This was posted 5 years 3 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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FREE Pancake Short Stack @ The Pancake Parlour VIC (No Catches) Save $12


Appears the codes are not unique, so link is now a copy of the one I received. Feel free to use it, but needs to be presented on a mobile.

If you want to do it the 'proper' way, complete the form here.

Simply fill in the form and you'll be emailed a voucher instantly. Flash the voucher in-store on your mobile and you're good to go.

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  • What's the date field for?

  • Valid dine-in only and valid until 30/11/2015, nice deal thanks OP

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    Does anybody remember that boy band called Short Stack? Me neither

  • This deal really
    ( •
    Stacks Up

  • Just in time to ruin my summer diet :P

  • It's a little dodgy that the T&Cs that you have to agree to don't have a link to any T&Cs.

    But thanks for the freebies.
    Any reason why a couple couldn't use a voucher each at the same time? Our barcodes dont look unique

  • May not be valid in Ballarat as that is an independent licensed store. If anyone could confirm that would be great.

  • Great find, thanks OP! Two of us in the household have signed up for this, and the barcode looks similar. Can anyone confirm this?

  • barcode isnt unique

  • Yeah barcodes don't seem to be unique

  • This short stack us gonna mess up my six pack

  • The barcodes aren't unique.

  • Not unique barcode, lol, bring the whole family!

  • Can OP just post the barcode if it's not unique? Save others from having to fill out the form. It's the Ozbargain way. :)

  • Gonna combine this with the free movie tickets last night for a cheap date

  • sweet!

  • Are people going to buy anything along with it or just have the free pancakes? I'd feel too self conscious to walk out without paying a cent but at the same time I don't want to buy a drink.

    • Who will! all their stuff is overpriced

      • The lunch menu is decent value. I remember a staff member pointing out the lunch menu for an item I was ordering off the normal menu, she said it was the same but for lunch it was like $10 cheaper. Weird pricing but can't complain!

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        the unlimited filter coffee is good value. I tend to have about 5 or 6 cups and boy am i buzzing after that.

    • For all they know you eat there all the time, love the product and just wanted to get a freebie this time around OR
      you've never had the shortstack before, want to try it but don't want to commit to $12 of risk. You try it, potentially like it and come back and spend in the future, possibly bringing friends too.

      In either scenario you're guilt free. If they raised even an eyebrow at any point you just gotta say something to the effect of "it's your promotion, I didn't organize this. if you wanted people to buy something then you could have T&C'd it that way. Also if you want to promote further sales you probably shouldn't be guilt tripping customers"

      Hold your head high, ozbargainer!

  • Looks like i'll be having a short stack for lunch over the next few weeks, cheers OP

  • The new one that opened at Knox has been handing these out for weeks… I've had to throw out more vouchers than I've used!! #firstworldproblems

  • Can combine with Shop Small at Melbourne CBD store.

  • Wish I was a Melbournian

  • At the Melbourne Central store currently. The manager is being nice but he's stressing out - he said people have been 'ordering' almost nothing else all day and the store's barcode scanner is broken so he is literally just giving the pancakes away with no records.

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      Poor guy. Respect to him for honouring it and not being difficult like some places (Maccas, I'm looking at you).

    • I feel bad for him. Promos like this are not great marketing IMO. They rely on people not being stingy. But only sting people (like myself!) will use this voucher!

      • It definitely made me feel bad - I'm done after this one! It would be reprehensible I reckon to use the voucher repeatedly until the end of November.

        On a separate note, can you believe the price of the short stack is now $12! I never bought any before that weren't Buy 1 Get 1 Free (I'm pretty sure a profit is still made off that margin) - at $6 a hit that's still not cheap

    • Its Pancake Parlour paying it, not the store manager

      They are selling it for $12, which making at least $9 profits each…

      So if every 5 ppl, even 3 ppl use voucher and 2 ppl pay full price. They still make profit

      • You're still taking up a table, taking up staff time etc.. This seems really regrettable for the company.

        I mean I don't really care but it'd be nice if people didn't abuse it too much.

    • Pancake Parlour head office really stuffed up this time. I got the targeted email this arvo and provided the detail to updated their records (presumably it was sent to people on their mailing list they wanted updated info from). The email containing the voucher says "Simply save the image on your smart phone and present the unique bar code to The Pancake Parlour." so they clearly intended it to be unique/for a single user even if they didn't make it so (Naive perhaps). Personally I wouldn't have shared it around given the intent as well as the potential impact.

      Giving your product out free for a month (for any sized business) is a recipe for disaster and the duration means everyone will find out via the grapevine. Feel sorry for the store staff especially.

    • So do I show the voucher before ordering or Order first then show the voucher afterwards when paying?

    • used yesterday at this store without any issues, they just scanned my phone

  • for a second i thought that icecream scoop was a rat with its tail at the front
    sorry for that image

  • do we need to print it out?

  • ..

  • If it makes you guys feel better, just get HJ's pancakes for $2 at breakfast with a soft serve

  • I wonder if this works at the Canberra store or not. I'd try but it's kinda out of the way :(

  • Free thetan test with every pancake!

  • God damn you! I had this on my phone, I finally remembered to go put it up last night, I finally had something good for this site, and then you take it from me! :/

    Also, what do you do when you're at the midnight launch of Black Ops, it's like half past eleven, you're hungry, and nothing is open? Pancake Parlour coupon.


  • Havent had them in 20 years must try them out.
    Some of these places can get expensive if you take your kid and there is no promo or coupon.

  • Is it one coupon per table ? Can I use more than 1 coupon per table if my mates have it as well ?

    • I used this with two friends yesterday without any issues. We each showed them the coupon in our phones and said we completed the survey. This was at Melbourne Central, they didn't even scan the barcode.

  • Although it says show it on your phones, reckon we can print it out and show them the coupon ?

  • People should know that money spent at The Pancake Parlour goes to the Church of Scientology. Founded and run by devout Scientologists who tithe their income to "The Church", The Pancake Parlour also have a practice of refusing to hire students studying psychology at University. Still lovely?

  • Thanks. Gonna spend tomorrow alternating between Bourke Street and Melbourne Central to see how long it takes for me to throw up.

  • For those wondering, the barcodes are 100% the same and not unique, even though the coupon itself says it's unique. Also you can show your phone, no need to print it. I used 4 last night (4 different people) and they scanned them all in and didn't say anything. Beforehand I used a barcode scanner app to check (two different coupons from two different sign-ups ) and the number output was exactly the same.

    HOWEVER when we were checking out, the person at the machine said we could only use 3 coupons to a table.. what the? There's nothing about it on the coupon itself. We spoke to a manager who said it was fine… has anyone else encountered this?

    • 'Sorry, do you have a bucket? I'll just give you two pancakes back, might take me some effort to vomit them back up though' :)

      If that didn't work I'd just walk out.

    • Yep, it's always been max. of three coupons/vouchers per table. I asked again about 4 weeks ago and it hasn't changed.

  • Went for pancakes yesterday with one other person. We both had the coupon open on our phones. The lady at the counter initially said that the offer was a buy one get one (i.e. still have to pay for one). But i insisted and said the coupon wasnt like the usual one for ones on the back of dockets. She said she wasnt aware of the offer, then scanned in the barcode again and both short stacks were free.

    Thanks TA

  • Is it okay to print and present the coupon without a phone? can anyone confirm? thanks

  • Printed two hardcopies of the voucher and used at fountain gate today. They didn't scan them and seemed familiar with the deal. We didn't use phones.

    Good service and nice pancakes!

  • No hassles with Northland store.. happy to scan and accept printed vouchers.

  • Confirmed works in Doncaster store.

  • No troubles so far but has anyone encountered a problem using these at any stores?

  • Guys I know this shouldn't bear stating, but please be honest and use the voucher in the spirit of how it was intended - i.e. if you're going to go actually complete the questionnaire and limit yourself to the one short stack. I know they stuffed up by issuing a generic code (and the profits go to the Church of Scientology yada yada) but they're being generous by offering a free short stack and we shouldn't abuse their goodwill.

  • BEWARE-I was at the Melbourne Central store with 3 friends and when we were showing our vouchers at the counter, they told me they needed proof of the email. I told them I got the vouchers from a friend but they refused to accept that, they insisted that that the barcodes were all unique and refused to scan our vouchers. When I asked them if I could sign up and do the survey on the spot, they flat-out said no. Costed us 48 dollars, feel a bit cheated. :(

    • That sucks- write an email to their head office describing what happened… and politely remind them that the office of fair trading crack down very hard on companies who mislead customers by luring them into stores with false advertising.
      You should at least get a refund and apology.

      • What I don't understand is, why not just fill out the survey and show them the voucher.. it literally takes 10 secs.. on the spot they bullied you out of it really.. what damoo said.. very cheated.

  • I had an absolute laugh at what happened yesterday, at one of the pancake parlours, seems like some of the staff don't know this deal is going on.
    As my friend and I were at the payment stage, the waiter scanned our codes and said, '0 dollars' with a look of disbelief on his face. We looked at each other for a few seconds, eventually laughed and left the store.

  • Went to get a free one and she wouldnt accept the voucher unless I had the email. So I had to pay…….