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151 Items Under $3 Delivered @ Target (Links Inside)


Target is currently running a free delivery promo on everything until Sunday, so I've put together this post to help you grab some cheapies without the need to go to a store. Enjoy :)

Original free delivery post here


3 Pack Low Cut Casual Socks - Black
3 Pack Low Cut Casual Socks - White
3 Pack Low Cut Socks - Black

4 Pack Control Brief Pantyhose - Beige
4 Pack Control Brief Pantyhose - Black
Basic Sockettes - Black

Cotton Bikini Briefs - Skin
Cotton Bikini Briefs - White
Cotton Full Briefs - Skin

Cotton Full Briefs - Skin
Cotton Full Briefs - White
Cotton Full Briefs - White

Cotton High Cut Briefs - Skin
Cotton High Cut Briefs - White
High-cut Brief - White

Options Plus High Cut Briefs - Skin


Bodysuit - White
Dri Bots Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes - 80 Pack
Dri Bots Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes Travel Pack - 20 Pack

Johnson's 2 Pack Of Baby Care Soap
Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Blue
Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Grey

Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Pink
Long Sleeve Bodysuit - White
Sneaker Booties - Black

Sneaker Booties - Blue


3 Pack Crew School Socks - Black
3 Pack Crew School Socks - Grey
3 Pack Crew School Socks - Navy

3 Pack Crew School Socks - White
5 Pack Boys Briefs
5 Pack Girls Briefs

Boys Long Sleeve Flag Print Top
Boys Printed Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Boys Short Sleeve Plain T-Shirt - Blue

Boys Striped Singlet
Girls Basic Trackpants - Black
Girls Happy Easter Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Girls Long Sleeve Print Top
Girls Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Girls Short Sleeve Plain T-Shirt - Dubarry


3 Pack Sport Liner Socks - Black


2 Pack Face Washers - Red
2 Pack Face Washers - Sea Spray
2 Pack Face Washers - Tan

2 Pack Face Washers - White
2 Piece Toilet Brush + Holder Set
3 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

8 Pack Jumbo Reusable Straws
8 Piece Biscuit Cutter Set
12 Pack Adult Clothes Hangers

28cm Large Glass Salad Bowl
48 Pack Plastic Pegs
60 Sheet Lint Roller

Acrylic Tumbler - Green
Acrylic Tumbler - Orange
Acrylic Tumbler - Red

Anderson Glass Bottle with Stopper
Anderson Glass Carafe
Beach Life Side Plate - Ocean

Blinki 120 Pages Super Scrapbook
Blinki Animated Lady Bird Shapes + Embellishments
Blinki Girl Cut-Out + Embellishments

Blinki Stapler - Green - Blue
Canteen 11cm Mini Bowl - Jet
Canteen 21cm Side Plate - Jet

Charlie New Bone China Mug - Yellow Spote
Charlie Red Stripe Bone China Mug
Daily Stoneware Mug - Blue

Daily Stoneware Mug - Charcoal
Daily Stoneware Mug - Red
Daily Stoneware Mug - Warm Grey

Dustpan & Brush Set
Grandeur Face Washer - Green
Hunter Studio 10 Wells Painters Palette

Hunter Studio Acrylic Glitter Paint 75ml - Silver
Hunter Studio Acrylic Paint 75ml - Dark Green
Hunter Studio Acrylic Paint 75ml - Purple

Hunter Studio Acrylic Paint 75ml - Yellow
Hunter Studio Stainless Steel Ruler 30cm
Kids Pillowcase - Blue

Life Porcelain 8cm Dip Bowl
Life Porcelain 11cm Bowl
Life Porcelain 18cm Square Side Plate

Life Porcelain 20.5cm Coupe Side Plate
Life Porcelain 21cm Rim Side Plate
Life Porcelain Mug

Life Porcelain Oil Dish
Luxe Glass Tealight Holder - Silver
Miami Tumbler - Capri Breeze

Miami Tumbler - Grey
Miami Tumbler - White
Micro Cotton Quick Dry Face Washer - Bright Blue

Molli & Mimi 36 Pack Mini Stack - Patterns
Molli & Mimi 36 Pack Mini Stack - Printed Textures
Molli & Mimi 624 Pack Photo Mounts

Molli & Mimi Double Ended Glue Pen
Molli & Mimi Hobby Cutter & 5 Replacement Blades
Palm Woven Round Placemat - Blue

Pebble Face Washer - Mocha
Pineapple New Bone China Mug
Pop Set of 4 Dinner Plates - Aqua

Pop Set of 4 Dinner Plates - Yellow
Sieger Apollo Replacement Filter Set
Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder

Target 48 Pack Plastic Pegs
Tea Towels 5 Pack
Tropicana Pineapple Mason Jar - Clear

Tropicana Pineapple Mason Jar - Yellow


Active Comfort Hand Grips
Active Speed Rope
Backyard Tennis Replacement Ball & Tether

Blinki 120 Pages Super Scrapbook
Blinki Butterfly Mask Cut-Out & Embelishments
Blinki Jumbo Size Picture Art Block Colouring Book

Blinki Sequins Pack
Play-Doh 2 Pack Neon Colours - Red + Blue


Leo Bancroft Jumbo Detangling Comb


Dog Frisbee
Double Sided Pet Grooming Brush
Latex News Paper Dog Toy

Natural Hemp Mouse Toy
Nylon Cat Collar - Black
Nylon Cat Collar -Red

Plastic Dog Bowl Small - Black
Plastic Dog Bowl Small - Blue
Printed Bandana Small

Printed Bandana Large
Vinyl Steak Dog Toy

Clearance Items (add any item above for free delivery):

Hard Case For iPhone 4/4S - Blue
Hard Case For iPhone 4/4S - Cherry Blossom
Hard Case For iPhone 4/4S - Red Spot

Hard Case For iPhone 5/5S - Blue
Hard Case For iPhone 5/5S - Candy Stripe
Hard Case For iPhone 5/5S - City Scape

Hard Case For iPhone 5/5S - Monster
Hard Case For iPhone 5/5S - Pink
Hard Case For iPhone 5/5S - Purple

Hard Case For iPhone 6 - Palm Trees
Hole Punch Blue
Map Italian Coffee - Decaffeinated Capsules

Maybelline Color Show Nail Colour - Keep Up The Flame
Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Born With It
Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Coral Crush

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Iced Queen
Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Pedal to the Metal
Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Pinkalicious

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer - Porcelain Party
Neoprene 8" Tablet Case
Shimmer 'N' Sparkle 2100 Piece Refill Pack

Zooma Splat X Strike Shotz Refill 6 Pack

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  • +7

    Man, I've gotta create a hundred OzBargain accounts so I can upvote you some more! You're a LEGEND, TA! :-)

  • +1

    Thanks for the effort in providing links to all items on special.

    • +21

      links to all items on special.

      most are the normal price, not on special.
      they've been posted because they are under $3, not because they are reduced.

      • you're missing quite a few bolds in there jv….

      • In other words, where are the <b>bargains</b>?

  • Dude, you're a machine. Nice work.

    • Or may be he is earning via a stake in OZbargain? May be this is his job?

  • Excellent, I needed some cheap face washers!

    • +1

      I got the red ones last time. The dye is still running, after about 60 showers.

      • I got the tan coloured ones. I hope it's not that bad…

  • +17

    1 mens deal.
    woohoo - equality right there

    • Given that there is a much larger market for women's clothing there's generally going to be lower prices for similar items.

  • not sure if the cases are free delivery ( it didn't work for me ) , as they are part of the clearance section ..

    • +1

      Yeah no free delivery on cases but if you add something with free shipping like the dog frisbee, everything else is shipped free.

    • If that's the case (no pun intended), I believe you can add a non-clearance item for free delivery?

      • +1

        Just beat you to the reply. Gotta be quick on Ozbargain haha

      • yes that option seems to work,

        this is also not free delivery ( by itself ) Cra-Z-Loom Shimmer 'N' Sparkle 2100 Piece Ultimate Refill Pack

        maybe have those in a different section :)

  • The arse do you ever sleep wow

    • +18

      Don't tell my boss, but I prepared this during another very boring 3 hour meeting this afternoon :)

      • +6

        Who's your boss? So I don't accidently tell him :)

  • Naughty 😈 boy

  • +3

    You sir, could possibly be my favourite person on the internet!

  • That neoprene case is HIDEOUS! Haha, great work TA as always 😀

  • 2 types of Toothbrush Holder, but where would I put my Tooth paste? Or you guys don't use paste at all???

  • Thanks TA.

    Just a note, the mobile accessories and some $1 items dont ship for free, had to add other items to enable free shipping. Some great prices nevertheless!

    • Yep, found that out earlier. Created a new category in post. Thanks :)

  • thanks for the effort TA

  • Mens section represent!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, appreciate your efforts. My wife just ordered one of the salad bowls .,.,.. as they say, happy wife, happy life.

    • +1

      You don't make friends with salad!

  • Thanks mate

  • Great work as always TA!

  • +1

    $3 male staffy! ahahhaa

    • He's ready for chow time with his napkin on

  • Blinki Girl Cut-Out + Embellishments

    Always wanted a Bikini Girl Cut-Out. ^^

  • +7

    Thanks TA!
    If you end up spending more than $75 (this will give you Free Home Delivery by default), use Promo Code "TARGETSAVE" to save $10 (min spend $60) or do Click and Collect for $10 OFF on $60 spent.

  • +1 for staffy pic

  • If someone has ever posted a deal that was more work to put together than this one - well, I haven't seen it.
    Thanks TA. :-)

  • +1

    thanks tightarse. here is hoping the 5 lint rollers for $10 I just ordered are as good or better quality than the 2 for $10 I got at Coles last week. I'll never know cause they are unopened and I plan on returning them now.

  • Great selection for men

  • TA, you da real MVP!

  • So these aren't clearance items, right?

    • Oh. You can get a clearance item if you add a normal one, cool.

  • Wow.

  • +7

    No offence the the op for his effort into this but I see absolutely nothing that I'd call a bargain.

    • Cost Target lots of postage,make Aupost rich and do unnecessary delivery.

    • The deal is free postage.

  • every item I clicked on said "not available online"

  • +2

    TA, my wife said you are a trouble. Went to get few things for $3 and ended up spending $175 :-)
    (got some other stuff as well)

    Thank you very much, love your deals.

  • +1

    Ooooo xmas gifts for the kids = Target 48 Pack Plastic Pegs

  • +2

    Damnit… $1 for 2100 crazy-loom bands!!

    That is one hell of a bargain… except that last year someone, somewhere, flicked an invisible switch that only kids knew about, and every single girl went from spending four hours a day looming to ignoring it completely.

    Every single kid. Cold Turkey. Just after I bought enough @#$*& looming supplies to last a year…

    • Just wait till they bring out a tie in for a branded loom with a kids movie then the suckers, er kids, will be addicted again ;-)

  • Vinyl Steak Dog Toy sold out :(

  • Says $9 Home Delivery for me?

  • Moving out soon - just picked up some tea towels, face washers, toilet brush, dust pan and broom and a salad bowel. Thanks OP!

  • -1

    Did anyone actually get there order from this? Never received my order ($50!!)

    Been hell trying to sort out the paypal dispute

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