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Up to 50% off Delivery Hero Tonight


Delivery hero doing their Tuesday sale on again. Only a few locations have 50% off. Plenty of 40% off restaurants in my area. Should be plenty of warning before organising dinner tonight! Offer only valid between 5PM-10PM on 13.10.2015 AEST.

Participating restaurants have a red % symbol displayed in restaurant name & cart.

Some random locations that should be 40% off:

  • Mojo's Funky Pizza - Richmond VIC 3121
  • Raan Kan Eang Thai Restaurant Melbourne VIC 3000
  • The Darling Pizzeria NSW 2009
  • Five Stars Thaitanic - Chester Hill NSW 2162
  • Carlingford Gourmet Pizza NSW 2118
  • Mahal Indian Restaurant Epping 2121
  • Chop Chop Greenslopes QLD 4120
  • Ciciliano's On O'Connell SA 5006
  • Mr Pizza & Kabab on Para Hills SA 5096
  • Mondo Fresco North Perth WA 6006

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  • Nice one

    Carlingford Gourmet Pizza (NSW) is 40% off this week.

    50% last week, but still a good deal now.

    Their garlic bread is divine :)

  • Last week went to order Indian with this promotion. Two indian restaurants near me had 20% off, but with delivery fee, and minimum order amount, it was the same cost for me to order from the Indian place I normally order from, as they has lower minimum order amount + free delivery, so went with them. Less risky than trying somewhere new :P

  • Yeah maybe its just my areas but these promos never apply to me, I'm lucky if one restaurant offers a decent discount then they just add delivery on top anyway. Last time one place had 20% off but it was located at least 45 minutes away so can only imagine the 'quality' by the time it arrived. The app for me these days is just a way to see menus of places that dont have a website. Maybe if it gets more popular there will be more choice or competition in my area.

  • How can you tell what places are what % off? few of mine say first order % off. Is that the deal?

  • My email from them says "up to 50% off" (but only 40% available in my local area)

  • Damn, the local pizza place removed themselves from Delivery Hero. Wonder why?

  • I saw just one or two 40 or 20 percents, is that % for only the food component or service in full?

  • Mad Fo Chicks at Eastwood is 30% off…

    At a full price before discount of $29 for a fried chicken (Korean) even at 30% off it aint cheap…

  • Bring back $15 off $20!

  • Thanks for the deal - but does anyone else think the restaurant review process for this app is extremely dodgy? It's near impossible to work out how to review a restaurant post order (slightly easier via the app) but I recently had a terrible 2-hour-wait-then-delivered-cold experience where I was fought for a refund (which was difficult in and of itself) and it's been taken down from my "recent orders" list so I can't leave an honest review for the next poor person who attempts to order from the restaurant. All reviews on their site are positive for the restaurant, yet on Menulog the rating is low and honest reviews exist. Odd.

    Just a cautionary tale to cross-reference reviews :)

    • My area has heaps of weird looking Indian joints that I have never actually seen, and they all seem to have amazing awesome and completely implausible 5 star reviews that do not correlate to tripadvisor or any other reviews, so I think they must get their friends to do them. Look very dodgy.

  • I didn't even see much outside of 'pizza' offers. But I guess this is natural as these are up against dominoes (2 for $10, budget fill up), plus my independent local’s 2-for 20.00 Tue, anyway. Within '$1' versus them so no big incentive.

  • Excellent! Always a few good offerings in my area!

  • Anyone tried ordering from Thaitanic at Chester Hill? I get "This coupon code is not valid for this restaurant" when applying 40percentoff voucher

    • Confirmed with customer support there was an issue with this particular restaurant. Made the order then the rep gave me a 40% refund.

    • When you received that message I bet you got that sinking feeling.

  • Ciciliano's On O'Connell SA 5006
    "This coupon code is not valid for this restaurant."

    • The offer is only open to selected restaurants.

      Participating restaurants have a red % symbol displayed in restaurant name & cart.

    • The code won't be active until 5pm I believe, have updated the deal.

  • Good offers but yep, the delivery charges can make it not brilliant value. Ordered from Hungry Nights in Richmond (Vic) last week and waited closed to 100 minutes for my order. To DH's credit I got a credit after I complained, but the restaurant was awful about it, not a single apology. Can't recommend the food either.

    • Thats the issue with these delivery sites - half the time the wait is massive if it even arrives at all.

  • Noob question but is it delivery only on that website?

    • As far as i know, yes. But maybe calling the restaurant and asking if you can pick it up is worth a try.

  • Crap, all the good restaurants are not participating in my area and Kebabs is not a meal.

  • damn wish it was deliver/pickup hero .. lol two places on the way home have 40 and 50% off …. bit too far for them to deliver! damn it

  • Anyone else noticed the % off was reduced compared to last time? Unless it's just my area it seems like they're doing the same thing with the $ off deals a few months ago where they wind them down until finally getting rid of them.

  • Some are 50% off. (Well I found one and ordered…)

  • Five Stars Thaitanic in Mount Annan is showing 50% off (was 50% off last week too).

  • Most I can get around my place (metro VIC) is 20% off.

    Pretty lame :(

  • Vegetable Samosa (1 Pc) 
    Naan (Plain)    
    Saffron Rice    x  3
    Lamb Samosa (1 Pc)  
    Butter Naan 
    Garlic Naan 
    Butter Chicken (Chefs Recommendation)   
    Vindaloo Beef
    Rogan Josh Chef’s Signature Dish (Must Try)

    All for $39.10 delivered, after doing a 11 hour day its nice to come home to a deal like this, thanks a lot OP :D

    • i got 2 burgers with the lot, 2 dimmies and a potato cake for $13 delivered. I know it can be a gamble with the quality of food so I never order up big, just the bare minimum. Ive come to learn that these deals are frequent and the best places dont have to offer such discounts. Ive had some absolute garbage pizzas that were stingy beyond belief i tell you.

    • you should have got some naan bread zacsg1

  • Do Delivery Hero charge merchants high fees compared to other services or something? I've always noticed that the range of restaurants on DH is lower compared to other food delivery websites such as Menulog… Rather annoying considering the frequency of these type of deals.

  • There were more actually more 50% off places this week than last week in Brunswick, VIC.