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Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen (Black or White) $409 Delivered @ Mobileciti


The best delivered prices in Australia, even with the 20% eBay discounts. 100% Australian stock with local warranty. Simply apply coupon MOTOXARSE at checkout. Will be dispatched within 2 business days. Can also collect immediately from the Parramatta store if you wish.

Please try and stick to the deal at hand in the comments, rather than request deals. Thank you.

Have a great day :)

Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen Black $409
Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen White $409

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  • +3

    whens the new G coming?

    • I am looking forward to the "ARSE-G" Coupon code for the new Moto G when it comes out.

      • Or TIGHT-G

    • It probably will not be a whole lot cheaper than this. The Moto-X is a thing a beauty - full-HD AMOLED display that makes anything else look anaemic.

  • How about a deal for Samsung note 4 plenty of people chasing for a good price since dicksmith is out of stock for eBay deal

    • +6

      Not sure why your comment is getting negged .. Considering that TA is getting a great amount of good deals , I believe it is natural to post a comment and maybe people can up-vote it to get the request highlighted compared to a PM…

      +1 for ur comment

      • Please try and stick to the deal at hand in the comments, rather than request deals. Thank you.

        • +3

          Fair enough … The only issue is forums at our OzB is not getting enough attention as the deals , so we are tending to break the rule :(

        • +1

          Fair enough. The LG phone is a better phone Would check the other deals before jumping on this.

        • @Damned: All things considered no LG phone is better than the 2nd gen Moto X.

          G2 - Too old
          G Flex - Gimmick
          G3 - Dodgy GPS, Display, Heat/Battery issues
          G Flex 2 - Gimmick, too late
          G4 - S808. Smaller battery than G3. Enough said.

          Source: have owned all of the above.

        • @jackary:

          G3 - gps works fine unless your in a bunker.
          Display is great, doesnt get hot, battery lasts well unless you play 3d games while traveling on a train at 80kph at 100% brightness.

          Only thing sucks is android lag issues, as all 5.x androids suck a bit. Come on google, fix your crap coding, 30 seconds to play a music file from the headphone button press, its a joke, not even a 386 is this slow.

        • @RalX:My third replacement G3 says differently. The first would get so hot it would frequently turn itself off, and eventually the display came apart from the midframe. The second not much better. Forget about using it in direct sunlight, in the car, at the beach. The third appears to have some sort of battery issues as it struggles to make it to lunch. A friend also has strange issues with his display being too sensitive. I should also clarify these issues were with 2 separate variants. Mine is the Aussie variant (D855K) while my friends is a grey imported Euro (D855).

          FWIW, none of my LG phones have had an entirely reliable, workable GPS. 60+ sec lock times if at all, completely inaccurate location pinpoints etc. Different devices, different navigation apps, and even different car mounts never solved the issue. Pretty much all of these issues are discussed at great length on XDA, in pretty much any LG device forum.

          Take this critique with a grain of salt if you like - I'm sure plenty of peoples' are fine. I use a G2 as a daily driver - for me it offers the best combination of features, specs, and epic battery life. I've relinquished an old Garmin to the car so I don't need to stress about GPS issues.

          Perhaps I've been spoiled by iPhones and Galaxy's, or perhaps we have a different opinion on what "fine" is from a $500+ phone.

  • +4

    +1 just for the reps coupon code

    • +12

      That's a coupon code we can all get behind

  • +2

    Hard to recommend this over the $350 LG G Flex 2. Better display, handling, camera, battery and microSD slot on the G Flext 2. The only edges this one has is the better OS support and local stock.

    • and its flat :)

      • Thought them curves warrant a premium these days :P

        • +5

          That's what he said.

    • +1

      Where did you see it for 350?

      • Kogan ebay 20% off sale, i bought one .. fingers crossed i get it in this century :)

        • I just got my shipping notification today. Hopefully it'll arrive by Monday :)

        • @willbaba: Hopefully it'll arrive and never need warranty support.

        • @norkle: it's actually arrived today!

    • yeah I am also confused between these two. I am thinking of giving my dad a present. Which one is better? and good looking? :p

      • +1

        I personally would go for the G Flex 2.

      • +1


        If he's a simple bastard, this moto-arse will serve him well.

        If he wants a much much better camera and display, and a design that will make him and his friends say wow, the G Flex 2.

        I think both farewell in El batry dept.

  • +3

    I don't understand, it's Aussie stock but the specs list no 700 band, which is apparently important according to the Galaxy Note 5 thread.

    • where's the thread? this model might never have had the 700mhz (B28) … it does work on most the other Australian 4g Bands so i'm interested to see how significant the exclusion is.

    • Sorry, no 700mhz band on this phone.

  • +2

    Why do so many coupon codes end in "arse"?

    • +10

      It's because tightarse has negotiated these great deals with the vendor, hence his name usually pops up in the coupon codes! Plus, they're more entertaining / funny that way.

      • +1

        Next one maybe BIGARSE.

        • arse-on for a fire sale!

        • ARSETARGET ? Maybe he can get us an even better deal on MGS :-)

        • +1

          MOTOXARSE would work for dirtbikes too.

        • ARSOLES……..maybe ;)

      • +2

        What about a Barge Ass

    • Waiting on Bulla special with coupon 'arsecream'

  • -3

    Mobileciti is pretty good. But, If you don't trust Mobileciti, you can go to jb hifi or HM for a price match.

    • +19

      Mobilecit is far easier to deal with IMO. Also, support the small businesses that's giving us the good price.

      • +3

        yep i agree, i purchase our work phones through them and never had an issue.

        • +3

          Can also weigh in on the Mobileciti positivity

  • +1

    seems like its only 16GB version….. without microSD card slot…. might not be such a good deal even Moto X (2nd gen) is still a very nice phone

  • This or Lg Flex 2??

    • +2

      Moto X:
      + Useful software features
      + Timely OS updates
      + Stock Android appearance

      LG G Flex 2:
      + Microsd
      + Camera
      - overheating issues

      All I can think of. Also Moto X is 5.2" vs 5.5" on Flex 2.

    • To add to raven2000, the LG G Flex 2 has a locked bootloader. So no custom ROMS etc if that's important to you. (I almost bought one until I learned of this!)

      • Can you provide a link to the overheating issues?

        I know that it's got a s810, but haven't heard that this has overheating issues, unlike the HTC one m9

        • Reckon it was fixed with the software update. It was a problem initially it seems.

  • +2

    16GB without a microsd slot is atrocious for a 2014 "flagship". Good to see they didn't make the same mistake this year.

    • +1

      I wish customers simply wouldn't buy flagship phones without expandable storage. It would make greedy companies change things quick smart.
      The only saving grace is the ability to use USB OTG. But this isn't convenient in all scenarios.

    • +1

      Why do you think it's atrocious?

      I'm fine with my 16gb Nexus 4, and same for my parents.

      Not attacking you for your info, I'm just curious.

      • +2

        You're right. But I'm never happy with 16gb personally. My Spotify alone takes up 5 gigs, not to mention other games that are usually more than 1 gigs.
        Also, pictures and videos take up a lot.
        And the usable storage in 16 GB phones is usually 10 and if you go near 9 the phones start slowing down.
        So, I at least go 32 gigs or have a sd card

        • Ah OK.

          I've 12gb of usable space. 2 gigs of music, maybe 3gigs for gaming if I have any installed, and the rest, 7gb, is for photos, videos and what not. That's heaps…

          I usually backup once every 2 months?

          Yeah I'm quite happy with 16 gigs. If they can lower the price and offer a 16gb option, I'm not complaining.

          That's just me.

        • @inose: Like I said in my other comment, offering 16GB is being very cheap, and will only save them $10 from offering 32GB. They do it so that people are forced to pay $100 extra for the upgrade (well those who need it anyway). Similar strategy to $1000+ ultrabooks with 4GB ram only.

      • It used to be if you couldn't store your entire music library on your phone it was low end. Even iPhone users avoid the small models.
        Android was initially only for the tech savvy. Now that it's mainstream a 16gb model is ok?
        It just seems petty. How much does it really cost to add an sd card reader? $5?

        • Maybe they're compromising… Physical design vs features.

          But yeah, ideally an SD card slot would be ideal. But many, including iPhone users, have never had to deal with one, so I'm thinking that many won't care.

          I personally don't care, as I've lived without one.

      • +1

        It will cost the manufacturer only ~$10 to increase it to 32GB, and will make a big difference to many people. Those who play games, or prefer to carry some music or videos with them, will definitely appreciate more storage.

        For a flagship to only have 16GB would mean many people would have to micromanage their storage:
        - keep a low amount of games installed
        - stream music, keep only a small amount on device
        - stream video? with massive data costs in australia?
        - keep photos in the cloud?


        The low storage has always been an issue with me on the Nexus line. Thankfully they increased it with the Nexus 6 to 64GB though. I love the Nexus's, but damn, it hurts not being able to use microsd cards when they cost $75 for 128GB of extra storage…

  • Does anyone else not like the design? The front is asymmetrical, with a bigger top bezel.

  • Deal is too late. You needed to put this deal on about a 1.5-2 months ago before new Moto X was announced. Lots of LTE bands (which means american version will work in aus except maybe the 700 bands) means that you can customise on motomaker and import which was the biggest thing about the moto x. If you think the phone is beautiful as is, wait til you see what you can do. New one also has microsd

    • Have you actually tried?

      Moto Maker wont ship to Australia nor will they accept parcel forwarder addresses. My mate tried to buy it using a parcel forwarder and his order was cancelled and they told him you can't use parcel forwarders.

  • +1

    what are the chances of some mobile deals this week tightarse? I missed the ones last week.. :(

  • Any chance of another deal on this phone? I've been waiting for months for the Moto G3 to be released but it doesn't seem to be happening any time soon and this phone would be ideal!

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