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D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router & $0.75+ Item for $256.23 ($144 off) Click & Collect @ Dick Smith


Great price for this router it's $398 in JB, about $350 in Officeworks & $320 online with MWave. Add an item greater than $0.75 (and available for Click & Collect) to your cart then apply coupon WEEKEND45 at checkout.


Tri Band Wi-Fi AC3200 router, which means 1 2.4Ghz network and 2 5Ghz networks.

Currently deciding between this and Asus RT-AC3200 myself however that's about $350

Dick Smith $25 off $99- $299 Spend, $45 off $300- $499 Spend, $70 off $500- $999, $95 off $1000+

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    Add one dollar item and Apply coupon WEEKEND45. bring the price to 255 aud !. OP… Would you be able to add this to your post ? Cheers.


    I'm not sure why anyone would spend this kind of price. Unless you can flash ddwrt or openwrt I think it's a waste of money, most clients won't even support the WiFi speed (if that's your reason) so you would need one of those dorky USB dongles for each connecting computer

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      This router does support DD-WRT, it's just not about 1 client supporting the speed. It's the fact you can spilt out 2 5ghz channels and assign different devices eg laptops on 1 and nas on the other to maximise throughput.


    Guys …is this better than the tp link archer d9 . If yes , I am ready to pull the trigger. Help please.


      That's a dual band router, 1 2.4Ghz and 1 5Ghz, 890l has 5Ghz bands which you can assign to different devices to using 1 5ghz connection won't affect the other.

      From checking around the only issue seems to be D-link firmware can be dodgy and if you wanted to flash DD-WRT open firmware you lose beam forming function which will slow your speed a bit.


        Thanks willoz. Also just realised that this is a router only . I have a TP link 8960 modem router with a handful of devices on the network including TV and PlayStation for Netflix. Will this device add any benefits . Would this be great value at this price or am I still able to do equally well with routers around the 160-180 dollar mark like the TP link c9 . Thanks

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    I'd stay anyway from any of the D-link junk.

    Anyone who deals with installing and troubleshooting networking gear for customers will tell you that D link is consumer junk.

    My recent experience with the D link 850 at a site I was troubleshooting reaffirms that. The buggiest firmware I've ever seen in my life.


      Try Telstra custom firmware on the C6300BD "Gateway Max" Netgear modem.

      Doesn't even honour the DHCP reservations you set. Restoring settings causes it to drop packets every few minutes. People having trouble with custom settings stuck.

      There's a lot of garbage out there and very little that's nice and reliable.