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Metro Compensation - Free Daily for Monthly or greater myki/Metcard holders


For all monthly or more myki/Metcard holders, compensation of a daily ticket is provided because Metro Melbourne didn't meet their reliability guidelines. Claim by the end of the month.

myki: Ticket will be "uploaded" onto the customer's myki. Note that the myki "must have been used on at least 10 days of the month on the mode in question".

Metcard: Must have been active on the first day of the month in question. Daily sent by mail.

Claim form: http://www.metrotrains.com.au/Media/docs/Customer%20Compensa...

December Results
Delivery 98.9%
Punctuality 87.2%

Our performance thresholds are to run at least 98 percent of trains each month and for more than 88 per cent of these services to be punctual. For our December 2009 performance, eligible customers may claim compensation of one free daily ticket for the equivalent zone/s.*

To download a copy of the Metro Customer Compensation Code, including claim form, click here.

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  • Thanks - I'll definitely being claiming this one

  • Nice to see that there's constancy in change.

  • MTM didn't do better than Connex.

    • I am not going to judge them on their first month of service. Technically, it is still connex's doings.
      Probably should judge them on their Jan performance, since Connex failed EPICALLY last jan, (remember: free transport on 29th Jan, plus being able to claim 2 x daily tickets because of 3000 plus cancellations???)

      • voting this up, not as a "good bargain" for Myki, but rather, so more Myki members get to see this and claim.

      • Well, the forecast is for 43 degrees tomorrow. Let's see if the rolling stock can handle the heat 12 months on.

    • I think this "not a bargain" and "not a freebie" comment has been going on for quite sometime. In fact, it happens whenever there is a Connex/Metro compensation.
      I kind of see why "compensation" does not qualify as a bargain.

      However, seeing from the point of view of someone who already has a valid monthly metcard, this is something i would want to know. And i wouldn't want Metro to cheat me off 1 daily metcard. Therefore, would like it posted on ozbargain.

      Like foundit mentioned, it's purely about letting others know that there is oportunity to claim, whether or not it is a bargain is really just personal opinion.

    • +4 votes

      I always appreciate these posts because I never remember to check if they owe me a ticket. So, in its own way, it is a bargain because otherwise I'd miss out

    • +2 votes

      It's still worth mentioning, because I never think to check if they owe me a ticket. I always appreciate these posts

  • If someone is regulary buying a monthly (or greater ticket) each time what are they going to do with one daily ticket? Why not give an equivalent discount off the next monthly purchase on presentation of the old ticket? Makes more sense to me.

    • Too complicated. Why not just pay cash :) $5 would do. Less than a daily. (PS - I use the daily on the day after my monthly expires).

      • Just to clear it up.
        If you are using metcards, they will send you a metcard.
        If you are using myki, then will load "cash" onto your myki card.
        (Since myki is essentially a credit loaded card)

        So, yes, they ARE paying you cash.

        Just a side-note, myki's fare calculation is extremely complicating, i read part of the manual in NOV, and only understood the calculations recently. For example, what happens if you are on a zone 1 myki pass (ie. a monthly ticket) and travel to zone 2 on a weekend? How much will you be charged?
        Answer: 6 cents. (You can msg me if you want to know how it works)

        • Hmm interesting. I'd send you a message but it says 'bsmksg is not accepting e-mails' on your profile.

          • @Roja: shall write it here then. Fares to zones not covered by your myki card is calculated this way.
            2 hour fare for zones traveled minus 2 hour fare for zones covered by myki pass.

            So in the above example, A zone 1 2-hour ticket is $2.94, there is a $3 cap on weekend travel, therefore you pay the difference of 6cents. (2-hour fares are based on 10x2-hourly, not single trip)

            As for weekdays, it's calculated
            zone 1+2 2-hour fare $4.96
            zone 1 2-hour fare $2.94
            You pay the difference of $2.02

      • blah I just closed the site, but I was reading refunds for metcards are available for the value of the card less a $9.80 processing fee or something along those lines.

  • 14 pages just for a 'customer compensation form'? Now I can see why this project has been so expensive.

    • They are using the 'make it difficult/annoying to claim and a percentage won't bother' model.

    • Yeah that was a bit annoying but I just printed out pages 12 and 13. I wish that you could email the form to them with a scanned copy of the ticket

    • 1 for my free daily pass - free metcard is always a bargain to me.

    There is a small chance metlink will have to offer to "buy back" the metcards when they finally stop allowing people to use them.

    At the very least you will be able to be credited the amount to your MYKI.


  • blah, I don't buy monthly tickets. I buy 10x2 hour, 2 hour or daily tickets.

    • note: If you are using myki, the compensation program does not require you to use monthly ticket (ie myki pass).
      To qualify, you just have to take train on at least 10 days in that month.

  • I finally got my ticket yesterday. Also completed a compo form for January yesterday.