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Whittaker's Chocolate Blocks 200g-250g (Coconut, Hazelnut, Caramel, Dark (3), White) $5 + Delivery ($0 Prime/$59+) @ AmazonAU

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Similar to last month which was matching Coles, this time Big W, however White and Caramel are included this time, but no Hokey Pokey or Oat Milk at the moment. Others may become available later.

Seem to be price matching Big W this time, if you prefer to get it from there, more varieties available as well.

Whittaker's Coconut Block - Finest Milk Chocolate 250g- 33% Cocoa (Extra 5% off with $40+ Spend)
Whittaker's 33% Cocoa Hazelnut Chocolate Block, 200g Minimum 3 (BACKORDER)
Whittaker's Creamy Caramel Block - Finest Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling, 250g- 33% Cocoa (Extra 5% off with $40+ Spend) SOLD OUT
Whittaker's Dark Salted Caramel Block - Finest Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel Filling, 250g- 62% Cocoa (Extra 5% off with $40+ Spend)
Whittaker's White Chocolate- Finest White Chocolate 250g- 28% Cocoa
Whittaker 62% Cocoa Dark Almond Chocolate Block, 200g Minimum 3 (In the Salted Caramel Listing) SOLD OUT
Whittaker's Dark Ghana Block - Finest Dark Chocolate 250g - 72% Cocoa - Now dropped to $5 SOLD OUT
Whittaker's Creamy Milk Block - Finest Milk Chocolate 250g - 33% Cocoa
(8 Varieties total)

Edit: Stack with $10 off Pickup Orders (Products Sold by Amazon AU, Min Spend $25) @ Amazon AU if you are eligible.

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  • +1

    Recently tried caramel one, it was very good. Previously, loved coconut and peanut ones a lot.

    • Coconut used to so good back in 2018-19 gooey and tasty . Now it feel like saw dust with chocolate.

      I will try the caramel one :)

      • +2

        Coconut feels good if you put it in the fridge. Recently, we started to like peanut and caramel more. Caramel is a bit sweeter but is definitely gooey lol

        I put peanut butter on these, Bega one that comes in a squeeze bottle, it brings that saltish and sweetness together.

        • +2

          Wow next level will try that !

          • +3

            @life is suffering: LOL please don't go too far, after watching the Netflix documentary on Microbiome, how to hack your healthy gut, I feel like I should stop buying this stuff. My kids might grow up with an unhealthy microbiome, that's not good.

            • +4


              after watching the Netflix documentary on…

              Don't believe everything you see on TV. I know a couple of people personally that go onto that bandwagon claiming all sorts of miracles, but months later they're still the same fat lazy people they always were.

              Gut health is important, but you can easily achieve that with a common sense approach of a healthy diet and regular exercise. No magic gimmicks required.

      • Now it feel like saw dust with chocolate.

        This could be the due to the ambient temperature as coconut oil has a melting point close to room temperature. I use it for cooking and sometime the jar is rock solid, other times it is liquid.

        • I don’t if it my taste buds then everytime I had it it’s been disappointing:(

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    Coconut is the absolute best

    • +4

      Come over here and say that. I'll knock you into next week with my hazelnut block

      • +1

        If you were so passionate you'd be the one travelling? You're the real nut here mate! Hahah

    • +1

      Bought based off ur comment, I usually don’t like coconut choc but gave it a go. Finished the block in 2 days and now hunting down more!! 🤤 So so so good!!

      • Glad to hear it! Whittakers beats cadbury hands down in my opinion, the other flavors are good too

  • +2

    I'm a white chocolate appreciator, this one is right up there. Can't get it in my local super markets though.

    • Which brand is your fave? I've tried Lindt and Cadbury and yet to try others

    • -2

      Each to their own, but can we please stop calling it chocolate, just because the label says so? It's not even required to have cocoa solids.

      • +1

        Whittaker's White Chocolate does have 28% cocoa FYI.

        • As I said, don't believe everything you read - it has 28% cocoa butter and 0% cocoa solids. It's not chocolate.

          • +2

            @elektron: Ah I understand now, thanks.

          • +2

            @elektron: I agree with your point but am a white fan too. So what do you suggest we call it ?? Doesn't exactly just flow into conversation to call it melted milk fat with sugar 🤨

            • -1

              @motherdough: Einstein didn't think that far ahead I'm afraid.

      • What shall we call it then?
        By the way, I'm having a party tonight with a whole lot of 'fun' people, would you like to join us?

    • “I'm a white chocolate appreciator”

      “Once you go brown, you'll never frown!”

    • I love white chocolate but wasn’t a huge fan of this one. If you ever go to a daiso or Japan.. try the white chocolate DARS chocolate, by far my fav!

  • +1

    Damn I want some dark ghana

  • No peanut butter?

  • Hazelnut showing as minimum of 3

    • +1

      Yes I had noted and bolded that in the deal

      Whittaker's 33% Cocoa Hazelnut Chocolate Block, 200g Minimum 3

  • Tony's Chocolonateloony is working its way into Aussie market at the moment, but this Kiwi stuff is great.

    I believe Amazon listing incorrectly states country of origin: Australia.

    • I love Tony's and support their mission but the price hurts my soul. I've seen local stores charging upwards of $10.95 a block.

    • Could've sworn I read the name as ChocolateLonely

      …or was I having a brain fog day?

      edit: just checked, it's Chocolonely https://tonyschocolonely.com/int/en

      • Hehehe "colon"

  • +4

    Great price. Bought a few and put the money saved into the jar marked Dentist.

  • Thanks OP. Already love the coconut but will take others suggestions in fridging it first.

    • The only one of these worth your attention is hazelnut

  • Code is percentage based. I bought less than $25, 5 tubes of voost. Cost $14.74.

  • Just note the mini pack is way cheaper at Costco, always under $20 from memory

  • Dark Ghana back in stock Gone again

  • Wish I could source the Whittakers L&P chocolate in Oz, I love that.

  • Plain cream milk now available

  • picked mine up, great taste even though the blocks looked like they had melted during transport.

    I'll put them in the fridge as recommended

  • Coconut and dark salted caramel available again @ $5

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