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Lightning to 30-pin Adapter Genuine Apple Product $5 (89% off) RRP $45 @ K-Mart


When I used to have a 30 pin audio dock, after a lot of trial and error with cheap ebay adapters, i leant that the genuine ones are the only ones that (seem to) work properly.

Being apple they're massively overpriced.

Found this at K-Mart Kotara. The guy there said it's a clearance item everywhere. So hopefully they're nationwide.

I don't need one, so I left it there if anyone about the area needs it.

Product details here: http://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MD823AM/A/lightning-to-...

Anyway, a good saving :)

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    Saw them at kippa ring qld last week same price

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      Thx for posting

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    Bugger paid way too much for one from JB recently :(

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      Buy this one then return it to JB, problem solved. :)

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    This should be the RRP to begin with.

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    And I thought the price I got mine for was a bargain.


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    I wonder if this will work with my FLPR remote control device.

    The cheap ones from ebay never worked with this…

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    Great deal, need one of these. If only the iPad > HDMI lead was reasonably priced

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      Would this work with the 30pin to hdmi adapters?

      • No.

        Apple adaptors don't work together.

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    Anyone else seen it anywhere in Melbourne?

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    Wow amazing price.
    I bought one off ebay for about $3 and it was horrible.
    Charged about 3% in 30mins haha

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    :( they scan in at 10 in SA. Horseshit.

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      i'd still happily buy a few at 10 bucks. Which stores have stock?

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    I was at Kmart Ingle Farm today, still had $10 buck sticker. I'll check again tomorrow.

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      Hey spets was that the official apple one or generic? All the SA kmarts only have generic

      • I just checked it was generic. My bad.

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    Given it says 'clearance' it might not be available at all stores…

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    Bought the cable (which isn't a great deal longer than this!) for $60 last week. I know, I shouldn't show my face in these parts no more.

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      Why do I feel pain reading this!?

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      1 upvote = 1 prayer for this OzBargainers loss.

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    Damn, I bought this for $35 :/

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    Is this nationwide?

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    Is it 30 pin to lightning or lightning to 30 pin?

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    omg yes I need this.. Been holding off the last 3 years because it's too expensive

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    Just be mindful Apple didn't account for most cases with this design (as opposed to the latest Lightning docks) - you might need to remove your iPhone's case else the adapter's Lighting connection might not fit properly.

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    I saw this at Indooroopily Kmart Thursday. Not sure how many there were left though.

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    Anyone found one in Sydney? Can someone get me one and I will pay for postage n the item

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      Yea grab us one also.

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    $3.50 this morning at Bendigo. Maybe 4 or 5 left :)

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      Faciasts!!! :P

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    Nothing [email protected] Pacific fair=(

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    None at Churchill Kurralta or west lakes.

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    Got 1 from Ashfield NSW Kmart, there are about 10 left!

    • None left as of 5 mins ago

      • Damn! Did you get the last few? :)

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    Is this for old format Kmart stores only who still have high valued items behind an AV counter? Can't see any at "new format" Kmart stores(eg. Maitland). Only shitty Audiosonic ones.

    • These are kept in cabinets

  • Yes it is $3.5 and Dick smith selling for $ 45 And amazon for $ 49
    4 left in fountain gate vic
    You can use old 30 pin cables with this as well Means cheaper 30 pin cables can be utilised

    • All gone

  • None at K-Mart in Chadstone & Brandon Park (Vic). :-/

  • None spotted at Browns Plains, Brisbane, didn't even see tickets, same at Pacific Fair.

  • None at Kmart Chatswood.

  • Good post OP.

  • nothing in Kmart Mt Gravatt QLD

  • Picked up 2 over the weekend which although priced at $5 each clearance (Genuine Apple), scanned at the till at $3.50 each.
    There was about 5 left in the cupboard when I left with my pair at Mirrabooka WA.
    Of course I'll skip over the facts that I had to take a bus, train, bus journey each way from the northern suburbs to get there won't mention the hours out of my day it took.
    The pursuit of a bargain is uppermost of course.
    Mirrabooka, what can I say except leave someone with your car if you want to have the wheels on it when its time to go home.
    Talk about apache country…..

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      So you travelled to "Apache" country to save some money? Sounds like you're not too good for the area after all hey?

      • Touche'
        Theres still heaps of suburbs I've yet to see in WA and I'm always looking for an excuse to have a squiz.
        Enjoyed some Op shopping at Wanneroo for the first time last week and really enjoyed the atmosphere.