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Teclast X98 Pro - 9.7" 2048x1536 - Win10/Android5, Atom X5, 4GB RAM, US$216 (~AU$297) @ Banggood


Exact Prices : 215.29 USD = 296.567 AUD (average based on XE.com - USD = 1.37752 AUD / AUD = 0.725940 USD)
Switching currency to USD on BG might get you a better exchange rate. Otherwise with AUD currency selected, it sits at AU $301.67 which still beats Everbuying/Geekbuying/Gearbest/Aliexpress and eBay.

Using coupon code, should take $22.71 AUD off. If you're after the previous bay trail devices, you can also use the coupon code click here. A similar deal for this same device was posted two weeks ago at 317 AUD for price checking.

After looking at the recent Nokia N1 7.9" deal @ 268 AUD, it seemed to be missing quite a few things important to me, one of them being SD Card slot.

When comparing to the Surface Pro 3 and other tablets, the specs are really great for the price. The achilles heel would be that it does get a bit warm after some long usage, and if there is heavy usage such as gaming, it can get quite hot, so bear that in mind before purchasing. But if you were in the market for one, I wanted the us to get the best price so this is best right now. 4K playback and gaming is very smooth (avoid chrome browser).

Specs :

  • Genuine Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Lollipop Dual Boot OS (One Key to switch between them)
  • CPU : Intel Cherry Trail Z8500 Quad Core, 14nm, 1.44~2.24GHz Atom X5 T4 Cherry Trail Architecture
  • GPU : 12 Cores GPU Gen8 HD Graphics , Intel HD Graphics Gen8, 12EU Gen8LP 600MHz
  • 4GB 128bit Dual Channel LPDDR3 1600MT/s Lower power consumption
  • Uses 8-Layer PCBA and ROHM power management chip.
  • 14nm process technology 2W Lower power consumption, Gravity Sensor support.
  • 2.24 GHZ Ultra-high clock speed New burst technology
  • Built-in 64 GB eMMC stable fast/data read/write perforamnce
  • Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, & HDMI, Wireless Display (WiDi, Miracast or similar)
  • Weight (Minimum operating) 510gm -520gm / 1.12 pounds - 1.1465 pounds
  • 9.7 inch IGZO Retina IPS Wide-View Retina Display 2048 x 1536 High Resolution 264ppi , 4:3 Ratio. Size: 240mmx169mmx7.9mm
  • 7.8 mm Metal Body, 9.55mm Ultra narrow bezel, Aluminium casing. Size: 9.4/6.7/0.3 inches
  • Front and Rear Cameras, America OV Rear 5.0 MP Auto-Focus / Front 2.0 Mp
  • USB 2.0 Micro USB Slot, Micro HDMI Port, TF Card Slot, 3.5mm Earphone Slot, Microphone, USB-OTG Support
  • 30400mWh Lithium Polymer Battery - 8000 mAh upto 8 hours battery life for normal usage.
  • 10 Points multi-touch Capacitive touch screen. Dual AAC Stereo Speakers

Package Includes
1 x Tablet PC
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x Adapter (the adapter depend on the country of the buyer.)

Shipping : Free Shipping to Australia via Air Parcel Register 7-25 business days.

If you need the specs presented in an Apple-like way, check out the direct link here : http://www.teclast.com/en/zt/X98Produalos/

Recommended accessory : Buy here - Teclast X98 Folding stand Protective Case with attached Keyboard. $34.05 AUD Use coupon code: b185f7 to take off $1.70 AUD bringing it down to $32.35 AUD.

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  • it can get quite hot

    That's an understatement. It get so hot the CPU gets throttled
    Teclast shoved a faster CPU, without changing the the design of the tablet.

    Avoid this tablet until Teclast fixes the heat issues

    • There's a few mods on the internet to DIY heat spreader that puts it down to more reasonable temperatures even at full throttle. However, not for the faint hearted and obviously breaks the warranty when you pull it apart.

      • As if this really has a warranty anyway.

        • hmmm.. I have sent faulty stuff back to Banggood before and they have accepted it and offered refund etc. Only downside was I had to pay for the return postage. So they do honour it, if you are game to send it back.

      • Yeah you can buy some cheap copper heat sink pads and DIY it looks pretty easy, it can increase performance benchmarks by upto 25%, and handles the temperature issues.

  • Lakers1222 is absolutely right. I am expecting Chuwi to come out with something better as I own Chuwi hi8 and its really good for the price I paid.

    • Do you constantly get the screen bubble issue like i do? I regularly have to keep "popping" it back to normal lol.

    • My Chuwi Hi8 also gets heat throttled while playing an intensive 3D game on Android. I'm quite disappointed by the screen until I got a tempered glass accessory.

  • I ordered one of these Teclast x89 tablet and arrived with only 30min~45min usage.
    the hassle to go through claim process & return postage probably gonna cost more than $40~$60.

  • Does the first-gen Teclast get hot with prolonged Android usage?

    I know the processor itself running at 2w would make the device run warm, but that's only if the CPU and GPU are actually utilized. If I'm just reading ebooks how does it cope?

    • I have not come across anyone reporting any heat issues with the Teclast X98 Air II or Air 3G so far.

    • Yeah afaik the Bay Trail tablets are all pretty good no over heating issues, it's just that they put the powerful Cherry Trail cpu in this one that makes it a bit hot.

    • I would beg to differ - depends on the manufacturer. I've bought the VOYO products (their "Mini" tablet and their Windows PC Box) both use the Baytrails. The Tablet would freeze when heated too much (gets very warm) and would do funny things to the touch screen under these conditions (eg. Ghost presses, calibration problems etc). The PC Box on the other hand warms up to 95c+ if I leave it sitting as per design. I have to belly flip it around to let the heat out. Whoever was stupid enough to design a box with the processor inverted with no heat sink and not realising that heat rises without active cooling needs to be shot. I have a USB fan blowing onto it to keep it 60c at idle and up to 75c at full throttle.

      In short - Intels (Baytrails and others) do overheat and really depends on the design of the tablet and heat spreader / heat sinks.. Read the reviews before you buy people.