This was posted 6 years 5 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox One 500GB Console with 3 Games & 12 Months EA Games Vault $399.20 Delivered @ Target eBay


Bundle includes: Xbox One 500GB Console, wireless controller, Minecraft, Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag (digital download) and Assassin's Creed Unity (digital download)^, EA Access 12 month subscription including access to The Vault.

Good deal for an Xbox One with some good games and access to the Vault of EA games for a year.

Don't forget 2.5% cashback via Cashrewards which will bring it down to $389.22

Original CTREAT20 post thanks to RyanMK

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    not as good as the $229 deal the other day.

    • which I dont think was in Australia.. so, not applicable.

      • Can I pay and get it here in Australia?

        • +6

          The other one I believe was the Target deal here

          Which was basically a lot of positive votes for one confirmed purchase (the OP). So this deal is better considering you can actually get it ;)

        • @viggenn: Haha, thanks for clearing it up!

  • +1

    why are these so much cheaper than ps4 :|

    • +1

      I wish this was a PS4 bundle.

    • About the same price I thought…..

    • +1

      PS4 has a higher hardware configuration. Game resolution is 1080p and some games reaches 60fps. Most Xbox one games are 900p and 30 fps. There are not much difference when you watch it in 3 meters away by TV. However, xbox one controller has advantage experience in shooting and racing games.

      There were more than 20 million ps4 console sold internationally but Xbox one sales about half way behind. Not like PC, console will not upgrade higher video card hardware configuration until next generation, and only makes it smaller and bigger hard disk. The best way for Microsoft is reduce price and get more sales in shortrun.

  • -3

    I am getting the following error "We're currently having technical difficulties processing your code" IS the deal on now ?

    • +1


    • Deal starts officially tomorrow, today is the preview sale for some ebayers. Hopefully there will still be heaps of stock tomorrow :)

  • +1

    Just FYI the 500GB bundles don't come with the redesigned controller that the 1TB versions have.

    Just something to consider if that's important to you.

    • cool..didn't know there's new controller

      Pretty cheap bundle though ..just a shame I have played both AC games and have to find a buyer to sell

      • New controller really isnt a redesign. It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the bumbers have been slightly tweaked. New controller is apparently missing the IR receivers, so may not work as well with Kinect.

        • Why would someone neg that comment? It is not a redesign.

      • how did u find unity? ive been told its a shocker

    • +1

      I haven't tried the new controller but I really don't mind the original one. I recently brought a second one through the big w deal and it is fine. It's a definite improvement over the 360 controller. Storage wise, I have the 500gb model and have used about half on 5 games. The Xbox on a windows 10 device is a pretty cool feature too.

  • +1

    buy now for halo… or wait till October… hmmm

    • i clicked downvote and it wont let me change it :( I hate sensitive mouse

    • Master Chief Collection is fantastic, pity 343 is heavily focussing on guardians now

  • Just curious to know if 500GB will be sufficient, I tend to buy all of my games on disc, don't store/download media to the console, it's just purely for gaming. I only ever concurrently play 2-3 games at most, would I be correct in assuming that 1TB would be overkill?

    • +1

      Yeah I am fine with 500gb. Got Titanfall, Master Chief Collection, Black Flag and Game of Thrones Telltale all installed and still have 100gb remaining. 1TB is only good if you play like 5 games at once or get it dirt cheap.

      For $390 I can't see it getting any cheaper in the foreseeable future. Kinect was such a joke and unless you want to fork out $550+ for a special edition console, now is a good time to buy. With the depreciating AU dollar, I can't see Microsoft reducing the price much further.

      Some great titles coming out later this year on Xbox too. Halo Guardians, Forza and Battlefront! It's a good year to own an Xbone :)

      • +1

        You're a gentleman, thanks for the response, looks like I'll be (attempting to) grabbing one tomorrow. Only problem is there's still 72 days until Fallout 4 arrives…

        • Such a long wait but it will definitely be worth it! I'm sure they will have plenty of stock. Black Flag and Unity will keep you busy for the time being and Minecraft is always good fun!

  • Anyone think they'll have some sort of bundle from Microsoft themselves around Christmas like last year?

    • Most likely but probably at a higher price point. Microsoft has recently jacked up the prices of the Surface line up and its only a matter of time before it's other products increase in price to account for the lowering Australian dollar.

      This is probably the lowest you will find the xbone for the rest of the year. With huge releases coming up and the introduction of the 1TB console, prices will probably hover around the $500 price mark at Christmas.

  • What it means by access to EA vault for year? Meaning unlimited download of EA games for a year?

    • -1

      Yep all the latest and greatest EA games for a year and extra discounts on the store for dlc and for buying the game outright. Great way to trial all their games and play something new every month!

    • It's similar to Netflix, but with EA games instead. And you have to download the games, not stream it.

      • Once you donwloaded, is it available to your xbox forever?

  • I swear that amongst all of those stores I saw the Xbox One TV tuner available, for about $30, but I cannot find it now…did anyone else spot it?

    • Nope, as I was looking for this. $39 at JB.

  • Thanks for sharing, I've been searching for a deal like this for a few months. Just ordered one.

    • +2

      You are welcome! It's a fantastic console at a very reasonable price :)

    • +1

      As did I…looks like this one is getting OzB'd, 25 sold in 10 minutes!

  • I dont know if i should wait or jump on to this >.<!!!!!
    First world problem right here… LOL

    • This is the common Ozbargain dilemma haha hope it doesn't sell out before you decide!

      • With heavy heart i decided to wait >.<!!!

        All my consoles at home are crying out loud to be played…LOL

        Even the recent PS4 i bought is starting to collect dust..

        I hope i wont regret this… ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

        • Yeah I hope so too! The Xbone wouldn't be collecting dust, so many good games come with this console!

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          I have my fingers, eyes & toes crossed that No Man's Sky makes it to the XB1.

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          So far the ONLY reason why i would wanna have the Xbone is for Phantom Dust. Loved it on the original Xbox.

          Just like why i got the PS4, for Shenmue 3..

          I need self control.. LOL

        • @Sir Casm: Yeah that game looks awesome! If it's coming to PS4, has to be coming to Xbone eventually :)

        • @piggiepanda: shenmue 3 only going to ps4??

        • +1

          @Danstar: As far as i know yes. Its going to be exclusive to ps4.

          Will there be an Xbox/Wii U/Linux/Mac version for Shenmue 3?
          Currently we are planning development only for PC (Windows) and PS4. Other platforms have not been decided yet. If other platform versions were added as rewards, an announcement would be made on the update page.

  • 61 sold, 40 sold in one hour, more than 85% sold

    Better be quick!

  • Only 8 left guys, better get in quick if you want one!

  • is still available from target at same price - you get only 2 games but they are physical copies so easier to sell.

    • Sadly those games are download codes not physical. :(

      Bundle includes: Xbox One 500GB Console, wireless controller, Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag and Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One downloadable games*.

  • +1

    Listing came back 30 minutes ago with 3 more in stock, 1 left now for whoever is quick.

  • +3

    I think we got the last one. Phew.

    • That was lucky! Enjoy your new console when it arrives :)

  • wow thanks for that. I missed out this morning but caught one of the last 3 just then!
    my son has been waiting months for a bargain. he will be stoked.

    • Yeah it's a great console and a great deal! I know I was pretty stoked when I first got mine too :)

  • Managed to scoop one up first thing as the code went live, plus the Covert Forces controller and Forza Horizon 2. Got a Philips Sound bar very cheaply last week to pair up with it. Have saved a stack of cash now courtesy OZB!

    • I reckon they keep re-adding stock because there's one more available now (08:34PM).

      • Fingers crossed, this is the best deal on XB1 I have seen in ages. Don't want any Ozbargainers to miss out!

  • Spamming refresh until I fall asleep.

    Missed out earlier, such a great deal!

  • Got one few seconds ago :)

    • That was lucky, enjoy your new xbox :)

      • Seems like they had added 5 units since this morning so far, more will come I guess.

  • 5 mins ago got one, constant refreshing paid off…

    • Good to here, perseverance is key to getting a good deal :)

  • Grabbed one too - perhaps it should be unmarked as expired?

  • looks like more stock, i got one eta Tuesday 1st.

  • Not OOS at the moment.

  • Does anyone know if its possible to refund it? Can i refund it to the store or how does it work?

    • +1

      yes this is what they said on my receipt:
      If you’re unhappy with your product when it arrives, you can return or exchange it free of charge at your local Target store. Simply download and fill out a Returns Form and bring it along with your items. Alternatively, you can use an eParcel slip to post it back to us.

      • That's good to here, easy returns are the best!

      • Hi Darul, was wondering where did you find the receipt? I didnt get one. :(

        • Target sent me the receipt via email. But only after they processed it with a consignment ID etc.
          So I think I ordered it on Tuesday 5pm and got the receipt the next day at 6pm. So roughly 24 hours after.
          Hope that helps.

  • Only 1 available again

  • If you recently purchased this deal you can now get some free Battlefield DLC with your access membership

  • +2

    Just received mine.

    Here's the new link:

    Shows that 5 are available at this moment.

    • Thanks, great to see some more in stock!

      You received yours pretty quick, hope you are enjoying your new console :)

    • thanks.. just got myself one

  • Still waiting for mine. But out of interest just received confirmation that the $12 from cashrewards went through ok. So all looking good there too.

    • Good to here, hope it comes before the weekend! Lots of great games to play in the vault too :)

    • OMG!!! i was so rushed that i forgot to do it from cashrewards TT_TT

      • You could buy another one, get the cashback and return the other one to the store?

        Depends whether you reckon it's worth it for $10 :)

        • Too much effort. Also it'll burn my credit card.. XD

        • @piggiepanda: haha too true! Well it's still great buying with/without cash back :)

        • +2

          Received mine an hour ago. Was meant to arrive Sunday, so my son is going to receive a nice surprise when he gets home from school.
          Thanks again OP…really appreciate it. I would say barring the bigw sale which had hardly any stock anyway! this was probably the best xbox one deal this year!

        • @darul: you are welcome! Would be a great surprise :)

        • @darul: Barring the bigw sale, I thought the HN combo 2 months ago was the best (provided you could get the $50 Amex credit and $25 sign-up credit).

  • Still waiting for my order.

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