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NBA League Pass 2015-2016 - $109.99 USD (~$160 AUD) (VPN Required)


Hi Guys

NBA League Pass is back.

Please post the best Proxy Country available and the Price + any Coupon codes you guys have

I have so far found GHANA to be the cheapest - $109.99 USD For full 30 Team Access Pass + Playoffs (NBA LEAGUE PASS ANNUAL)


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    Use hola at your own risk!


    I can confirm that my data would randomly go 'missing'.

    • -2

      What is this website's fixation with using Hola? 99% of posts usually have something like "use Hola or a VPN" without even realising they're the same thing.

      I wouldn't be surprised if half the idiots here used Hola, Chrome, uTorrent, Flash etc.

      • Hola and a VPN aren't exactly the same thing, in terms of traffic routing. The Hola network uses the bandwidth of subscribers in certain countries to forward website traffic to you. Its a zombie network, Hola are known to use the bandwidth to DDoS other networks and clients. Paid VPNs are often dedicated servers designed to quickly forward traffic to your PC, not to the detriment of other users.

        Hola is bad, and they should feel bad.

    • can you explain more about data going missing? ive used hola in the past but its been off for a while now.

      • would like to know more about this too. @thedude23 do you mean bandwidth data?

  • Even using vpn from Zambia is getting expensive

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    As an alternative to NBA league pass you can try ballstreams.com

    One year membership is $89.99 US and it includes playoffs and has local broadcasts so you don't get the generic logo and music during time outs or halftime.

    • Any TPG users can comment on ballstreams connection quality? I know alot of people have trouble with twitch and have to use tpg's http proxy

      • They set up Australian proxies last season.I do not live in Australia so I can't comment on the performance.

      • Trialed it last season on Internode, was mostly un-watchable unfortunately from any server. Rarely got a stable stream.

        • I've used Ballstreams for 2 years now - the Australian servers don't seem to have improved performance too much. Definitely preferable to League Pass though!

        • @wookiecrusher: Are you on tpg? if you are is the steaming watchable?

        • @99altezza: I used it on TPG for a year or so, currently on Telstra NBN. Live broadcasts were a bit iffy at times, especially during playoffs, but replaying games generally seems to be flawless.

    • What do you get instead of the logo and music at timeouts? Ads?

      • If watching a 'home game' NBA league pass indicates you get this anyway…

        NO GAME BREAKS*****
        Watch the action around the arena during timeouts and between quarters (no breaks or commercials)

        • Often hear a little banter/chats between commentators as if they aren't aware they are still being recorded.

    • So is it for live games or catch up on replays and highlights ? Everything looks good about ballstreams but I wouldn't be able to watch anything live…

      Any trial ? I saw 1 day for $7.99

    • A big minus for using ballstreams is that the nba gets NONE of your money - its basically a legal pirate stream.
      Even if you use VPN at least nba gets all of your money.

      • +3

        Maybe they should be competitive and not charge $400 for a premium membership, then they can have my money.

        • do you steal things that you cant afford too?

          If you're going to steal it - at least pay zero for it?!
          why pay ballstreams basically the same price you can get it on VPN to steal it for you?

          If you compare the australian price to foxtel its actually not that bad.

          I would MUCH rather buy it on VPN than pay a bunch of pirates like ballstreams to steal it for me.

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    Local TV ads. You also get interviews during timeouts and half time shows

  • What's the regular price for the pass these days for us?

    • Non premium but all games is 329 bucks, I don't remember it being that much last year

      • Thanks for the reply. Haven't bought the pass for a few years, that's way too much for me to make it worthwhile.

  • For someone with less than stellar internet, anyone want to vote which would be better?
    Doing an ozspeedtest at the moment i got 8-900Kb/sec but the 3200Kbps stream test on ballstreams still stutters (but this is from whatever server they choose rather than being able to choose a local server for real)

  • I just got it with Canada proxy, $139 CAD which turns out to be about just over $150 here.

    • The only issue I can see with Canada is potential blackouts e.g. Raptors games, TNT games etc. Did you use Canada last year Overtime2009?

      • Revert back to normal IP address (without proxy) to watch games = no region specific blackouts AFAIK

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          Blackouts don't apply after you purchase. For All intents and purposes, after you purchase and remove the proxy, it's 100% the same as Aussie subscription.

          I've used various countries over the past 5 years, India, Zambia etc.

        • +1

          Thanks fellas for your input. Best $150 I've spent this year, and absolutely no restrictions 2 weeks into the season

  • Should send a petition to Channel 10 to resume free TV broadcast for this game on ONE HD again, as they did several years ago. I no longer watch ONE HD ever since they stop doing this.

    • Foxtel won't allow that to happen. I love the NBA but when a game that's supposed to go for 48 minutes actually takes 3 hours there's a problem. That last minute of a game when they foul, shoot foul shots, call a timeout, rinse and repeat, and it runs for 25 minutes. Stopping the game "tv timeout" just to run television ads. It's unwatchable in real time.

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    India worked out slightly cheaper for me.

    Don't use Hola, download ibvpn (easiest signup for a paid VPN trial I could find, only need to submit a name (can be bogus), email and password (u don't need to verify email) to get a 6 hour trial). No payment details required.

    India was 7300 rupees, which came to 155 AUD the other day.

    Again, don't use Hola to sign up, it's terrible stuff and apart from that, I read that the workaround doesn't work through Hola this year (can't verify that though).

    • I did try Hola (google chrome extension) for a few countries (Algeria, India) when I received the e-mail about the league pass being available but it didn't work. Still showed AUD, might have to try another VPN or actually thinking of trying ballstreams this year. Have NBN 100/40 so doubt streaming will be an issue.

      • Hola is super insecure and uses your connection as an exit node for other users. Who knows what they are looking up on your connection..

      • Clear cookies and try again.

    • +2

      Thanks for your post baltoski - used ibvpn and purchased league pass premium for $220 AUD + bank fees when they show.

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    Ballstreams is AWESOME ! Just signed up for it and watched Canada vs Mexico. Clear as chromecast to the TV, no buffering issues (I am on NBN 100/40 though) at all. USD $90 for a whole year. You can even 'freeze' your account during the offseason and 'save' days. I'm a fan ! :)

    • So, what do you need to get for Ballstream, any vpn or anything?
      I would like it to be as simple as possible like league pas but that price has just gone up the roof. $350 to watch a few games a week is just too much for me.

      • You need to request an invite on their site, they sent me one in a couple of hours and then I signed up for the premium membership ($90). Simple as !

    • do you get nba tv? .. i dont get he save days thing? i paid about $150 using vpn last year for league pass and been watching nba tv in the off season. Mind you premium is a lot more this year.

      • I think you do get NBA TV and all other shows etc. The subscription works on a time basis (1 yr = $89.99 USD). So say you buy it today for the end of the season (say it finishes towards the end of June). You still have 3 months left (July, August September). You can 'freeze' your account end of the season, restart it again in September and use those 3 months.

        • +1

          aaah awesome… :) i'll check it out thanks!

        • Does it definitely have NBA TV?

  • I might try Ballstreams this year. Heaps of complaints in the past from users but there was a post created a month ago stating:

    We have upgraded our infrastructure by 500% over last season to ensure some hiccups that were experienced last season do not happen again. (Huge upgrades to AUS/ASIA!)


  • Any other tips on getting cheap/free vpn that I can use to sign up?i used hola last year but not so game to do it this year.

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    i used an indian proxy (just googled one) and got it for ~156 AUD with bank fees (7200 indian rupees)
    first, Log into your league pass account and make sure you credit card is added there so you dont have to type it out over the proxy
    get on the proxy (find an ssl one) purchase the package. make sure ssl is working while on the proxy
    get off the proxy and change password to your account

  • i forgot to cancel my sub from last year and got stung with a $300 renewal

  • +1

    I couldn't get proxy change to work so I used IBVPN (free trial). Used India and got it for $156.25 AUD. Not sure if Commbank will add an international fee later though so might end up being a little bit more overall but still cheaper than $330.

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    I just started a trial with Ballstreams.com today. I have an 8Mbps connection, so speed isn't a problem. I watched a live stream of a FIBA Americas game today, and it worked great if I chose the standard live stream. 3200Kbps, Australia, Asia or America servers - no probs.

    However, if I chose the DVR option, it would pause to buffer every 20 or 30 seconds. Very annoying. Tried everything on the help pages, disabling extensions, changing servers, different browsers, Mac and Windows, flash settings, dropping to 800Kbps etc., but no dice. Anyone else experience this before?

    I believe that DVR is the only option to use if you want to watch a game that hasn't finished yet from the beginning, but I could be wrong.

    • +1

      This was my exact problem with Ballstreams last year. I thought that it would be better this year considering they said they have again upgraded servers, but I guess same old service.

      Live streams were tops, but I normally watch matches a quarter behind because of our time difference, and this was not an option with Ballstreams because their DVR service would lag just as you described.

      Archived games were also hit and miss, normally having to buffer every time I skip ads. I have a 80mbps cable connection so this sort of thing should not be an issue. I can normally download torrents, stream NBA LP, and browse the net at the same time at high speed.

      • Thanks vcaz for confirming that it's not just me.

        I decided to go with LP for around $157 for the second best package through an Indian proxy. Hola doesn't seem to work anymore. The steps outlined by opelcalibra a few posts above this one worked a treat.

        I've frozen my Ballstreams account, which has 6 days left on the 1 week trial. I'll give BS a shot when the season starts and compare.

  • Used Indian VPN, worked a treat for roughly $155!

  • I heard NBA were going to do pay per view for something like US6.99, has anyone heard anything on AU pricing for this? I don't have time to watch many games, so was thinking of just doing this.

  • Is there anything better than India?

    • -1

      $150 for premium is more than fair mate, c'mon.

  • +1

    If Canada is $139CAD then this works out to be AUD$147 so i'd choose this over India. Personally i'm gonna wait a bit to see if any deals come up.

  • +1

    CashRewards, not sure if this will work with VPN.

  • So is it better to register a new NBA Username and Email with our Aussie billing address thru a Canada VPN??? Cheers

  • I tried logging on creating a new account and purchasing via an Indian VPN but keep getting the error message that my credit card is setup in a different country, how do I bypass this?

    • I had the same issue - tried everything and in the end, what solved it was fo buy from another country. I tried Cameroon and India had the same issues, tried Kenya and it worked

  • What do I put as my Subnet Mask and Default Gateway when I change the IP Address?

  • Last year, premium (including home/away announcer option + nba tv) I paid around 150 aud, this year its around 220 aud hmm

    Im buying the 2nd best package this yr, which is around 160 aud - no nba tv and home announcers only, but still a huge discount compared to au price tag of 330 aud

  • +1

    Anyone else only seeing US$199 when using non Aus VPN?

    I asked my friend in Canada to check in Canada and it's also showing US$199 for him as well.

    I think NBA has noticed people doing that and made all price the same at US$199?

    • +1

      Same, tried with Hola VPN and even clearing my browsing history and cookies. Im either getting US$199 or AUD pricing. Can anyone who successfully purchased with VPN help out?

      • Same boat here, getting Australian pricing regardless of country.

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    Last Thursday I bought League Pass Premium via Brazil for USD$169.99.

    Problem is I'm getting blackout restrictions when trying to watch on my Apple TV (Oz iTunes account). But it's been working ok (no blackout restrictions) when watching through the iPad.

    Last year, I bought via Indonesia and it worked fine. Not sure why I'm having problems on the Apple TV this year.

    • I'm getting the same. Works on PC, 'blackout restrictions' on PS3. Any luck getting yours to work?

      • It has been working now on my Apple TV for the last couple of weeks.

        Not sure if there was an Apple TV update which made it work as the iPad was working fine from the start. So maybe it's the same issue with the PS3.

  • Anyone have the latest update on the cheapest nba league pass VPN country?

    • Looks like every country outside of Aus is US$199 so i'm not hopeful… Does anyone have any discount codes to be applied to this price?

      • Yeah, this isn't looking good, I managed to get on to a Hungarian vpn which was about $240AUD/$173USD/$48000FT for premium which is still a bit high, maybe try Hola through the VPN lol. Discount codes if any don't usually come out till just before the season starts, but even last season they only appeared after the season started like on boxing day and after new year, which meant you ended up paying the same rate anyway.

  • Canada looking the cheapest!

  • +2

    Hey guys just purchased from Canada for: CAD$139.99 which should work out to around 148.29 AUS.

    If you are not sure what to do i just followed what Baltoski posted. Was very easy to use the VPN and took me around 10 minuets all up.

    on 13/09/2015 - 09:31 new

    India worked out slightly cheaper for me.

    Don't use Hola, download ibvpn (easiest signup for a paid VPN trial I could find, only need to submit a name (can be bogus), email and password (u don't need to verify email) to get a 6 hour trial). No payment details required.

    India was 7300 rupees, which came to 155 AUD the other day.

    Again, don't use Hola to sign up, it's terrible stuff and apart from that, I read that the workaround doesn't work through Hola this year (can't verify that though)."

    • I went with this rather than hoping for a discount code that only came after the season started last year. Canada was cheaper than India for me. Premium in my 28 degrees showing up as about 175 AUD$ at the moment.

    • Also you can use Mozilla and change your proxy settings much easier and takes 1 minute to do.

  • Has anyone tried Kodi in the past? I use the Phoenix add on for NFL & it's HD live. You have all the NFL network channels as well. Waiting for the NBA too see if it works.

  • Ballstreams appears to not be accepting new users for the time being while they sort out 'billing' issues.

    So if we purchase league pass via proxy to India/Canada, then we don't have to log in with our VPN every time?

    The prices are just ridiculous. My mate in NZ said it's 450 NZD this year. Wtf are they thinking?
    We are literally paying for a salary cap increase lol.

    • +2

      VPN only for purchase, you can access all games using your regular connection, no blackouts in Australia.

      • thanks heaps

  • so are people using India or Ghana as the sign up location for best deal?

    • I used Canada for the pov package it came down to A$148.46.Dunno what it is for India though. I'd avoid Ghana all together unless you can get a proxy\VPN that isn't dodgy.

  • +1

    Got premium via Canada at $165 ca = $178 aud

    • Was this just recently? If so, how did you go about it? I have had no luck with VPNs recommended.

      • Baltoski's instructions above worked for me.

        • It worked for me last night (got the normal pass for AUD145 after seeing US$199 for a period of time

        • @k99999x:

          still trying to figure the diff.never got prem

  • anyone had any joy paying with paypal??? i paid with paypal last year but the option doesn't seem to be there, although the nba website says they accept paypal….i've had problems removing my credit card details when i've used them in the past…cheers

    • I think they've removed the option from certain countries. eg I signed up via India and it had no paypal option. Canada or non '3rd world' countries might be different.

    • I think they've removed the option from certain countries. eg I signed up via India and it had no Ppal option. Canada or non '3rd world' countries might be different.

      • cheers

      • Wasnt there for me for Canada or India

  • -1

    side note:
    Any idea how to turn off scores permanently? Even if you turn scores off, every time you log in it turns them back on. Very annoying…

  • Hola does not seem to be working for me this year. I change my country, however the package prices still show up in AUD currency. Any suggestions?

    • +2

      I used https://www.getflix.com.au/ VPN (use it for geo dodging Hulu and US netflix as well) and got the indian pricing (India VPN). Canada didn;t work for some reason.

  • I've downloaded the free trial, and installed the macbook app. How do I change the region to India though?

  • +1

    Signed up using ibvpn via Egypt. AU$155 using 28-degrees card. Watching Bulls preseason game now on the PC, but I'm getting blackout restrictions on the PS3 app. Anyone else running into this problem?

  • trying to sign up using ibvpn via Argentina, India or Egypt
    Nba league pass page loading with the correct price and after completing and submitting the form - I was getting an error 500

    Anyone else running into this problem?


  • -1

    anyone got any idea how to turn scores off permanently?
    Seems they've deleted the settings options and you can't change it in account settings.

    Very annoying!

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