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Telstra 4G USB Modem + 3GB Data $19 @ Dick Smith + $7.95 Delivery


Came across this while browsing the Dick Smith website. Not sure whether stores have local stock as click and collect isn't available.

It includes 3GB of data to use in Australia (30 day expiry)


EDIT: Now available for $19 and Dick Smith again (delivery only) however Officeworks may price match

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  • Any data included ?

    • Includes 3GB of data to use in Australia with a 30 day expiry (according to DS website)

      • Nice ..Telstra being generous.

  • Pretty good price TBH, very handy if you need it.

  • I suspect it comes with a $30 starter pack.
    If so, $19 for $30starter pack + broadband device.
    Very nice in deed.
    Now to get the thing unlocked from telstra.

  • 2gb data in fact although advertised 3gb. But still a good deal if you can find stock

    • Advertised as 3gb…then 3 is what you get.

      • "It comes with 2GB of data to use in Australia (30 day expiry)." on officeworks page, under 'features' tab.

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          Just registered one. It can only be registered as a MBB sim and comes with 3GB but no google play credit. NB:- Mine came with a standard sized sim card so you may need to trim it if you want to use it in a mobile phone.

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          It comes with 2GB of data to use in Australia (30 day expiry)." on officeworks page, under 'features' tab.

          Dick Smith says 3gb…the dick is always right.

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          Other online shops selling the Telstra MF823 modem also state 3GB of data. Officeworks is wrong. The dick is right.

  • you can add more data to these right? as it is needed

    • Yep, you can recharge with these different prepaid data options

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    Hi Everybody,

    If you were wondering, the model of this 4G USB dongle is a: ZTE MF823. They come locked to Telstra; who want $80(!) to unlock them.

    Alternatively, you can get people on eBay to supply you an unlock code for $7.50 from here:


    Hope this helps!

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    Avoid if you own a mac. Even though it says mac compatible it doesn't work with macs.

    • ohhh, I wish I read your comment before I bought it :(

    • I have the 3G version and it works as both a USB modem OR a USB powered Wifi Access Point.
      With that model at worst case, even if there is a Mac driver issue with the modem plug it into a USB charger the wall and connect with Mac Wifi.

      I think this 4G model is modem only looking at the specs.

      • I didn't try plugging it into a charger, that may work. Plugging it into my mac laptops or desktops failed. The software didn't recognise the modem. I returned it and swapped it for a telstra pocket wifi which worked fine.

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    So 4G + 3GB = 7GB total? I think I need to get more sleep…

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      Nope. 4G is the speed. 3GB is the data amount :)

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    I want a 4G wifi modem for my surface pro 3, maybe with telstra or Optus (if I can unlock it). It only get one usb port.
    Any good deal?

  • What 4G bands does this support?

    • Tri Band 4G 900/1800/2600 MHz
      UMTS/HSPA+ Dual Band 3G 850/2100MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

  • Does anyone know if it would be supported by the Asus RT-AC68U router? The RT-AC68U supports many other Telstra USB modems such as "ZTE-MFxxx", however this one (MF823) doesn't seem to be on its list within the config…

  • Will this work with an Amaysim 10GB Data Pack from here after unlocked?


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