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Free 12 Month Apple Music Membership for New (12/24 Month) & Existing Telstra Postpaid Subscribers


Deal is for 12 or 24 month iPhone contracts with Telstra. Started on the Aug 4.

Mod: We have been informed a bonus data offer will be available from the 30th of August:

The Apple Music 500MB Bonus Data Offer from Telstra will be available from the 30th August to eligible new and recontracting customers taking up an active Apple Music Subscription with us.

Eligible new and recontracting customers who took up an active Apple Music Subscription between 4th - 29th of August will be contacted by Telstra post 30 August to advise them of how to opt in to get the bonus data. More information to come (unsure at this stage if you need to recontract to get the 500mb).

It is not available for prepaid user and staff plan user.

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  • +2 votes

    Everyone already gets 3 month trial, so using this deal after the trial is good.

  • sounds awesome. pleae keep us posted.

  • Great news! I'm both a Telstra postpaid and Apple Music subscriber :-)

  • +1 vote

    is that to make up for the mess that was MOG (which became Beats, which became apple subscription)

    is it all customers or only new post paid?

  • Does this work for boost customers?

  • Fingers crossed postpaid customers don't have to sign a 24 month contract to get the free membership.

  • Unmetered Data please Mr Telstra

    • MOG (beats) was unmetered so I am guessing this will be too.

      • MOG wasn't given away free for 12 months. Free membership might be the trade off. Hopefully it's unmetered.

        • +1 vote

          The answer is to make an Offline Playlist (on your iPhone, tap the "…" then select "Make this playlist available offline" - Now Just add your music to the playlists and your devices will auto-download the songs for offline play.

        • @massafiri:
          I can see how that would be a solution for some people. Spotify works in the same way.

          Personally, having to store the music files on my device defeats the whole purpose of an application for streaming music. If I have to store the files anyway, I'll use better quality audio files (lossless) that are not crippled by design (copy protected/app restricted) in a decent player like Poweramp.

          It will be interesting to see how they approach it. Most people don't realise MOG is restricted to 48kbps AAC+ when using unmetered cellular data. It's not great quality, but at least it's free data. For me this Apple Music deal would be either life changing or just a useful bonus, depending on data metering. If I was a betting man I'd put all my money on it being metered; unmetered is too good to be true. We'll know for sure in a few days if the OP info is correct.

        • @jonsnow:
          Actually it works really well when travelling. An example is MOG will only work if it's streaming from an AU IP address, so if you download them before going overseas, you can take the songs with you.

  • I'd definitely like to see the source on this one, as I haven't seen any media release, or info shared for such a thing. Definitely think we need verification on it, before it can be confirmed.

  • This is AWESOME!

    Went away for the weekend and used Apple Music and it took a hefty chunk out of my data usage! This is good to know!

    • What's good to know? There's no details yet. No mention of data being unmetered.

      • +3 votes

        True, but if it's any indication of things from MOG, and the fact that I have seen the Apple Beats music in the system at work must mean something.

  • Edit: Seems like it is not available for prepaid user and staff plan user. :(

  • +1 vote

    ….darn…..and I have a staff and friends plan.

  • Awesome! 12 Months, lucky I'm with Telstra.

  • The $45 go mobile plan is the gift that keeps giving…

  • possible to get on the cheapest month to month postpaid plan for one month?

  • Wow, you could do 3 months THEN 12 months free. Now, I just need a Telstra-something.

  • Shame they won't have an Android App until sometime in Spring.

  • How do you signup? the link in the DEAL only goes to NADOC week…

  • Need more details .

  • Can it be used on business plan?

  • Not sure if I'm missing something.. But this deal has a heap of upvotes and no one knows if it's real yet?? I'm a Telstra customer so would love it to be legit but the link just sends me to the homepage….
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Doubters just shut up!!!

    We need to encourage people to leak info like this (and like the last ebay deal). What you do is nothing but offending people risking themselves to post us deals early. You don't have to vote but keep your doubting posts to yourselves.

  • Awesome… I hope it goes unmetered that would be awesome.

  • If it goes unmetered that'll be enough for me to switch to Telstra.

      • I found it really cool. I can make playlists of whatever music I want (granted that iTunes has).

        And I can then select the option to make it Available Offline. I can even do this on my iOS device (which I have). I was planning on paying for this and the fact I can get a year for free is just icing on top in my opinion.

        And if I could get Audiobooks… it would be the best thing in the audio world in my opinion.

        • @Diji1:

          I can't tell if you are really thick of just Apple bashing.

          Discounting how designed it the ability to search a large library of songs and download them to our device is a great product.

  • Yes.

    While I prefer some of Spotify's features and UI at the moment, I'd happily use the jailbroken-improved-version of Apple Music if streaming is unmetered.

    What motivates me may not motivate others.

  • Windows phone users remain out in the cold. Again. Nothing in the store for apple, beats or mog. Oh well.

  • meh..only ever got Android…guess it's no love for us android fans then

  • Brilliant, finally an actual reward for being a telstra customer and paying a premium every month.

    • Fact of the matter is that you don't need to be a Telstra customer and pay premium in the first place? They don't need to give out rewards unfortunately as people like you and I sign up to them regardless. I have to pay $20 more on their equivalent plan purely due to the fact that where I live they're the only company that gives me any decent reception. My premium price every month goes towards me being able to use the phone without it cutting out all the time.

      • I live South East Brisbane so I really should switch. Although I enjoy the quality it often isn't quote worth the price each month.

  • On the 3 month trial now. A long time MOG subscriber. Keeping that going until the 3 month Apple Music trial finishes.
    Hopefully, this turns out to be true and will be an extension of the 12 month trial.
    If Apple Music is unmetered like MOG is/was it will be a no brainer for us.

    Having said that, the fact that Spotify lets me D/L music and use it in Djay2 on the iPhone/iPad is a very VERY compelling argument to switch.

    • One of the benefits of Apple Music is any 'offline' music you download, is treated like stock music. So you could theoretically use it in any app, including Djay2. I have used songs in a few apps already, (I'm on iOS 9 beta 3 if that may be a feature unique to that update)

      • Yeah, I tried that as soon as I signed up for the free trial. :-)

        Djay2 gives a DRM 'no go' message for Apple music.
        It is my understanding that Spotify does not.

        What apps dos you use that allowed you to use the d/l tracks from apple music?

        As you stated, the new version of iOS might eliminate this.

        • Same thing with the Sonos app. Can't stream Apple music to Sonos but Spotify can stream to Sonos. No reason to change to Apple Music unless they change this.

      • How about RDIO? DRM or NOT?

  • Please be true! Please have unmetered streamng landline & 4G ! lol maybe Im hoping for too much, but then again I pay a lot for telstra services compared to others with different telco's.

  • Nothing showing up yet

  • Anyone know how this will work? Will it just appear on the Telstra website?

  • Nothing showing for me either. Have checked account etc and cant see anything

  • I wouldn't up-vote till I see it on the website.

  • I think it will have an extra option in the music app saying 'Telstra User?'. Nothing yet.

    I saw this when I first updated my iphone but it dissapeared. I didn't click it.

    • I also had it the first time i opened the app in new IOS few days ago and never saw that option again. I should have clicked it that time. It might be just for carrier billing though and not 12 months free service!

      • You haven't missed anything. It just says "you do not have subscription through your carrier"

  • Goes to show that things that are too good to be true usually are. Why would Telstra do this in the first place?

    I could see it as a new signing bonus or peace offering for old MOG users. There really is no precedent for this sort of thing.

    I'm disappointed but not surprised, Telstra have never let me down but they've never exceeded my expectations either.

  • Neg for the bull poo

  • We calling BS on this one yet?

  • Give this a bit of time before negging. Lets not discourage leaks like this.
    The timing and exact details may be wrong, but I think there may be something in this. Especially as MOG looks like ending soon.

    With that said. There never was a deal and it would of been more suited as a forum post.

  • OP will deliver, post isn't ducktales and people just need to chill and wait a little longer.

    Not unmetered also FYI

    • If Apple don't make the UI better, i'll stick with Spotify. Happy to pay for a decent interface. I've played around with it on my phone and it seems very clunky (I'm more a 'add lots of songs to playlists' person rather than a 'let's listen to an entire album' person). Unmetered would have convinced me to swap though (I download and store offline now, and whilst I can do that with Apple Music, the UI still gets me).

  • Note: This is a rumour ONLY and is not published as fact

    Launch: On or Around July 14, 2015

    Telstra and Apple will offer 1 year (12 months) of Apple Music for FREE if they have a Telstra Postpaid consumer plan (small business, enterprise, commercial not included).

    After the free year, it would be $11.99/mo via carrier billing exclusive to Telstra.

    Downside: Unlike MOG, Apple Music will count against your data allowance (metered).

    For Family Plans, that would be $16.99 for 6 users but it would be direct thru Apple App Store. The 12 month free will not apply.

    • +1 vote

      The mention here of carrier billing through Telstra is interesting to me. Although this deal apparently wont be available for prepaid customers, it would be nice if carrier billing was still available to allow our Apple Music subscription to come out of the recharge credit (much like MOG was/is).

    • Source?

    • Hopefully there is also a similar 12 months free deal for us suckers still on MOG.

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