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[PC/PS4/XB1] Pre-Order: Fallout 4 $59 @ JB Hi-Fi [Sold out Online]


Fallout 4 Pre-order $59 - Available 10/11/15

Available for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Edit - Might be a preorder only offer so get in early.

Sold out online on all 3 platforms. Buy/preorder instore.

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  • Surely they can't sell at $59

    I know Big W went to $69…JB I pre-ordered at $89 and they said they were likely to change.

    • I kinda of agree… considering the PC version is priced the same as PS4 and XB1… rule of thumb for games is that the PC is usually $20 below the console version's price. Very rare that they will be the same.

      Probably trying to get people to pre-order through them?

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      you say that but the gamesmen was actually first at this price point… they did a special limited number sale… think i'm actually paying about $56AUD shipped for my copy due to a promo code that was available at the same time… plus there seem to be a few console deals popping up now where they claim to be including fallout 4 for "free"… so there is obvious some sort of deal going on to be able to sell this game super cheap… perhaps they're convinced it'll sell so well that they're nearly giving it away? lol

      • I got that deal as well, for $56.90 but includes $3.95 for shipping.
        Promo-code gave $5 off

        • yeah i think it actually worked out to about $58.90 according to my paypal receipt… i'm still happy with that, good to see others will be able to get it cheap now too

    • At $59 we are getting it well below what they pay in the U.S (RRP of $60USD which converts to $82.71AUD)

      tl;dr we're getting this for over $23 cheaper than the U.S - crazy.

      • Remembering that's $59USD + tax too. Our games are a great price here at launch.

        • Great point. I remember when everywhere they were $89 cheapest and eb was stndard at $110. Taking into account inflation and the low Aussie dollar….games have actually never been cheaper here (in the relative sense).

        • @stevensx: It's crazy man. Games cost $80-$100AUD back in the N64 era. Inflation has apparently not touched the videogame industry. This is especially amazing considering how increasingly expensive AAA games are to make (way bigger budget than they ever used to be).

        • @johnno07: You are dead on. Looking at it from a business sense, the gaming industry has actually grown exponentially over recent years as gaming consoles and other devices are being sold in higher volume than ever. Basic economies of scale dictate that when more games are sold they can be sold at a cheaper price :) that's the only thing that I can think of that actually explains this weird trend.

        • I'm pretty sure I remember spending $110 on FIFA 95 on SNES…. Not much to complain about nowadays

        • +3 votes


          Cartridges cost way more to make than to press a disc. A cartridge has memory, battery, circuit board, chipsets all housed in a plastic case.

        • @abc:

          According to RBA, in 2014 $ (won't go to 2015) that's $179.51… So I take you're point but yeah…

          I'm pretty sure cartridges cost about US$25 for manufacturers round then, so quite the mark up.

        • @johnno07:


          What's happening is the redistribution of wealth. Lots of publishers are feeling the heat. And what you're probably not seeing is the amount that hit the wall each year, in Australia too. The most adaptable survive and some thrive. Yet a reasonably sized Japanese games developer just shed 80 staff recently and is down to just over 10 staff. This new economy punishes those that don't really add value aggressively. Dong the same things as everyone else just isn't good enough anymore. Kickstarter and Steam (among others) allow indies to make good money now, without the overhead, most often without the need for traditional publishers. So it's the redistribution of wealth that's happening, and the democratisation we call the interwebs is helping this transpire into a new tradition.

      • Lucky I already got this pre-order from the Gamesmen on the 15% ebay special for about the same price.. hehe.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/212948

    • Welcome to the world of loss-leading.

  • My body is ready.

  • +20 votes

    Concluded, the price wars has.

  • Nice price

  • when does the promotion end? or is it gonna run till the game is released?

  • I just created an account to post this. Nice work Wonderboy!

  • Anyone knows if ebgames will match?

    • I asked them this question about another game. Their reply was to say that they price match on the actual day of pick up. So if you pre-order now, put on a minimum deposit (usually around $10) and then when u pick it up on the 10th quote this price of $59. The only catch is that it's a gamble seeing as the price could easily
      go up by then.

  • Oh nice, I was gonna pick mine up at big w bc of the $20 strategy guide, but might go to JB.

  • Wow. That's significantly cheaper than steam.
    At this price its cheaper for me to purchase the PC copy from JB as well as a USB DVD drive (as my PC doesn't have one) that purchase it on steam.

    • so having not bought a physical PC game ever, will this be a steam copy?

    • You probably don't need a DVD drive as I would expect you just punch in your steam code and download it. The physical disc is only really good for those who have slow internet who want to install a majority from disc (although not all - apparently you will still need to download some data after you installed from disc anyway).

      • Oh awesome. Been doing some googling and that seems correct.
        Its been a long time since I bought a physical copy of a game/

      • Its almost guaranteed that you load up the Multiple DVD's (like the multiple 1.44" Diskettes back in the time) and then end up with a 8GB update anyway because they screwed up the "final" version before they mastered it to DVD. Its like loading up any of the Blizzard games on my upgraded/reinstalled Desktop only to find that I was it with another 12 GB of downloads.

        • It's not about screwing up anything. Publishers these days are pressured to release games to tight schedules (particularly when it comes to Christmas releases), and the 'gold' process means that they then have a month or so before launch where they can't update the final release.

          The whole point of a day one patch is that they then have time to continue to optimise the game to work as well as possible (particularly in the case with PCs where there's a huge variation in configurations), in an effort to prevent any disappointment in their prospective buyers.

          Implying that games should be perfect before going gold is a pretty naive view not only of software development, but business in general, and whilst I agree that it sucks that the download is so big, I'd much rather have that than some broken gameplay experience.

        • @roadeh:
          Funny.. Software developers never had these issues when Internet was <28.8k Baud. They actually had the discipline to ensure that when their software is upgraded to "Gold" for release that is tested properly as much as humanly possible. Sure, having the Internet faster now means they can do an Agile development approach, but it is still damn embarrassing to have customers buy a physical copy of the software AND download another 12Gb worth when the whole game itself is only a tad bigger than that. Means that they screwed up royally with testing and Quality Assurance.
          I can understand that at times there will be DLC's, Add-on's, Feature updates etc. But not on day one and the fact that people actually want the physical copy to avoid the lengthy downloads. That is why we pay the twice as much for the media version over buying just a few alpha-numeric numbers from Cdkeys and co.

    • you are gonna need to download most part of the game anyway even if you buy the disc version http://www.pcgamer.com/fallout-4-will-require-a-steam-downlo...

      • Steam is Evil… Never liked it since its conception from HL2 days.. :(

        • Steam is awesome, i have about 600 games in my account, so it saves me DAYS each time an os upgrade comes along or i need to reinstall my pc for some reason, or when i get a new pc.
          I can just copy my steam folder to an external drive, then back onto fresh pc and have all my games already installed, without needing 600 cd's and somewhere to store them.
          It keeps them auto-updated, my savegames sit in the cloud, whats not to like?

          Definitely not feeling the evil over here…

        • I didn't like steam in the HL2 days because it never worked for me back then (some missing .dll error I think and I still had dial up) but I have over 500 games now…..

  • Is it the same price of you preorder in store or this is exclusive to online preorder?

  • will it be good game? I havent played previous Fallout games. Worth buying?

    • ye

    • All the previous versions were very well received see here. The assumption is that this will be no different. Look up the gameplay of Fallout 3 and see if you would like it.

    • Probably. Both Fallout 3 and New Vegas was amazing (I'd recommed those if you've never played Fallout series, the modern ones).
      Though, from few games beforehand, I'd expect bugs to be there in the game (so save often).

      • Is it like continuous story? Do I have to play previous games before I start the new one?

        • Not really, at most they might have few refererences you might not get, but Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4 are all set in different places with different people. They are all done with same setting (Post Apocalypse), but it's not really to an extent where you require prior knowledge. For example, there was one or two references I can recall that was from Fallout 3 in Fallout New Vegas. Only one that I can think of is how in NV, you have skill magazines that increases your skill temperarily; The title of a magazine is direct reference to one of the quest you could do in Fallout 3.

          You'd be able to start fresh, I assume.

        • Like this other guy has said, it really isnt.
          They just have the same setting (post apocalyptic world), its even in a different location. There's unlike to be more than a random reference here and there.

    • Bethesda always makes good games. Just buy anything with 'Bethesda' on the cover and you won't be disappointed.

    • You must be a vault dweller stuck in a nuclear shelter

    • I would say yes.
      I'm 60% thru 3 and loving it, but since PC died, haven't being able to play it :(
      I got 4 NV + all DLC's from a steam sale ready to go when I do get my PC working (new rig).
      So I most likely get this deal as well.

      Thanks OP

    • Depends what sort of games you play, my favourite series, but far from the sort of game you can play for an hour or 2 once a month, this will consume you or you won't enjoy it

  • Nice one OP - great price.

  • Price error like FIFA 16 last time?

  • Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I was initially planning on getting GOTY Edition (since mods tend to require every DLC). Then again… the price is really nice and season pass do exist :(

    • Who's patient enough to wait for the GOTY Edition? :)

      • It's so much cheaper to grab GOTY edition though.
        Eh, someone bought it for me as a Christmas present.
        I might grab the season pass when it comes out instead.

  • I'm guessing you can't get it early for preloads right?

  • Wow awesome price, if I wasn't getting the EB nuke pack I would be all over this

  • For the first time, an Australian retailer is cheaper than online (overseas) game shops like Ozgameshop, etc

    Wow, good onya JB

    • +5 votes

      First time? Haven't checked games prices all year??? Target and Big W are repeatedly less then OGS lately.

      JB clearly selling at a loss, interesting given their game prices of late have bucked the trend and gone up in recent years…

      • Not PC games dude…

        Xbox and PS yes, but PC games never been cheaper in-store vs online

  • Is this only online? Will I be able to go to a store and pre-order for the same price?

  • Thanks OP, got one!

  • Is it better to order in store and collect in store or get it posted? Will we get the game on time of release if we get it delivered?
    I think I'll go in store just to be certain, but I am curious.

  • Dunno whether to get this or my preordered pipboy edition…

  • +1 vote

    Ordered for Xbox One, don't really care for Fallout, but at that price… Thanks OP!