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Crucial 8GB DDR4 2133MHz $59 Shipped (Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600MHz $49 Sold Out) @ Shopping Express


Fantastic prices on RAM. You won't find these cheaper anywhere. Sale is limited to two of each per customer. Apply coupon RAMARSE at checkout and select preferred delivery method, which will be deducted from the final price. All stock is shipped from Australia, and should be delivered within 1-2 business days. All the best :)


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  • +22


    Disappointed to say the least

    • +7

      Close call lol…

        • +9

          even if he makes money from it, we still get cheaper price. so, why not?!

        • +6

          He doesn't but who among us would begrudge him a little cream for all the time and energy he expends procuring bargains for us? Not I.

        • +10


          we appreciate your work tightarse! we just don't express it that often

        • +19

          @exp1: Thank you. Today's actually one of my proudest OzB days. 8 deals currently sitting on the front page :)

        • +1


          Definitely second this ! I have saved so much thanks to you TA !! Keep it up

        • @DisabledUser155547:

          Nobody really knows the truth to that
          except for TA and the stores..

        • -4


          Even though I just read that post you made,
          I still find it hard to believe someone would spend so much time doing this unless they are getting sort of kickbacks/rewards/money..

          Sure there are ppl who post the occasional bargain that they find..
          Or when they post free amazon ebooks or apps..that's different..

          But when it comes to negotiated discounts codes, I get suspicious / curious.
          For someone to constantly post this negotiated discount codes..
          There has to be some rewards given by the store..

          Some store might even offer you the kickback without specially you asking for it,
          but surely you would not refuse?

          In a way it is similar to socket puppet
          Only difference is they is doing it for kickbacks/rewards/money rather than they work for the company..

          Even if you are getting kickbacks there is nothing wrong with that..
          If the deal is a bargain then it will voted so…
          But you should be honest about it.

          Aside from family and maybe some close friends
          I find it hard to be believe that a person would spend this much time doing this without them getting some reward/money/kickbacks from this..

          It's just human nature..

        • +1


          What does it even matter?
          You want him to stop brokering and posting deals for everyone to benefit from?

        • -2

          @That Guy:


          if is a bargain then it will be voted so..
          and ppl will benefit

          But they should be transparent about this..

          I just get suspicious when someone keeps posting these negotiated discount codes
          and say that they spend alot of time to get these codes
          without getting some sort of kickback/reward/money from this..

          And to say they are doing it "just for the community" or "they do it just cos they love doing it"
          for no rewards at all.

          It's just not human nature..


          Sure there are some good deals…

          but also some are just junk..that ppl would not have considered buying..
          and is not working for them, but they can't bother chasing a refund..

          So the store benefited from getting rid of their non working junk
          that was probably just taking up warehouse space..


        • +1


          Conspiracy theory: TA works for shopping express

          I believe human nature is why corruption exists.
          Not saying this is the case though.

          There could even be a large number of undetected sock puppets on ozbargain slipping under the radar. How are we ever going to know?

          If you read up on the Ashley Madison hacks you'll see how they discovered a lot of members were being duped by fake accounts.

          Lol, maybe I'm just cynical

        • +1


          I still find it hard to believe someone would spend so much time doing this unless they are getting sort of kickbacks/rewards/money..

          well, its not for nothing as Scotty rewards those major contributors
          e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/181365

        • -2

          Who cares? How about you stop complaining with "conspiracy theories" that frankly sound like a jealous nutcase and just go and spend more money somewhere else?

        • -1


          Haha..Why would I care about being jealous….
          I don't have any desire to do what he is doing..

          I was just curious if he was getting any kickback / rewards from this..

        • -1


          I doubt that is enough incentive to make up for the amount of time he says he spends
          getting these discount codes..

          Though based on that list
          he is on it each month
          so $1200 per year + any bonuses isn't too bad

        • @tightarse: I sense a new name will be revealed on 1 April 2016. This site will henceforth be known as TABargain.

        • @tyler.durden:
          Tyler… I heard TA made at least 4 or 5 million $ just from his commission last week!!
          Shock horror!!

    • +3

      he would be known as 'loosearse' in that case

    • +1

      I came in here, to see how long till arseram will get mentioned .. first post - lol

    • What makes you think ARSERAM is funnier than RAMARSE?

      • RAM ARSE and ARSE RAM would imply the same thing..

        Only difference is first one is the Do-er
        While second is the person being Done to..

  • -4

    Maximum order quantity: 1

    How many people use single sticks of RAM in their PC's these days?

    • Yup, usually buy in pairs. As much as I'd love more people to be able to access this deal, selling as singles is going to put off many.

    • 8Gb is still PLENTY in modern PC's ;)

      • 8GB is minimum ram required for gaming battlefront recommended specs need 16gb of ram.

      • for Facebookers, yes, it is overkill.

        for actual PC users, 8GB doesn't cut it.

        BTW, this is shit RAM. Marketing phrases like "consumes 20% less voltage" confirm it.

    • +20

      Maximum order quantity: 1

      Changed to 2 of each. Please help me understand though why a neg was warranted?

      • +3

        I'll attempt to answer this as best I know:

        Dual channel requires 'matched' pairs (pairs from the same batch/series are generally fine).
        Dual channel provides a 3-5% performance boost.

        • +1

          also you're using on board video then the speed boost can be 20 to 30+ % (as the onboard graphics uses the system ram and needs it to be as fast as possible)

        • @mr_fjackson: Yup. Also synthetic benchmarks may be quite a bit higher too.

      • I gave it a + just for the code name alone!!

    • +32

      Although the price on offer today was driven WAY too low by TA, we've decided to make the limit to 2 piece.


      • +1

        You'll make more profit with 2 per order. ;)

        • Yep saving on the shipping costs!

      • -5

        Is crucial ram any good?

        they got no heat sink.. unlike kingston

        • +9

          The heat sink only matters if the ram is over clocked. And to be honest, the fancy heatsink is mostly there for marketing purposes.

          Laptop memory has no heatsinks yet they are packed into a notebook with no active cooling on the chip and work just fine even at 60 degrees Celsius. So I'd say the heat sink is just marketing bs

        • @scrimshaw:
          yes, but it still looks cooler and is probably cooler in temp as well.

          I seen some rams that got lights, wonder where we can get some

        • +8

          Heatsinks are almost entirely cosmetic on modern RAM.

        • @zKskita:

          But what about overclocking as scrimshaw said?

          Also as I mention they look cooler and probably easy to handle and less risk of static electricity

        • @tyler.durden:

          Ram OCing is in 99.9% of cases, not worth the trouble at all for a normal user.

        • One of the best RAM for overclocking, Samsung Green has no heatsink.

          Static electricity really shouldn't be a concern unless you're wearing socks and standing on carpet.

          Looking cooler and less sharp edges are the only real pros.

        • @zKskita:

          yeah looking cooler is definitely the reason I would not get naked ram anymore..

          Those were the older days of cpus, when rams had no heaksinks..

          Also handling a heatsink ram just feels nicer too.

        • @tyler.durden: In all my years of dusting computers out with an industrial air compressor and assembling computers on the living room carpet I've yet to suffer any damage from static shock.

          Not exactly worth paying more for a heatsink.

        • @Diji1:

          Depends if ppl want to have cool looking heatsinks..

          The extra price isn't different.

          The only reason why this is cheaper here is coz of the discount.

        • @scrimshaw:
          60C is nothing to an inanimate object.

    • +6

      Just get someone else to order for you…read the rules,hardly worth a neg.imo.

    • -3

      It is your problem.

      Neg because of this? Well my neg for your comment too.

      • Ha-ha you got negged

  • Is it just me or are RAM prices generally trending down and can we expect that to last? I ask because the OzBargainer in me has been tempted by some recent deals but I don't need RAM right now so trying to resist if it is only going to keep decreasing.

  • Hi rep does this fit a normal laptop with DDR3? Like HP and ASUS?

    • +8

      hahahahhaha no

    • +9

      Hi Meque,

      These DIMMS are for desktop machines.

      the ones you need are SODIMMs.


      • Any of them on offer?

    • +1

      No - you need to buy laptop ram.

    • Another thing to look out for is the Voltage. 1.35/1.4/1.6 etc. I think it varies based on motherboard.

      • You typically do not need to match RAM voltages with your motherboard.

  • +5

    Hi Rep. Any deals at the moment on ECC ram?

    • +2

      Yep, I'm after ECC ram too.

      • +1, Finally decided 2gb isn't enough for the microserver!

  • Thanks for your advise.

    • +1

      you are welcome!

      • Hi there, I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 which apparently can only be upgraded up to 8Gb.

        It has two slots and each slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-12800 with a maximum of 4GB per slot.

        Is there any promotion on Corsair 2 X 4Gb DDR3?

  • +1

    Interesting code.

  • Awesome, I needed another 16GB of ram for my home server :D

    • Sure you don't want ECC RAM for that?

  • -5

    Omg, I've been searching for a DDR4 32gb kit for days. This is perfect. I'll even go for 6 pieces at this price. Anyone willing to help me out?? Or pleaaaaaase can the store rep make an exception, winkwink :D

    • +1

      Just make three accounts and have the others go to your friends/family?

      • At first I thought it'd be more strict and limit multiple account holders, but it worked just fine. :D

        • +2

          Not sure if it was such a smart idea to blurt that…

        • +2


          Don't worry "limit one per customer" is mostly a trick to make people think there's a limited quantity and/or it's a loss leader. There's often no desire on the seller's part to strictly enforce the rule (much as we OzBargainers often want them to).

  • +1

    Voting for TA's effort and the code!

    Poor animal

  • For my order (2 x 'Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600MHz') the coupon code covers both postage options (with and without insurance). I didn't opt for insurance, however if you feel you need it (due to negative past experiences, or paranoia/anxiety) you may be able to choose it and not be any more out of pocket.

  • +3

    RAMARSE special arrangement… no comment

  • +3

    +1 just for the coupon code

  • Hi Rep, any deals for Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB low profile card?


  • +2
  • Hi rep, any deals on laptop Rams? Thanks.

  • +2

    already got 8gb on my desktop, would 16gb overkill? mainly just FPS gaming and browsing, and some office stuff..

    • +1

      You can never have too much RAM. NEVER.

      • +8

        Especially when you're using Chrome web browser.

        • Discount code should have been CHROMEARSE

      • Love the RAM placebo

    • Yes more! I had 8gb for 4 years and finally upgraded. I was running a 2500k and 6970 at the time. I now have a 980gtx with 16 gb ram and same cpu and my machine is noticeably better just doing normal task. Definitely upgrade.

  • Ramarse with your hard disk

  • +1

    just curious, is DDR4 ram pretty common on new build these days? Just don't wanna spend heaps on DDR3 ram now, then had to ditch them when upgrading to a new PC

    • +1

      Don't buy DDR3 anymore.

      • Guess I'll just gotta the current mobo die first ..

  • Fantastic price for DDR4 ram. Wish there was a decent priced motherboard that supports HDMI 2.0 so that I can build a Skylake HTPC.

  • +2

    dammit i just got a Kingston value ram 8gb DDR4 for $80-ish two weeks ago….let me go stab myself…

  • +2

    Any DDR2 deals for the folks with older motherboards? :)

    • +2

      I'm sorry, are you from the past?

      • +1

        I'm from my parents computer.

  • Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600MHz $49 - sold out.

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