.

          3 letters: API

          XBox 360 Games do not call hardware functionality, they call upon software libraries such as DirectX, a modified version of DirectX is on XBox 360 as well as Windows PCs. How do you think some old games work on modern PCs without patches with many revisions of Windows later and vastly different hardware? Seriously have you not thought of it before?

          There is some unique hardware functionality calls, such as the eDRAM but that is also repeated on the XBox One, possibly where work has to go on the emulator. So Microsoft emulate the OS, including the APIs.

          Biggest issue in your theory is this:

          Since Microsoft do not have access to the game code, only developers can 'port' the game. Porting games, as you admit, take a lot of work, porting the single player code, multiplayer code, the interactions with the OS. So in your mind, why would a developer do all that work, and not re-release it with higher resolution and mark it as a re-released? They wouldn't.

          The developers behind the Gears of War Ultimate Edition have stated how very hard it is to port the game, and that is why it is much more limited than they originally intended. Here is a developer talking about the difficulties and you think all of them will port their games for free?


          Also, why would a developer not tell people they ported the game, such as the indie developers of SuperMeatBoy? They have so much time to port a game to a new console for free and not tell people about it?

          As for your points:
          - Microsoft do say it, explain it, developers do not contradict them, only people like you have.
          - Microsoft would have to do some work for this to work, developers cannot do it without Microsoft, DRM for a start.
          - Achievements are linked to Microsoft OS, not to the game, discs do not store data, as such Microsoft would have to port that across in your mind, so they are doing work.
          - Ports suck because they are incredibly hard, that is the point of all of this, hundreds of companies would have to port without telling anyone for this to work, or Microsoft, who have access to the OS and APIs, who have decades of experience porting that stuff across. That is why so much old software that worked on Windows XP works on Windows 10, not all mind.
          - You are right it is in MS interest for this to work, not the developers, so again, why would they put in all the hard work?
          - Yes, not many games, possible reasons listed in previous post. Perhaps though, building a stable emulator isn't easy.
          - Bend physics? What are you talking about, games call APIs not hardware. I can't believe you rant so much about things you know so little about.
          - Haven't seen those games, I don't doubt there are ports out there, such as Tomb Raider and Gears of War.
          - You have no proof yourself, not one bit. It is embarrassing you mention proof and do not understand the word.

  • I'm looking for a console, mainly to play borderlands with friends. I don't have any interest in Kinect. Is there any reason I should get this deal with kinect over something like this one from ebgames?


    Halo MCC
    Borderlands 2 + TPS
    Assassin's Creed Unity

    Just don't know if I'm missing something by not getting a Kinect :\

    • You are not missing out on anything if you decide to skip out on Kinect. MS are slowing dropping support for it, not officially but the push is just not there anymore.

    • Microsoft don't appear to be pushing Kinect that hard anymore. It looks like a lot of their attention will be with Holo Lense going forward.

      In saying that, some games do take advantage of it. Like if you make sounds your enemies can hear you and so on.

      I think the biggest thing Kinect will be used for in the forseeable future is when Cortana arrives on Xbox One around the end of the year.

  • The Harvey Norman Entertainer Bundle was the best bundle.

    Xbox One 500gig
    Forza 5
    Forza Horizon 2
    Sunset Overdrive
    Halo MCC
    TV Tuner adaptor
    Media Remote
    3 months of Netflix

    $498, got it for $483 delivered as i got -$25 off from signing up on their newsletter.

    • Thats an awesome package. Does Harvey Norman still offer it somewhere? In Store only perhaps?

    • Some of the pre Christmas bundles from the MS store were pretty good as well, I got a 5 game bundle with 12 months gold for about $430 after cashback :).

  • I've included other OZ Bargain links to cheap Xbox Live Gold Membership. See the original post for the update.

    So for ~$80 per year

    • 1 Year XBOX Live Gold Membership
    • 1 Year EA Access Membership

    Which gives you Online Play, 2 Free games every month and EA Access which at present has 13 games in it and is constantly being added to by EA.

    Not bad at all.

  • Has anyone managed to get Harvey Norman to price match it?

  • I just missed the last one at my local BW store and the site now says not available in-store. May try HN later.

  • Got the last one at the Chullora NSW store. Seem to be sold out for all surrounding stores

  • Called a few local bigw stores last night and found one with 2 in stock so grabbed it first thing this morning with the 10% discount. Thanks OP

    Deciding on EA Access now. Seems like a good deal.

  • just got one at tuggeranong store. now need to find a place to get a cheap copy of Kinect sports rivals

  • Big thanks to OP - I got the Xbox + K with10% off - looks like I got one of the last ones in Sydney area. Just so you know if you live in Western Sydney the only place I could find that still had them was Rouse Hill, they had 5 in stock but that was at 9am.

  • None at Big W TTP

  • I can confirm a number of stores in Victoria still have plenty of stock around.

    Obviously if you miss out on the $430 price this weekend at BigW, come next week it is $479 at BigW and you can get Harvey Norman to price match the deal. Which is still great value regardless.

  • Thanks to OP - I grabbed one today from Karingal… $430 - I'm a happy camper.

  • And the $430 BigW deal is now over. Price is now $479 which is still great value. If you can't find stock at your local BigW, go to Harvey Norman and get them to price match!

  • That $479 is now $598. :|