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Meat - 10% off for New Customers @ Meat Society [Syd, Mel, Bris]


My friend passed this deal on to me and I tested it putting in my first order yesterday.
So excited to get my first order after being over their place for dinner! It seriously was restaurant quality meat.

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    No deal!
    1. You have to enter your postcode and email address to "sign up" before you can actually view the deals. I hate that.
    2. The RRP of the packs is a bit mental. WHOLE 6 STAR SCOTCH FILLET PACK (2.2-3.1kg) $105 VALUE $175. Really? You value the steak at $56/kg? But for us you'll sell it at $33/kg. Also, what is with the weight range? I'd be pissed if I got the lower end of that.
    3. Even at the discounted price the deals don't seem that good to be honest.

    Also, I am suspicious of you posting this. "My friend…so excited…seriously restaurant quality". What does restaurant quality even mean?

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    And how about the location in the title, please? I would rather not (and I haven't) go to the site to see where it applies.

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    10% off for New Customers

    Dammit, I already bought some New Customers yesterday…. :(

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    So it's a "club" you can order meat to eat from. Available only to Briz, Syd, Melb.

    "Restaurant quality meat at supermarket prices" - i.e. they're bloody expensive compared to say VicMarket in Melbourne (which is often 1/2 the price of supermarket meat & much better quality).

    Best beef steaks for your buck is Aldi's piece of eye fillet ($21/kg when available). You can then cut off whatever thickness you want (2-3cm is good). The steaks are small diameter, but wow are they good.
    The best steaks IMHO are the Costco $40/kg eye fillet cuts (which you can cut with not just your butter knife, but probably your fork).

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    The meats look pretty ordinary.

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    Hey, who is your friend? Did you just join (on 13th Aug) to give us this amazing deal? And do you think the oz bargain community is a fool?

    • +5 votes

      And you dig out the old deal that existed a month before you joined, and up vote it?


      Yes, they are marked as associated?

      • +2 votes

        Indeed they are marked as 'associated'. If so, why bother with the sockpuppet style listing? Why not say, hey, I work for/own this new company, and I'd like you to try our offering, instead of pretending to give an awesome review to himself?

        All integrity is lost.


          Hi there,

          Yes I did make this account recently. I haven't been on here for years. I marked myself as an "associate" as I am a friend of someone who works there. I've had dinner at their place and loved it.

          I don't work for them and they asked me to just spread the word and was happy to. Doesn't mean I work for them.

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    I smell something "fishy" instead of meat….!

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    rest in pepperonis spammer


    i saw these guys at the good food and wine show: http://www.friendsofmeat.com.au/ - any thoughts on these guys?


    just commenting so I can downvote! I think the reason for downvote is pretty obvious


    seems dodgy


    Urgh, annoys me no end when sites don't let you see prices without having to give them your details…

    Used a fake to check out the prices…. and definitely no deal.

    Wet ages steaks? sounds like the equivalent of Coles/Woolies budget priced meats.

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      I just use the dev mode in firefox / opera to delete the popups and crap. It's pretty handy for lots of sites that dump a login screen on top of the stuff that you want to see..

      And I choked at the prices.


    Traffic fishing….


    This deal is going down

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