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FREE 36 (24 +12) Apple Music Membership + 500MB Bonus Data on New Telstra Go Mobile\BYO Plans


Adding to the @AustinZ deal posted here, and adding bonus FREE 12 months of Apple Music. This offer worked for me, but always check your contract before signing the dotted line.

Worth mentioning, Cashrewards last week were offering $150 rebate for joining on a Telstra 24 month contact. The deal is not currently on offer, link here. cached here. Maybe a friendly request to reinstate it wouldn't hurt :)

  • 36 (24 +12) Months FREE Apple Music - Join a 24 month iPhone 6 or 6S Go Mobile Plan with Telstra - start here
  • 24 (12 +12) Months FREE Apple Music - Join a 12 month Go Mobile or BYO plan with Telstra - start here

  • When asked about joining a Data Share plan, Choose and accept a complimentary $40 SIM for 3 months.

  • Once you've received your phone and/or SIM and they're all activated against your online Telstra account, login to My Account. You will have two mobile numbers, click on each and enable Apple Music from the addons section. A 24 month contract will have 24 months Apple Music available on the postpaid plan and 12 months Apple Music available on the Data Share SIM plan. A 12 Month contract or BYO contract will have 12 Months Apple Music on each.

  • Wait until you get the SMS from Telstra confirming your request to join Apple Music it will contain this URL which will only work from the phone that has the SIM with the matching phone number. For the other Data Share SIM, put this in a spare phone.

  • If you don't get an SMS in 12 hours, contact Telstra support. They've had a lot of on boarding issues, but are able to fix it quickly.

  • If your account says it's already activated but you didnt get an SMS, proceed by using the Apple Music carrier URL

  • If the URL works, it will ask you what Apple ID you want to activate the subscription on. Create a new one, use an existing one, or use a friends/family one.

  • Then go get your bonus 500MB data per month at this link - Takes 36 hours to activate

These Apple Music subscriptions probably don't stack, but I never tried it. I just activated the 24 and 12 months on different Apple ID accounts. Once attached to an AppleID, you've got it available everywhere there's no association to Telstra or the phone. I put the Share Data SIM on a spare phone, activated the offer and associated it to the gf's AppleID. Now happy working on her Optus iPhone and iTunes on the laptop.

In regards to the Shared Data SIM plan, your account should show that the contract is ended, with no fees to terminate. Again check the final documents before committing to a contract in case Telstra change the offer. The idea of another SIM for a tablet to share data with the primary account is a great idea though so might be worth keeping because you will end up with 8.5GB of shared data. Otherwise contract Telstra to terminate it.

Not a bad deal!

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  • personally hate apple music, its not as good as spotify or even rdio
    -its to hard to search for music
    -unless you use high quality streaming the music sounds like crap.

  • yeah I hope they implement it better in itunes/music app, needs some work. but it does have alot to choose from and i wont complain about free. apparently incorporates iTunes Match too, i need to play around with it a bit more.

  • So basically the usual deal, but you're getting an extra 12 months by adding a data share sim?

    Also can't really call it 36/24 months if they're not stackable.

    Though I guess the good thing is that they extended that double data offer on the 2.5GB BYO plan, $50pm for 5GB data + a bunch of talk + apple music with Telstra is a pretty good deal.

    • yeah guess it's how you view it, but essentially you're getting 24 + 12. i like telstra for the speeds and coverage and 4GX is pretty fast in a lot of areas

  • I have a question, it might sound something really basic and stupid, but I might ask it.
    Using these streaming services use data, am I correct? As in the more you use streaming service, the more data you are going to use?
    I was talking to someone and she was insisting on that it doesn't use as much data as getting an offline copy.

    • approx 1.65MB per minute, which equates to around 49.5MB of data per half an hour for 4G streaming, taken from here

      if you're at home or work and can get wifi, then offline all your music which will be a higher bitrate, and wont use your 4G data allowance

      • So it'd be around 192kbps MP3 file when you stream :S Thanks, that makes a lot of sense to me now :D

        • Basically your friend has no idea and is completely wrong. (sorry)

          If you stream music you are downloading data every time you listen to it.

          If you download it, you use data that one time then could listen to it a million times without any further data use.


          You want a song that is 3.5mb

          you download it, play in 10 times in a week, total data used = 3.5mb

          you decide to stream that same 3.5mb song instead of download it, you play it 10 times in that week, total data used = 35mb

          (obviously 10x more)

          give your friend that example and it should help her understand.

        • @yacman: I wouldn't blame her too much, I think she has a lot of data + her work place has wifi. It's just that she's trying to use that logic that she has to tell others to go for Apple music. I have songs that I wouldn't expect to find on Apple music and I personally never liked the idea of counting my data for music (+ I've heard horror stories of Apple Music ruining the tags on your library), so I was never going to move to Apple music.

          That said if she is spreading false statement, I'd rather want to say "you've got things wrong" with some kind of a reasonable evidence. So yeah, I wanted to double check, since what she was saying was beyond what I consider as a common sense (at least kind of things I've learnt from being an audiophile of sort).

        • @Oversimplified: I know how data and usage works but I'm a little unsure how using apple music impacts your ID3 tags of locally stored files (I have no experience with apple music but plan on using it in the near future). On paper it appears to be spotify but with the apple UI and database, I'm fine with data usage and overall it would work out cheaper than buying music every time it comes out.

          Your correct though your friends logic to convince people to get apple music based on data usage is incorrect, but I assumed there were advantages to apple music? (although by this forum looks like its in a BETA stage that needs massive improving).

          (also you having songs that you don't think are on apple music is kind of irrelevant unless your IOS device won't let you add local files and stream apple music files which I highly doubt? or you only wan't to listen to those songs and nothing else).

        • @yacman: I've heard that it was an issue with iCloud Music Library (some of the horror stories I've heard with tag stuff), that said my knowledge is based on what I've read. Here's the article that I found that was linked to the forum post I've seen. It would probably describe it better than I could.


          What I've said about Apple music was about streaming service in general, I have a rather peculiar taste in music (I don't think I'd be able to find many people who listens to electro swing, pop, death metal, classic, k-pop and more). I tend to stay within the songs I like, even though they seem rather broad (I repeat until I get bored, then I search for the song I want to listen to and repeat that song).

          Also counting data's not my thing as well, I tend to think of data as an emergency option for contacting my parents (who are in other country). So yeah, I simply am not a part of the demography that streaming in general would be attractive to. I see what is good about it, it's just not my thing.

          I am not an iOS user myself, though my mother is one (who relies on me for information) and few of people I know are (I belong in the minority, in many sense). Also, Apple Music's going to come to Android as well, so that's why I sort of said it like how I've said it before.

  • For anyone that signs up now, be prepared for a rocky experience with the Apple Music subscription. There seems to be issues somewhere between Apple and Telstra when you use the carrier to handle billing that's resulting in problems, the most common being periodically (a few days) your downloaded collection will be completely deleted. I'm sure it'll get sorted and it'll be a great deal, but if you get in early it could be rough to start with. I've been personally talking to Telstra for nearly a fortnight with no resolution yet and my issues only began when the Apple trial ended and the Telstra billing kicked in.


  • Just another note re the above (great idea though):
    "These Apple Music subscriptions probably don't stack, but I never tried it. I just activated the 24 and 12 months on different Apple ID accounts."

    Me: Just one last question - do the Apple Music subscriptions 'stack' on one Apple account - ie. can I add two separate 12-month subscriptions (from my two phones) onto the same Apple ID?
    Telstra: Nope it's only for one account.
    Me: So if I only have one user ID with Apple, it won't work to make 2 x 12 month subscriptions? I would have thought it was just a voucher code or something - or is it linked to the duration of my contract?
    Telstra: It is linked to your contract.

    So the reason you can't stack it, is that it is basically linked back to your contract duration (ie. I can't get 24 months Apple Music on a 12-month contract).

  • Thanks. Converted from Telstra Prepaid with the deal here:
    and they've stated that they'll do the apple music as per here:

    I love you guys. </DrunkHug>