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Mini 0805 Dash Cam USD $63.38 (~ $90 AUD) @ GearBest


I found this neat little Dash Cam including GPS at GearBest. I ordered one yesterday for fathers day @ $66.99 USD and today it's even cheaper!

May be dropping in price due to newer model (mini 0806) released a few months back.

Price includes delivery to Aus.

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  • Might grab a few of these…thanks for upload

  • Is this a good cam?

    Edit: Seems like it's rated quite well.

    • Best dash cam i've used so far. I bought 2, (one for each of our cars) and still going strong after 6 months. The super wide angle comes in handy and night time recording is great.

  • Good luck getting it by father's day. Last dash cam I bought off them took 2 months to arrive!

    • If it turns up, great. Otherwise I'll just wait. I get GoT pre-ordered for xmas and it turns up in Feb. It's the thought that counts ;-)

  • they releasing mini0807 & some newer models, the mini0806 been out for quite some time now……..

    so mini0805…..is about 2~3 generation old…

    last time when I ordered the mini0806, it arrived less than a month!

    • Wrong. Both Mini 0805 and 0806 came out around the same time late last year. They are both current generations, 0806 is supposedly higher model than 0805 with more features but 0805 is a more reliable model.
      I am waiting for 0807 to be announced (god knows when). It supposedly has a capacitor to power it instead of a battery, which is safer than both 0805 and 0806 (both use battery) under Australia hot summer sun.

      • didn't neg you, but mini0805 came out first, and then mini0806 later(even if it's a short 4~~6? months)!

        soon when the mini0807 & mini0901 are out, this mini0805 will be 2~3 generation old!

        and yes, the factory that releasing the mini0807 says there are big changes on both hardware & software……

        • @edfoo:

          a month apart? are you absolutely sure?
          I've been looking/researching at these mini080x dashcam for some time now….
          I remember the time I still deciding mini0803 or mini0805 (was monitoring the pricing)
          and then months later when the mini0806 out, I then added it to the list!
          also, the mini0807 is due very soon, they were schedule to release around July/Aug

          btw, "idiot and coward" is a bit too harsh, you sound more like personal attack now….

        • @davidl2: Yep, a month apart. Look at this table: https://dashcamtalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Mini-080X... 0803 came out on Mar 2014, 0805 Nov 2014 and 0806 Dec 2014. Are you doing your research properly? I have done my research in car dash cams since owning the original 0801.

          As for that "idiot and coward", I don't even know who that person is, so not sure if it is personal attack.

    • There is always newer models coming out, unless its coming out like in 2 weeks then what's the point?

  • Had one of these for 6 months now. It's great. Only had 1 glitch where it complained about the memory card format, so did a quick reformat and off it went again. Definitely buying another one…

  • Is anyone using dashcam to record the rear of the car? I wonder if there's a privacy issue recording driver's face.

  • The mini i bought was rubbish, i had it for less than 1 year, broken down twice, had to sent back to China for repair.
    The cost of return shipping twice + the price that i bought, could get a slightly better dashcam.

    If you want to get this model, at least get the one with capacitor.
    Battery with get damage easily with hot weather (summer) or overcharged.

    • The Capacitor ones do not work AT ALL when there's no power applied, so the problem with those is they'll capture nothing if you get bumped while away from the car.

      i.e. if you leave the car on the street you need a battery model for the G-sensor to work and catch the number plate of the prat who'll likely have driven off without leaving a note.

      I had two battery models, both broke due to heat as you say - but the solution is to NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.

      I now have two capacitor models, from gearbest, if you don't drive every day they still forget the date and time, and are hence next to useless. Your only hope is to pull the memory card out RIGHT AFTER A CRASH and before re-starting the car or your file will be overwritten.

      After blowing $200 now on four cameras, I'd advise anyone to buy a GOOD ONE from a reputable place (like NRMA) and keep the receipt for when the battery or capacitor goes bad. Be warned though, you leave them in the car, during the day, they WILL all fail.

      • You need a rear camera if you are trying to catch people bumping into you on the street, most people don't.

        G-Sensors often don't work at slow speeds

        Not leaving them in the car is a lot of work.

        I often don't drive my car on weekends, I have not yet had an issue with my capacitor version.

        Its probably easier to get a capacitor version and wire it into your car so it works while your car is off. You can make it cut off before the voltage gets too low as well.

      • That's true, capacitor will shut down when there's no power.
        you can get a hardwired powerbox which can give power to the dashcam even though the car is switch off.
        But at least i don't need to worry about repairs or battery overheat / overcharged issue.

        Capacitor normally has 2 weeks to hold the memory of the date & time, if yours had doesn't, which meant yours need to be sent for service.

        There's a pros & cons for battery & capacitor
        Either way we all need to make the decision ourself

        • Nope , both of mine are new, from gearbest, capacitor versions and after just TWO MONTHS (winter, and garaged) neither will remember the time /date longer than five days. I know this as I drive on average twice a week, when I only drove at weekend the unit had forgotten the date!

          Just sayin' "cheap" is crap, know what you're buying with dash cams as you seem to get what you pay for.

        • @DisasterArea:

          5 days is a long time to be not driving you car…. It also takes barely any time to charge a capacitor.

  • Great camera but don't count on the GPS working. Mine didn't and the replacement didn't. Not terribly important but I wouldn't buy again

  • Where do people prefer to place it, front or back?

    • +1 vote

      Front for single cam usually.

      But I'm seeing more of a trend of events occurring behind me, in my area so will consider another cam for the rear. My 0801 is doing it's job like the first day it was used.

  • thanks mate! have an 0803 in our family SUV but just grabbed one of these for our runaround corolla

  • Any idea on ? G1W - C 2.7 inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR 5.0MP Resolution 4X Digital Zoom Video Recorder 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens with Charger (Capacitor Battery) - BLACK

    http://www.gearbest.com/car-dvr/pp_67201.html $41.89

    • I have this one. Works perfectly.

    • I have the G1WH, G1WC and now the Mini0806.

      If you have a relatively wide car get the G1wh as it covers a wider area (135d diagonal)

      The mini0806 is definitely wider than the 2 above, can use 128GB microsd and can record at 2.5K resolution but cost 2x price :)

      I also heard the g1wh capacitor version is out, but I havent look for it.

  • I have ordered one on 13-Aug-2015. Paid AUD90.53 which includes $2.63 of Foreign Fee.