TVpad Users - Court Rules Against Company - The Company Is Gone

It has been a few days that a lot of people are experiencing connecting to TVpad server with No luck.

The reason why is "In a default judgment, a California judge ruled against the companies behind the TVPad device"

Due to copyright laws.

All of there support,website, social media and forum are either down or no one responding.


There are speculation that changing DNS, but is not recommended and is also a temperamental fix.

So just wanted to share to everyone, in-case you were all wondering.

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  • They just withdraw any servers in those affected areas. Being asked to payout doesn't necessary mean they will. It is China.. Most likely open up as a different owner

  • We all knew it was illegal anyway. Anyone who thought otherwise is too naive.

  • Argh, I bought a TVpad4 just last week for my mum and it doesn't work. I think I better try to return it for a refund.

    • return it where, they companies shut down.

      • +1

        I bought it on eBay from a local seller so I am going to try to return it through them/eBay.

        • yep, good idea. Quote the ACL laws that the goods must be fit for purpose.
          Then again the unit is not really faulty, the streaming servers that are shut down are the thing that is not working.

        • @PVA:

          1. ebay is full of fakes, you should of bought it at a local store that can get chinese hardware
          2. it works fine, my family have been using till NOW which is 2017, lol a little hiccup and you return it??
          3. servers get moved or updated all the time, no stupid law stops good ol' tvpad
        • @astroASMR:
          This was 2 years ago. Talk about bringing up the dead.
          I never bought one btw.

  • Anyone else's tvpad still working?

    • yes, you need to change the dns and use a different server until they work issues out

  • +1

    Nope…my isn't working at the moment. There's a saying to change the DNS to below


    then update the firmware. Well..didn't work for me. Leave it here for anyone wanting to give it a go.

  • I also tried setting DNS to but my TVpad4 says V5.054 is the "Latest version already". I think it is due to the server being down because the network test passes all other checks except the server gives an error.

  • Use this one

    I am using the 146 DNS.

    1. Update the Firmware. Goto Settings -> Firmware. You should get 5.060 app

    2. Update the apps. go to TVPAD Store -> Management -> Update. You'll have to update the Chinese Drama VOD app, HKTV app, Cantonese Drama VOD app and Movie app. They'll work without problems. The US drama apps and kids VOD app is not working still :(

    • Hi Stingy-oz,

      I'm not the most techy person out there

      where and under what setting do I enter


      please assist


    • Hi Stingy-oz,

      I'm not the most techy person out there

      where and under what setting do I enter the numbers you have posted above?

      please assist


      • Hey ynot1985

        I'm referring to TVPAD4 when I mention about the options above. Sorry should have been clear. In TVPAD4, you can press left key to get to the settings menu and under Network you'll find the settings there (depending on if you're using WIFI or just wired)

  • +1

    Yea I changed the DNS and live tv is working, although I cant work out how to move down the secondary box to put in a secondary dns.

    Which app do tvpad 4 ppl use to watch tvb series?

    Some version of 中港快看 isnt working for me?

  • +2

    What other box other than tvpad can play back HK drama? Thanks

    • +1

      There's Moonbox and Unlock box tech.

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    according to some users on internet, the company is not gone, the server are being attacked
    the lawsuit has nothing to do with the current problem!

    change the DNS and update the programs will work again….

  • Is it safe to change DNS?

  • I am from Milwaukee, none of those DNS change works for me.

    • did you update the firmware? Once updated, you'll also have to update the apps. Again I'm referring to TVPAD4


    Htv2 looks good…7 day play back and vod

  • Anyone got tvpad3 working?

    • changed DNS yesterday on one of my friend's TVPad3, then they are able to view the TVB…
      but cannot update firmware or apps on TVPad3.

      changed DNS today on one of the TVPad4, updated firmware & apps, but did not have the time to test it out yet…

      • Can you please pm me which dns works? Thanks.

      • Mind share your DNS used on your friend's TVPad3?

  • The dns numbers that I have found that work are as follows:,,,213,10.163, I found that if you go to settings, then select ethernet and auto, then acquire settings, apps usually work. Failing that then change to manual and try one of the settings above. You may find from time to time that the apps will stop working or are limited. I found that when i went back to auto settings they had all changed to, I then had to auto acquire the settings and all worked find. I do not know that whether you have to have the auto settings set away from before the manual settings will work. I also noted that when I looked at the time on the top right of the screen, if it does not show the Australian time, wherever you are, then it may be an indication that you have to go back to acquire the auto settings. I hope this helps, bit of a pain but I found that by doing this it eventually works.

  • Heya, our tvpads are also very rocky, but my last dns input work. As I am not home I dont know the dns, but it was in the 40s and not 100s. We're not too phased as we also have moonbox, but someone asked for other options and I have recently set up a couple "media boxes" widely available on ebay with vchannel, you'll have to look up the URL for hk channels to add, it's easy to find.
    Hope that helps anyone who really need their hk stuff ;) Also TVplus works for cn channels like 300+ of em.

    But those who are used to TVPAD (which is almost like buying apple…) would have to root if possible!?? or move to android and open up a world of possibilities! that way, if all chinese stuff eventually gets annihilated cough not gonna happen at the very worst you can stream free iview on non smart tvs ;)

  • I have used DNS

    Change network from auto > manual > changed DNS. Depending on which firmware you have, it might download V5.060 (the latest). If it downloads the update then you can change back the network from manual to auto.

    This worked for me on a couple of TVPad4s.

    • So if you have tvpad 4 and update to firmware V5.06, it will auto detect DNS?

      For older boxes, they are stuck with manual DNS?

  • DNS working on TVpad 3 in Perth for TW stream (516), JP stream (NIJI_Show) and various HK stream apps too.

  • +1

    DNS not working on TVpad 3 in Sydney. If anyone has other DNS or solutions please let me know.

    • works for me, thanks

  • actually… i just noticed that DNS works on ethernet only for me? doesn't seem to work on wifi, any ideas why?

    • Also works for me on LAN.

      Live TVB works without this but 港粤快看 needs this to work.

  • I can confirm that our TVPad1 now works on ethernet/LAN with DNS set as
    Switched it off then back on and voila, user icon came back as green.
    Happy in-laws = happy wife = happy life.

    Full list of DNS's to try:

  • this is no different than buying a pirate hacked foxtel or austar card at the pub.

    dont even know why its allowed to be advertised for sale on this site and all the others.

    the company is finished.

  • Can anyone help out my parents in law,

    ive tried every DNS setting and none of them seem to work, even the 49. one which most people seem to be ok with

    Ihave a tvpad 3, and go into settings and change the DNS, the only icon at the bottom right that has an exclamation mark is the wifi one since we arent using wifi, the internet is working as we tried a different app and it worked

    Please help

    edit+ got it WORKING!!! ive been using the NUJI app which has been more stable over the years, but tried the original unstable app, and it worked, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I changed the wireless DNS to, and it worked like charm since Nov. I was just using HK streaming this morning, but suddenly nothing was accessible later on today. On startup of the TVPAD 1, the wifi and the user icon were both green. However after a minute a popup saying "Limited Access" was shown, and then whenever I press any icons (apps, setting, my tvpad..etc) another message "Authentication of the User Failed" popped up. Anyone have issues with their TVPAD 1, or know of a fix???

  • DNS no problem but server didn't work tonight.

  • On tvpad 3, how to get the playback of the live hk tv from previous day? That function doesnt work but can watch live.

    • +1

      Change the DNS to worked for both for me a few days ago but stopped working last night and now.

      • Thanks

        • Dont enter this code. I entered it and now mine doesnt work. Could see live before but not anymore

        • +1


          Working tonight with this DNS.

          Live and on demand.

        • @superforever: when i open channel it has wring date and time on hk channels. Channel doesnt work

        • @dealsniper:
          Did you set the 49. DNS?

          I have no problem watching live and on demand channels. The timetable all wrong btw.

      • Legend! Live streaming is working for me :) spent literally a day trying to fix it after acidentally factory resetting..

  • Hi, I have a tvpad3 and from few days ago, I can't watch live tvs at all. Once I changed DNS and it seemed work for few weeks but now it doesn't updates programs either. Any ideas what to do? I'm from sydney.

  • Great. The company is probably shutting down soon

  • Use this DNS
    Working on Tvpad 2 and Tvpad 3 since last week in Sydney

    • does it work with the separate hk drama replay app (not the live app)?

  • can watch live HK to and other stuff, wife watching now

  • You can try the drama replay app as the wife never uses it,

    • does the drama replay app work? the episodes havent been updated for a week on my one

      • Anyone tried 我愛K歌?

  • TVpad old models 1,2 and 3 not working anymore starting 1 January 2016 (even after DNS change)

    It seems that the old TVpad models 1,2 and 3 are permanently not going to work anymore starting 1 January 2016 after I have talked to the customer service (even after DNS change).

    • What a load of croc. There new one is $400. TVPAD 3 only lasted a couple of years. really you're paying service for at the end of the day.

      • TVB anywhere cost $53.25 per month
        If you buy the TVPAD 4, after buying it? how long before the TVPAD 5 comes out if there is?

  • -2


    buying this tvpad is no different than buying a foxtel hacked card at the pub

    illegal crap

  • Can anyone tell me Tvpad 4 or go for Htv2?

    How long will Tvpad last till it gets shutdown ?

  • I have TVPad2, just tried changing to DNS It worked with 粵海宽頻. But not with 港奧快看. Anyone knows how to get 港奧快看 back?

    • +1

      How about as mentioned before?

  • Do you need to do anything special before putting in DNS?
    Eg. Any special VPN from Australia ?
    I've tried all the dns addresses and none work

    • No need, I have problem last week but all OK now.

  • Thanks, superforever. Tried It worked with 粵海宽頻. But not with 港奧快看. If anyone knows, please share. Thanks

    • Same.. Only works for some programs not all

  • Tvpad 4 just stopped working with a message saying "contact your local seller"
    Too bad tvpad 4 was only out for less than a year

    Ok. It is intermittently working and not working

    • Try change the DNS as mentioned. But I am not sure about 4.

      • Thanks and it has been stable for past few days

        • server gets attacked all the time or legal issues
          it works and its 2017 for me now

  • +1

    Does anyone know if there's any DNS works for TVPad 1 or is it time to throw it away?

  • I second Mad Max's call - I have a TVPad 1 that currently doesn't work, but the TVPad 3 is still going.

  • -1

    Lol you lot can't get your piracy fix anymore, I'm very surprised this has been allowed on here because whenever you buy a moonbox or tvpad you immediately buy into piracy but I guess you all think your above the law.

    • +1

      I agree. I now pay for TVB. Very reliable, if it don't work, ring up and complain

  • Confirmed working on TVPad 4 using DNS

    1. Set DNS Manually
    2. Test the connection to make sure you have the first 3 green ticks, 4th may or may not tick
    3. Update firmware (version 5.060 at time of writing), this will reboot TVPad
  • As of today 29/01, can anyone confirm if TVPad 3 or 4 are working?
    Does it still need the DNS change to make it work?
    Does every function work on TVPad 4?
    I have the TVPad 3. I contacted the seller regarding the issues, and he told me TVPad 4 would be the only one that will continue to work.
    But at current state of things, I don't really trust that statement.
    I see from frankfu1122 the DNS change is still required as of 13/01.

    • +1

      I can confirm my TVPad 4 is working with the above DNS. TVB channels still work, but the apps for US movies and TV shows no longer work. Instead I've installed Kodi to stream movies and tv shows, it certainly breathes new life into this device. I've also installed Plex but haven't used it yet.

      • That's Awesome, awcyeung :) Thanks for the update :)
        I only have TVPad 3. I did not know you can install your own Android Apps onto TVPad 4. (TVPad 3, without the option to install other apps, has turned into a paperweight)
        Is installing an Aadroid APK onto TVPad 4 a standard thing? Or are there any tricks to it?

        • There a tutorial video on youtube (

          It's essentially opening up the internet browser app (TV Browser) and searching the kodi apk file in google. It should automatically download and install it. So far I've only tried Kodi and Plex with no problems.

          I don't own a TVPad 3, so I'm not sure if the above method works. If its also running android, it could work. Let me know how you go.

        • @awcyeung: Thanks, but I doubt TVPad 3 has such function to install other apps. I don't see any browser in TVPad 3. And I'm a bit of a geek, if there's a way to install APK into TVPad 3, I'm sure I would have come across it by now ;)
          Thanks again for your information :)

  • Can anyone confirm TVpad 2 is officially dead forever?

    • I can confirm mind is, it is a piece of rubbish now

  • +1

    I already have tvpad4 and thinking to buy another one for my mum. The issue is how likely will it shut down in the near future? I just don't want to spend the coins now and then next month the whole thing goes down.

    • +1

      Just buy a tvbanywhere box and you won't have to deal with your mum again with the TV

  • +1

    Well yeah, my tvpad 2 and 3 both died last week and im desperately online searching for alternatives. But by the looks of things, nothing is really reliable other than getting the legal box? Has anyone come up with solutions around getting tvpad 2 or 3 to work again or something? I really dont feel like forking more money out to buy the 4 and realise that it will stop in like 2 or 3 months….

  • +1

    I used to be a tvbj subscriber then bought the tv pad 2 box…that died then i bought a maige box…that died…i bought a tv pad 4…now thats playing up…for sake of peace and troublefree. I decided to go back to legit and subscribed back to tvbj with the tvb anywhere product. Had some initial issues with buffering but the customer service fixed it up. Very happy now and can watch without dramas.

    • This is what I did. I told my parents, If it does not work, call this number and they will fix for you

    • Pretty much on the same boat. Changed to 2 tvpads cause it was a cheaper option, now both died and we're stuck. Definitely considering switching back to legal television, but want to know a bit more about the product on the user side of things. They sell it to be perfect, which im sure on their end it is…but its worth doing a bit of research i reckon cause afterall if i do go ahead with it, there is a contract.
      Anyhow, what's your thought about the service? especially in comparison with the tvpad? Thanks!

  • TVPad 1-3 Reborn - You can download and install a pkg called Phanto v2.1 to your TVPad 1-3. You can watch a lot of channels including some HK, Taiwan and China channels. However, there is no TVB. At least, it is not a piece of rubbish. It works on my TVPad3.

  • Whayman, how do you download Phanto v2.1? /trying to get my tv pad 3 to work again.

  • +1

    If you can understand Cantonese, you can watch this youtube:

    In short, you can download from:,
    unzip the folders and files, save them in USB. Plug the USB in tvpad, follow the instruction to install. Run Phanto v2.1 from tvpad and make sure the USB be still on TVPad in the first run. It will copy the phanto folder to the sdcard.

    It is great, smooth for Taiwan channels and have adult channels too.

    • Nice going to try tonight.

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