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Sony 75" FHD Android 3D LED TV $3496 (Save $1200) + Buy Sony Soundbar & Get up to $450 CB @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price on this TV, Also if you buy a Soundbar with it you get cashback :)
Sony KDL75W850C 75" FHD Android 3D Smart LED-LCD TV $3496 (save $1200)
Sony Soundbars
Hisense T810 65" Curved Ultra HD LED-LCD Smart TV $2496 (Save $1500)
Sony KDL60W600B 60" Full HD Smart LED-LCD TV $1496 (Save $600)

Buy A Sony soundbar and TV In one Transaction & Get Up To $450 cashback from Sony

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  • sony 60 inch is not UHD right? i am looking UHD under $1500 budget above 55 inch.

  • Got a couple of the 75" UHD models a few weeks ago for around $4900 with the soundbar and $600 cashback, so worked out to around $4800 odd for the TV.

    • Scuderia where did you pick up these 75" UHD models for that price?

      I wouldn't mind getting one myself at that sort of money…

      They are $6446 at JB so $4900 is a good deal


    • +2

      couple of the 75" UHD

      To go with your multiple mansions and Lamborghinis I'm guessing.

      • Uh no, I purchased a new house and got it at an awesome price and decided to treat myself.

        Was at Goodguys. This was pre the recent price hike, I believe rrp is now around $7300 or so.

        Told them JB had it for around $5300, and asked him nicely what could you do a couple for outta curiosity, and when he came back at $4900 I had a think for a day and knew it was a great price.

        I would say though, they are a little buggy, I do hope for a further firmware update though.

        EDIT: Sorry my bad, $4950, but minus cash back around $4900.

        • $5 grand TV with bugs… sigh…

          Really wish people waited for the bugs to be fixed before they shelled out the 5 grand.

          They got your money, why they need to fix it?

          If i were sony or samsung or apple or whatever, i would tell the fools that a firmware has been released that bricks their TV 1 day after the warranty expires. They can be so blatant now, it won't even matter.

        • +1

          @Son ofa Zombie: I bought the 75" UHD because there is nothing else comparable in Aus for that price and my previous TV was 11 years old.

          The updates are like Christmas though. My TV was advertised as [email protected] 4:4:4, but is now 60Hz 4:4:4 thanks to an update. USB recording coming soon.

          All smart TVs have bugs. For my uses the bugs haven't affected me.

        • Recent price hike?! :/

          I thought prices were supposed to be getting better on current/obsolete tech products..

        • @cristobaljames:
          Aussie Dollar…. it's atleast the second time in a year Sony (and others) have raised their RRP on products.

  • +1

    if you are going for the soundbar i would suggest the htct780 which with this tv gives you a $450 cashback - i would see if JB can do a pricematch against GGs http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-soundbar-330w-htct780

    • That's the model I got, surprisingly good sound.

      Have it in my study and it automatically switches on when the PC turns on with a blutooth connection.

    • Yes, why only get a cashback of $300 when you can get a cashback of $600, without paying extra!

      It's a $600 soundbar, which I expect to be good with that kind of money

      • You can't get $600 on the soundbar because you need to buy the higher tv model with it, you can though get the $450 soundbar mentioned above

        • Meh, KDL75W850C vs KD75X8500C, can't read!

  • +1

    Bit to big for full HD no?

    Although there is still the issue of uhd content….and media!

    • +1

      Nah, I have the Samsung FHD 75' TV and it is awesome. Picked it up from a JB HiFi sale a couple of years ago for $3k. Just means you need to download 720p/1080p as a minimum or it looks terrible.

      • man, i ordered that samsung 75' tv last year when i was on holiday in Vietnam.
        They canceled my order just because i was not in Australia! I was so upset when i came back to Australia and found out!

        • +1

          ummm i must ask, did you put your shipping address as Vietnam? lol.
          why would they cancel your order.. how did they even know you weren't in Aus?

        • +1


          Probably his IP when he ordered. They must of assumed he was a Vietnamese hacker wit a stolen credit card.

        • @R3XNebular:
          I guess so, I asked it to be delivered to my address in Australia.
          I tried to email and contact them when I came back to Australia (1 day after the deal expired), i was told that it should be fine, "just come to a store and show us your online order, it should be ok''
          Guess what: it was not ;(

          End up with a 65inch TV around $2600

        • @inusure
          I hope you didn't buy the 65" from JB Hi-Fi

        • The LG? What's wrong with that TV?

        • +1

          Nah, i got the samsung 65 series 7 from the good guys

  • +1

    Will good guys beat the price by 20% for KDL75W850C?


  • -1

    Wow, looks attractive for the price. Do I need one? hmmm, watching Netflix on iPad in bed, feels like as big as this, and no disturbance to each other, as saving energy … ok, I'll pass.

  • +1

    If only someone that looks like me wasn't banned from my store. I would have put a down payment on it.

  • +2

    Why would they make a 75" TV that's not UHD? Surely if you were going to drop over 3 grand on a TV you're the type of person to a) know what UHD is and b) want it.

    Seems really, well, odd.

    • -2

      Well, because there's hardly any media out there that is UHD, and in the new future Netflix and all other streaming services will be HD at best.
      If the Full HD is good quality and price difference is $1000s of dollars, why not?
      What is most important is good quality hardware or software upscaling, since current commercial TV is mostly SD or barely HD quality.

      • +2

        That's not true. Netflix already streams in 4K, so does youtube. Believe it or not, 4K makes a big difference, and even upscaled 1080 looks much better on a 4K tv. The only problem is that owning a 4K TV seriously ruins 1080p TVs for you. You can see all the pixels which you previously couldn't.

        • This! Also, it actually took me a while to get used to the amount of detail the TV gives out. And forget anything below 720p as it will look terrible even with upscalling. 1080p onwards though… :D

        • @educalifa: So FTA looks bad? that's what I mainly watch

        • @TRENT86:

          It looks different… whether that's bad or not is subjective. I don't like it but have mates who prefer it. Also, that's only true for non HD channels and the same thing happens on my FHD TV only to a smaller degree.

      • Accept the replies negging me.

        Now if only I can find the Sony UHD KD75X9400C for a similar price I will jump at it.

    • Yeah Personally I won't buy a UHD Any time soon because it's going to be a while before there is enough UHD Content to satisfy me, things like Netflix is slowly getting onto it, I would give it around another 1-3 years. It is hard though because they are pretty dam cheap atm

      • You can always generate your own content. I'm now shooting all my videos at 2160p minimum cause I to avoid that feeling I get when watching my old videos and going "aaargh great footage but the video quality sucks. Wish I had a better camera back then".

        It only happens to videos shot pre HD at the moment but Im sure that in 10 years time 1080p will prob look horrible in comparison to whatever will be out at that stage

        • Yeah true but I want the rest of the entertainment to be there before I make the jump :) I wouldn't personally record in 4K Then watch it, that's not a draw card at all for me, well not any time soon anyway :)

        • +1


          Your argument is invalid as a 4K screen makes 1080p footage so much better. There is basically no price difference also. Got a 70inch UHD Sony last year for $2995

  • Is this the same Sony KDL60W600B that sold for $998 last year? :$

    • Yeah it's quite strange really, it's like they just reproduced them for the 2015 line with the same model number but the 600b was sold out everywhere months ago

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