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Men's Suit Jacket+Pants Set, 5 Colours + Free Express Shipping $79 @ Target


Hi everyone,

Target's Suit sets (Jacket + Pants) are going for $99 if you buy a set. You can then apply the code SPRINGSAVE20 during checkout to take a further $20 off, bringing the price down to $79, with free express delivery. These are normally $89 + $49 = $138 separately. I've tried these in store and the quality and cut is decent.

  1. Add both the jacket and pants to cart, the total will come down to $99.
  2. During checkout, select "Express Delivery" (normal shipping and C&C is also available).
  3. At payment screen apply code SPRINGSAVE20.

5 colours, and plenty of sizes available at time of posting:

Light Blue: Jacket Pants - Tailored Fit
Midnight Blue: Jacket Pants - Tailored Fit
Black: Jacket Pants - "Limited Editions" fit? (Doesn't seem to state fit, so I assume its not as slim as "Tailored")
Light Grey: Jacket Pants - Tailored Fit
Navy Blue: Jacket Pants - "Limited Editions" fit? (Doesn't seem to state fit, so I assume its not as slim as "Tailored")

Also if you want to buy more than 1 set, check out one set at a time, as the voucher applies only once per transaction.

TRENT86 had posted this coupon code before me but I felt this deal was worth a separate post.

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  • +4 votes

    Very good pricing for a store bought suit (Looks way better than those Man2Man suits).
    If it doesn't fit, just return it at your local Target with no fuss.

    Hallenstein's have more modern fitting suits if you can afford it (and when its on sale).

    • Asos is also good for 2 or 3 piece suits when they have sales, and the vests, trousers and jacket are purchased separately too. Unlike these tacky Target suits, Asos suits often have variable amounts of wool in them ( to to 100%), and I have even seen 100% silk suits. I imagine wool blend suits are much less likely to be eaten by moth larvae or carpet beetles.

      Ebay can be good for acquiring 100% woolen coats/blazers cheaply, but you need to know your measurements, especially the sleeves (usually too long in my experience). It costs alot to get an Australian to modify ill-fitting clothing, negating the savings of purchasing 2nd hand.

      • +1 bout the vest comment. Such a pity Hallenstein doesnt offer vests.
        I own an Asos branded slim suit (got it for less than $90!) and I think it's OK for a off the rack suit, although my other half doesn't like it.
        I don't think I will ever buy a branded suit off ASOS. Just cant justify spending that amount of $$$

        The Target suits are great for the upcoming horse race season. If you puke all over your suit and ruin it, you wont feel too bad. :)

  • +2 votes

    Material = Polyester / Viscose. Reflective of the price I guess, but the fabric doesn't sound crash hot….

  • +22 votes

    Got a job wearing this suit for an interview couple weeks ago. Would recommend.

  • +20 votes

    Perfect for your next court appearance, this suit is sure to impress the Magistrate!

    • better off wearing a Jack Daniels singlet - at least it shows honesty

      Seriously though, if anyone is unfortunate enough to be in such a position, this would not be a good choice. A cheap suit can be very offensive to some people - CBD lawyers in particular - and may play against you. Better off finding an older wool suit from eBay (if you have time) or a charity store, that can be had for about the same price.

      Clothes shouldn't make a difference with a perfect judge, but hey, somehow it apparently does.

      • How do you know this?

      • I am a lawyer, and the best suit I ever had was a 90 dollar shell suit I bought at lowes. That thing was bulletproof. I've had cut suits that didn't last one third as long as that thing.

        Wool suits pill, unless you get them dry cleaned every time, and I haven't got the time. Mohair, forget it. Microfibre is comfortable in the heat, washes easily, wears better.

  • Sorry if this is a silly question but how do i find my jacket size? The sizing guide on the site is not helpful

    • Tape measure around your chest if you have one handy. Otherwise you could try these on in store since there is still 3 more days on the offer

  • Cheers for the effort OP

  • Hmmm its made up of Polyester / Viscose. It's going to be shiny, statically charged and not so breathable I guess.

  • Fairly tempted to buy two pairs of the pants for $79 delivered instead buuuuuut..hard to judge the quality and the feel from the pictures. How liberal is Targets return policy?

    I take it polyester/viscose is easy to wash, no special washing or drying instructions required to maintain the look and feel?

    • very easy to return items to target. I have never been questioned. I do think there is a restriction to return items within a few weeks though.

      • that's cool, I just need to check them out, maybe wear them once? and I will return fairly promptly if they don't suit. I think I will bite. Here's hoping I get the sizing right

      • Yes 28 days

    • +1 vote

      Just take your receipt with you and a credit card. Within 28 days you'll be fine if it's not been worn/damaged. After that you'll only be offered a store credit for the price that it is scanning up at at the time of your return.

  • Can these be bought in store for same price?

  • Ahh the courtroom special. Team it up with some fetching white rimmed Oakleys and you have a dashing combination.

  • You guys seem to know a lot about suits

    Does anyone know where I can get a short suit? Meaning the jacket length is shorter than usual?

    • I'd go to Myer or DJs and look at their off the rack stuff. Lots of brands do regular, short and long sizes. For example, TM Lewin at Myer do short jackets.

  • Thanks, got myself a midnight blue suit. Hopefully it fits.

  • Can you do local pickup and get the same deal?

  • I saw these suits when looking for a shirt the other day. They don't look or feel too bad. Quality obviously isn't great but they look better than what I'd give a suit at Target credit for.

  • They are on special for $99 in store however you don't get the $20 discount. Try them on for size in store and purchase online, or order what you think and if its not the right size, go in store to refund or exchange.

  • Does the springsave20 discount apply to everythimg else on target online?

    • No i think its just limited to clothing, footwear and homewares

      ONLINE ONLY: Get $20 off when you spend $99 or more on full price clothing, footwear and homewares with promo code SPRINGSAVE20 *Exclusions apply

  • Thanks, bought one for my Halloween costume! Needed one I can cut up and trash =D

  • Does the springsave20 discount apply to everythimg else on target online?

  • I bought a jacket from Target from a previous clearance sale and got it for 19 bucks. Its a damn nice jacket for the money, easily up there with the basic myer ones etc.. I think some choice buying, any adjusting at the tailor and for a small outlay you'd have a good suit if you're like me and wear one about 2 times a year

  • Deal doesnt appear to be valid anymore

    • Hi, just tried and its still working for me. Also, just received my order in the mail today. Express postmen seem to be working today in VIC despite grand final public holiday.

  • Definitely not working for the black suit option, after the discount the price is $118