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5x Chobani Yogurt Pouches, Yogurt Tubs, Oats Pouches $5 @ Coles (Save $6.25)


Thanks to TRENT86 for his Coles 1/2 price post, but I reckon this deal is so good, it deserves a post of its own.

Starts Wed Sept 9. Enjoy :)

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    Are the pouches any good?
    Are they more like a drink?

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    Deserves a post of its own = Tightarse trying to maintain his high post count / status?

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      Perhaps it is Tightarse trying to maintain his firm buttocks by stocking up on cheap but healthy yoghurt?

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      Just a high enough post count to beat Trent like last month where he posted 57 deals to Trent's 55.

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      How many items are there in the catalogue? I would say at least 50. So I might as well submit a new post for each item - actually do it for Woolies as well.

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      So i did a similar type of post the other day for 50% off Red rock deli chips with the same caveats, TA immediately claims 'dupe' citing his own 1/2 price specials post, then the mods delete my post. I respect and thanks TA for his work on the forum, but there's a double standard going on here if this post is allowed to remain.

      • @georgedn

        The answer is in our guidelines:

        Duplicate exceptions
        The original deal is a list of multiple items and the item is not contained in the title of the original deal.

        Your post '1/2 price Red Rock Deli Chips @ Woolworths'

        Duplicate to 'Woolworths 2/9: Optus FIT $49.50, Red Rock $2.15'

        These guidelines were compiled after community feedback here. Feel free to bring up any points there if you so wish.

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          Wow, so potentially everything in the Coles catalogue except for the 5 or so items in the title can be reposted?

          That's… well, I'm speechless.

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          so potentially everything in the Coles catalogue except for the 5 or so items in the title can be reposted?


          Down, Down, Servers are down…..

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          Assuming that Coles and Woolworths each have 100 specials each week, and that the average OzBargain title can accommodate 5 specials, that's potentially 20 deals that could be posted from just two catalogues.

          That's 100 extra posts per month.

          Judge it for yourselves.


          @KaptnKaos: I'd say do it. Will be interesting to see a certain individual's reaction.


      +1 These tubs at a dollar each is a pretty regular occurrence.


    I have to say the tub looks good. I might have to pick me up 5 of these.

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    Random fact; the founder of Chobani has pledged $700m to start a charity aimed at helping refugees. Over 50% of his net worth.
    Also thank you TA for posting this separately, it's a particularly good deal imo. :)

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      Wow. 2 downvotes for mentioning someone giving money to refugees. That's rough even by OzB standards.

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        2 downvotes for mentioning someone giving money to refugees.

        Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are now members of OzBargain…

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    Hmm. Just buy one small greek yoghurt and add it to a litre of heated milk, left overnight in the oven with the pilot light on = 1 litre of yoghurt. When that runs out add the last of it to another litre of milk. Boom. unlimited yoghurt. When it starts to get too runny just buy another small yoghurt. Pretty much $1 a litre. No need to buy overpriced sugar filled small yoghurt packages. Fruit, Muesli & Yoghurt every morning made cheap and easy. As it stands, this deal is still an OzRipOff at that price compared to what you get making it yourself.

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      Just buy one small greek yoghurt

      You'll need to import that from Greece.
      All that I can find here is Greek Style yoghurt…

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      Actually this is true. We have not bought yoghurt for years. Just the milk to make it. Just wrap it in a jumper overnight is enough. A few times milk has been reduced to 5 cents a litre, so it is literally a litre of yoghurt for 5 cents. The most common reduced to clear price is 10cents a litre in my Coles. Still a good deal. 2 litres of yoghurt lasts about 4 days with 2 adults and a baby. Buying yoghurt seems strange


      I am really interested in this. When you say heated milk, is it on the stove, how long, and does the milk need to simmer first?

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        Firstly, didn't mean to negative JohnKG! For the yoghurt, I don't know how it works, but this is what we do. Boil the milk. Don't let it overflow. Then wait for it to cool to warm. Then add about 3 tbs of yoghurt per 2l of milk. Add it to the warm milk and return to the heat. The while heating, get a soup ladel and ladel up the milk. Pick it up tip it out continuously. Don't know if its necessary
        . Could probably just mix it. Don't boil this time . Just make it 'quit hot'. The wrap it and leave it overnight. Yes, heat on the stove always over medium heat otherwise it will burn.


          Sounds so simple! Cheers for the recipe. I'm going to try it this weekend :)


          That's interesting. I suppose there different recipes. I myself bring to milk to an almost-boil and then let it sit for a few hours and when it's warm i put in 3tbp of yoghurt and then just put it in the oven with the pilot light on - Reason being i've had runny yoghurt that did not set when i put the yoghurt in when it was too hot. But not to worry. i just added more yoghurt and set it again in the oven pilot light. I sometimes leave the oven on 60deg for 10 min bursts every few hours just to maintain the warm temperature in the oven but either way, it takes 12+ hours for it to become thick.

          i might try wrapped in a warm jumper method next as it will save energy i suppose.


          I always wanted to experiment a bit. My Mrs is from Mongolia and traditionally probably 50% of their diet is dairy. So they love their yoghurt. I always ask her if we really have to boil the milk and do we really have to continually ladel the milk up and down to mix the yoghurt through the milk? She gets angry and says of cause!! I even told her what you do, and she was not interested! haha! Anyway, good to know it works!
          I'd like to know how it works. One day I made some during the day and put it outside in the sun. It was way too hot in direct sunlight. So that night I left it inside and it didn't turn into yoghurt. I forgot to tip it out for another night and on the second morning it had turned to yoghurt.
          So if we bought the Coles shop yoghurt it would cost us about $600 a year. Make at home is $150 a year. Bargain.


      I remember my grandma used to make yogurt like that when I was a kid.

      Used to put it in the hot water heater cupboard.


      I'd like to give your approach a go and it seems rather straight forward. One question please, when you say "heated" would that be luke warm, warm, heated but still drinkable, heated and too hot to drink or boiled? Many thanks in advance …..


        I heat the milk to the moment right before it bubbles and boils and turn it off and let the heat dissipate until its just warm and add the yoghurt. methods differ i suppose.


      Ditto. Nowdays I just use UHT milk (so don't need to heat it up) and stick it near the heater. No work at all!


    Last thing I want to do is wear a suit and walk around in the CBD, sucking on that pouch like a toddler


    Not sure about the chobani hype. I've tasted quite a few different brands and this is pretty much standard.

    I'm enjoying Ski Honey flavoured yoghurt. That stuff tastes great.

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